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  1. Yay Alpha 9 is here! Just make sure you're shooting at the right BTR! Russia and Militia have BTRs now. The camouflage paint pattern is different however. Remember to check your map before you let the RPG fly. (Not sure why the Militia BTR gun is sunk in the model in local) And a reminder on their tickets values here
  2. Looks like a scaling issue. Try switching from fullscreen, borderless, and windowed by changing it in the GameUserSettings.ini file C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  3. Awesome! Whoever did the HAB models is a true artist. I love how they represent their factions.
  4. fps

    If he does have the i7 6700 vs the i7 6700K, then he won't be able to overclock. I'm assuming he didn't leave the K off of course. I'm also assuming this is a pre-built system? Anyways, the 950 is a great little budget card but even when it was new, it couldn't average 60 fps on high in demanding games. In this case, you're certainly GPU bottlenecked.
  5. Nice! I saw this deal today on Newegg. HTC Vive and an RX 480 for $799 USD.
  6. So cool! They all seemed to enjoy the experience.
  7. Great build! Enjoy it!
  8. Welcome. There are a couple of good guides out there. These are a bit old but good imo
  9. Neat idea! Good luck!
  10. We'll see. (Some servers are already collecting their own stats.)
  11. It's a PhysX thing more than anything as I understand it. They're working on it.
  12. No worries. I actually find the mobile version of the website to be fairly easy to use. I haven't even bothered with Tapatalk.
  13. Don't you dare kill my dreams about fast roping! It's been years! One day they will stop being a meme in the PR and Squad communities!
  14. Please review the Forum Rules. Consider this your first warning. Offworld Industries is making Squad. Periscope Games is making Post Scriptum. I think everyone has expressed their side of things. Going to lock this and it will reopen after a public statement from Periscope Games.
  15. Have tried verifying your local files through Steam? Have you cleared the cached data under Game Settings? (IF you can't get to it because of the menu responsiveness, delete the Squad folder in App Data.