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  1. Dev Live AMA on Twitch Today, 3/30 at 12pm EST

    HYPED! Love how open you dev-gods are! I've been following these Q&A Livestreams as well as the reddit and forum posts. And from what I'm analyzing, the next March update will give a glimpse at Animations, Vehicle physics (Don't think that they've been set up for RoyAwesome's new networking system), New WIP Character models, and enhanced Weapon Mechanics (It's a tall guess since the upcoming Animations overhaul is nearing). But what I'm really guessing on the ends of my heels is a possible update on Medic mechanics and emplacements development! Hope some of these points are brought up and maybe someone sets up a summary or script for the conversation!
  2. OP never covered over the topic of Aiming Deadzones, he talks about iron sights misalignment.. All yall are acting like a bunch of wanna be stuck up moderators >.> EDIT POST IN CONCERN TO:
  3. 3rd party game dev ripped Squad's logo.

    Looks like Roblox has copied many of games, looked up on their website and they made a child's version of DayZ Toddlers these days
  4. 17 days (email)

    Your banner has betrayed you Murray *cackle* Also the Squad Leader phase hasn't come yet, wait a couple of weeks *Edit* Closed Pre-Alpha is said to take around 6-8 weeks, and we're on Week 3
  5. For my two cents, what happens if you shoot someone whose arms are blocking their torso? Should the ballistics system dictate that the bullet goes through their arms and into their chest?
  6. [video] Pre Alpha wk 3- Flares, pressups, sparks

    @unfrail Do you know anything about the 3d assets OWI has purchased? I remember a month ago they talked to some Russian scan art company, I've yet heard any further news
  7. Roma's ('nough said)

    That bass.... shit man I instantly sharted all over the place Time to scrub off the ceiling
  8. I think there's a reason for why we have a forum.... As well as forum members.... And the option to post things... and reply to things....
  9. Squad Easter Eggs ever since the Hidden Humvee I've been paying attention to every single post and update! Also Unreal Engine 4.9 is on the horizon, are y'all scared?
  10. If this does catch on I recommend the sprint animations from Heroes and Generals Red Orchestra 2. (RO2 German One Handed Sprint)
  11. Silly question about agreement

    It'd be really shitty to have hit rock bottom and end off at Las Vegas
  12. Kalashnikovs are comin'

    I'm not a gun owner but it must be very hard to shoot one of these in real life. The front sight looks extremely far away, puts things into alot of perspective now
  13. Question - Will Squad support Vulkan API ?

    Never knew the difference between Windows 8 and 10, and I always thought GPU was based off one's CPU. And being a Windows 10 and Vista user, I support +1
  14. Is foliage collision network intensive? Considering we can even barely get 60 players on a server.. It's kind of far fetched! *EDIT* : Just saw Slim's post, I still don't know if it's network friendly.
  15. VFX Feedback for Bruno :)

    Hey Bruno I remember back in the start of April/May, a build of the game had dust kick up as you ran. Was this a bad idea or are you still working on implementing it?