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  1. Only if they're accompanied by CLIF bar wrappers
  2. Some excellent work happening! Thanks for the update!
  3. Just the super bright Basrah layers.
  4. Simply turning off Eye Adaptation makes it better imo. Try it and see.
  5. Looking into it.
  6. Shame on me for not updating this in a while. Enjoy this highlight.
  7. Yep known. Thank you for confirming
  8. I imagine he wants more factions and weapons. Don't we all?
  9. Great stuff! Nice hat Sgt.Ross
  10. mic

    Have you tried turning off the radio filter and beeps? That used to be a work around a while ago. Its a long shot. Check you key bindings? Is the headset plugged straight into the PC and not through an Xbox controller to the PC?
  11. AFAIK it's still bugged.
  12. Looks great! Enjoy it! Squad really can be a pretty game.
  13. Soon!
  14. All community play testing footage is asked to be held under wraps. Yesterday's "squadsperimental" footage was not. Don't worry peeps. You'll all have your hands on the goodies soon and I can't to see all the content made!
  15. I imagine a calculator of this type will be in high demand once we get the update with mortars.