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  1. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    If this was true, you would know RoyAwesome is no longer with the project and hasn't been for nearly a year. Keep supporting them though. I know not every fan can keep up with development all the time. Good to see you're still around the forum.
  2. 06APR2018 - Developer Twitch Stream

    Courtesy of Battleborn From the stream: -Crew kits are definitely confirmed and will be expanded upon (used for IFV+ at least) -IFVs are coming along really well, they just barely missed the recap -Ammo bags are confirmed and with the public request for them -Ammo will be much more accessible on the battlefield with many vehicles being tested with carrying ammo -Crew members will be able to do basic repairs on their vehicles like they can do in real life - specifically repairing parts of their tracks so they don’t end up sitting for hours waiting for a logi (Track/wheel damage won’t be in for A11 though as far as we know) -Weapon mechanics are being actively worked on by SgtRoss to be more reliable and he specifically had just been working on modifying recoil and weapon handling for various weapons (reducing horizontal recoil on m4s for example) -Suppression mechanics are confirmed to be happening and in active testing, however Ross expressed his dislike over Project Reality’s strategy of completely blinding players screens with every shot and mentioned on how that isn’t realistic to real combat (people become more focused, adrenaline increases, except buffs like that won’t be seen in-game since it would turn everyone into super soldiers). The focus will be on altering player behavior with the “fear of death” via inaccuracy and aimpunch (when hit) ect. but not completely debilitating the players when they get shot at by a couple rounds. -Vehicle comms channel confirmed to be looked at and wanted by Ross -Shotguns are again confirmed to be coming in -As to division of opinions in the community: Squad is not being designed with e-sports style competitive in mind, nor does Ross like the prefer term “milsim”, however the devs do not look down upon those styles of gameplay and both encourage and would like to play those styles of mods and gameplay ect. -Drones are something being looked at, at the least the Commander’s UAV 3
  3. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    Looking forward to playing this when it's ready!
  4. Back to respawn when shot in the head?

    I played in the closed pre-alpha build where headshots did just this. Simply put, it was not fun for the majority of the small community playing the game then. I'm talking about when you would have to wait until the weekend for the CPA servers to go online so you could get your Squad fix. I think the game design decision to revert insta kill headshots for rifle calibers was a good move. Having calibers larger than 12.7mm be insta kill headshots like it is currently makes medics worthwhile to play. Now if we can just get their binocs back...
  5. Alpha 10

    Great work! Could we pretty please get some updated vehicle graphics?
  6. Post Scriptum: The Bloody Seventh

    They use Discord https://discord.gg/NhvUg4F
  7. Post Scriptum: The Bloody Seventh

    Bunch more videos if you search for Post Scriptum on YouTube! Many more are out there!
  8. Deployment

    An empty portable hard drive. You'll find out why.
  9. Old thread is still locked and the Spanish mods don't want me ruining their thread in the subforum. I can't blame them. Post Scriptum discussion.
  10. Post Scriptum

    Article written about Post Scriptum by PCGamesN https://www.pcgamesn.com/post-scriptum/squad-unreal-engine-4 Teaser Trailer! @moderators Could we get the old thread unlocked please?
  11. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Indeed. Welcome finally!
  12. The gang is back together again in Squad! (Tip: Don't trust the scroll selection. Just tap the appropriate key again.) I remember this tutorial series back in the day. Good to see ya around Fuzzhead
  13. Post Scriptum

    Other thread is locked. So here is the latest gameplay and dev interview.
  14. The American Football Thread!

    The Rose Bowl was insane! Alabama vs Georgia. Who do you have winning?