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  1. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Congrats on getting to the beta test period Good luck!
  2. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    Woah! I was thinking the other day 'they've done really well getting the bones and some meat together, but the game still looks mechanical' then they go and make this! Total legends! Well done, can't wait to see it in action! Really looking forward to mines, unlike BF2 Squad's offroading is actually quite hard (as it should be) and roads get used alot more, particularly on maps with lots of afghan walls, so they'll get used very effectively. Being blufor is going to be hard!
  3. Release: Alpha Version 8.8

    I'm running near ultra when I was running med/low. Great job DEVs, you are total legends. Squad is officially my #1 online shooter now. Loving insurgency mode and how it rewards the cautious vehicle user. AAS is totally great as normal and totally intense. I love how the insurgent team isn't at the mercy of scopes etc thanks to excellent level design. From the blufor perspective it's constantly 'they could be behind XYZ...' Art assets, level design, playability, teamwork, gameplay; squad really does have it all and it can only get better with new features. This is a suprisingly low rate of bugginess for a game not yet in beta.
  4. Release: Alpha Version 8.8

    Thank you for the update, I'm now able to play epic/high with FPS >40 consistently even on forest maps. The game is more beautiful and more tactical than ever before. The new lighting is epic, very atmospheric! I wonder if at some point it'll even become dynamic, with fog clearing or entering the arena at different times. So much progress has been made, you should be very proud; only a few bugs but that is to be expected.
  5. Thanks to the lads on TG the other day, It's wonderful that you guys have the same old esprit de corps! I'm now a subscriber again so I'm hoping I'll see alot of old PR buddies and new buddies alike!
  6. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    I really liked the emphasis on the person in ths reveal trailer, the personalisation of the narrator; well done.
  7. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Don't you think that the static choices in squad aren't really up to the task of recreating a major city area from a developed arabic nation? (at least yet) your map looks great, but basrah is hardly mud walled? Better to call it something else although you were inspired by the PR al basrah, which is a nice tribute to make. I'm liking the terrain morphology, desert but with lots of cover, that was what I was aiming for with Burning sands but BF2's terrain morphed too much to allow me to have slightly deeper dunes of that size.
  8. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    Very cool, nice to see more map furniture to give them some more life
  9. Release: Alpha Version 5

    Took a break from squad, loving the new version guys, well done. It runs very smooth for me, I've upped my settings to high/epic and my comp isn't even that good. The only thing I feel is lacking at the moment is that since so many different factions feature on the same map, there feels like there isn't a backstory to the game. PRBF2 didn't have much of a backstory either, but generally you got the gist that 'In region X, ABC countries are fighting whereas in Region Y, CDE countries are fighting, and in each instance there's a plausible reason'. Squad's number of maps is increasing alot, so you have the possibility to try and craft this feeling imo; which aids immersion. But I do see the rationale currently for gameplay testing and exposure of your excellent new art assets (e.g. Russians)
  10. Release: Original Soundtrack Vol. 1

    Always been a fan of your work Scott, and I feel that the quality of your work has only continued to increase over time, like a fine musical wine Also nice that Squad has a unique sound to it, where other FPS games have gone for the brute force, loud music 'omg action' style instead; this reflects Squad's subtlety.
  11. NovaWorld community - get them right here.

    lost alot of hours playing JO :D loved it 100%, only moved to BF2 when the company started to fall apart, Project Reality for BF2 was the next best thing (in some ways better, in some not as good), I think we all belong to that niche of gamers waiting for 'THAT' game, hopefully squad is it!
  12. Various cliff tops have invisible faces, couldn't get screen but there are multiple locations. To see the invisible faces stand at the top of the cliff and look down at it, where the terrain curves off underneath several have the invisible face exposed.
  13. Momentum for Infantry

    perhaps applying this to terrain inclines would also be a good idea, climbing hills is pretty easy
  14. November 2015

    This update is overwhelming! Well done so far! Fools road looks epic!
  15. US Army Uniform Camouflage

    Featuring the various US camo schemes in service would be best on the most appropriate maps