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  1. Beta 17 Public Testing

    Some really great changes in here, I was concerned that Commanders with squadmates might have trouble as they wouldn't be in the field setting Rallies etc, but looks like most times it's a 3man squad which is the Commander and a vehicle asset like a tank or heli, or logistics assets which is a nice setup i.e. leaving it in the hands of players to figure out was probs a good move. Loving the buddy rally nerf, movements are more decisive when you've overrun an enemy. (always thought only insurgents should get this anyway) Voice overs, very nice but whoever did the Russians really needs to see a smoking cessation specialist! Vehicle reset, very nice and well implemented to still make it annoying to flip so well done! HUD changes - lovely. I actually liked that people had to stop to look at their maps, I've been a chronic 'shot while running with map up' SL for ages Are the effects from helo rotors new when landed? don't remember them but lovely! FPS increase - lovely! The lighting is nice! Basically, there's nothing in the update that I don't like. So well done, and thanks!
  2. Alpha 16 Test + AMA + TwitchCon!

    Lovely update, loads of great things and the new map is totally boss. It's like a generation kill episode. Bulldogs don't need crewman? Also appears their detracking mechanic doesn't work. choppers are very cool, nice tutorial, seems that my joystick throttle can only do 0% or 100% collective tho, not sure if it's that my joystick is ancient tho. No vehicles on during staging - good move. New sounds, lovely! Noticed a new effect for some smoke grenades, nice stuff Seems to run slightly smoother on my rig too
  3. Remove mines from Combat engineers on regular forces

    Very former re objection to mines = lonewolf, you forgot vehicle rearming phoenix
  4. FOB Construction

    Is that it!! the video said lean keys, so I assumed it had been left out. cheers dude
  5. Combat engineers are awesome they work well in FOB gameplay they allow field repairs without having to switch to crewman I like they carry some defences to build However mines to me make no sense for regular forces This results in gameplay such as mining militia or insurgent main, this isn't what modern forces do afaik unless absolutely necessary and wouldn't be on a road but around a static installation. This results in British forces on Basrah mining a city...hardly appropriate. The mine also encourages lone wolfing, on militia and insurgents I can understand as irregular tactics are important as part of the asymmetry but on regular forces the kit is regularly misidentified as 'special forces' instead of combat engineer. They still will try and lone wolf fobs all the time I'm sure, but removing the mine is a good move imo on regular forces. The relevant teams already have Kornets/TOWs as well as their complement of powerful vehicles. I think they can survive without setting civilian killing explosives around cities.
  6. Hill 24 (Fools Road)

    Hill 24 on Fools is a flag outside British mean on RAAS, unfortunately it's so close to British main that you cannot place a radio in half of it. To attack it you need to come right up to Brit main, defending it is relatively easy and the radio on it is practically instantly resupplyable. option 1 - move Hill 24 north east option 2 - Move British main to the small ring of road around the logs in the SW corner of the map.
  7. Local in-game VoIP for all players/sides

    If the sound was the same sound as the FOB radio but quieter that would be epic, you are hearing enemy communication but you aren't understanding the language.
  8. Naming FOBS Stupid Idea Nr. 568

    Knowing the maturity of some of this wonderful community (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!), I'd go with automatic naming, even if it's just Alpha, Bravo etc. Might be a fun competition to get you favorite name into the randomised list. Certainly would be fun to see some DEV names/tags.
  9. This is pretty frustating, trying to dodge fire or deploying bipods can be pretty annoying here.
  10. Logistics Mechanics

    Good points perhaps a new deployable 'supply zone' would be appropriate, when supplies are dropped at the FOB then the zone will fill with crates up to X amount, if you want more than X to be stored at the FOB then you need another supply zone to be designated up to a max of 30000. These crates are vulnerable and so if destroyed, you lose those supplies. (So the zone will have to be slightly smaller than a HAB so can be placed inside buildings. If they are as vulnerable as the ammo crates we currently have (and explode the same haha!) that would be awesome. Completely agree we need to stop supplies being magical and to take up actual space, even in trucks - empty truck = more space for soldiers. as far as helicopters are concerned, dunno what will happen there but if you want secret FOBs you'll need to designate a drop zone far away and pick it up with a truck
  11. FOB Construction

    I love FOB Gameplay and try to move away from small castle style FOBS, constructing OPs and small guard stations at advantageous positions however foresight is sometimes wrong. At these points we want to move the emplacements, I'm sure OWI is working on a system for this but I thought I'd write down my mad musings. 1) Any emplacement gets refunded to the FOB when dug up by friendlies (but ofc not by enemies), perhaps with a slight point loss if we want to penalise SLs for making mistakes (but tbh, I'd just refund the full cost, mistakes can happen, doorways that get blocked unintentedly happen etc, accidentally building a bad HAB is incredibly annoying for the whole team for example and the time spent undigging and redigging is probably enough of a punishment) 2) Being able to build the sandbag + loophole version as a single piece instead of trying to put it on top, with a cost of 100 and extra building stages (none, 1st row half, 1st row done, 2nd row started, 2nd row finished). This make it easier on the SL and would decrease the number of annoyingly misaligned bags out there - they just look bad edit - this also prevents floating sandbags where the bottom bit is destroyed but hte top was missed 3) I spotted in the patch notes vid that squad leaders will eventually be able to rotate emplacements pre comitting to them, this would work perfectly with 1) for those accidental moments when the HMG doesn't quite point the way you intended. (I have been informed this is in, and yes it is! <- or -> does it, not the lean buttons like the video had said thanks Phoenix) 4) Snapping. Anyone who has played fallout 4/76 knows that pieces of structure get snapped together in that game. This kind of thing could be applied to Squad if the technology can do so. This shouldn't be applied everywhere but in certain places e.g instead of building a HMG bunker, build the HMG Bunker then snap a 50cal to it (Bunker costing 300, HMG 200). In the future this could even be applied to snapping static heavy weapons to a sandbag to make it so we can mount 50cals etc to windows etc (which we do anyway but very buggily). This kind of gameplay would also mean the aforementioned misaligned sandbags could be snapped together. The danger of snapping ofc is it might be used to bug statics out to create ladders to heaven etc which has been seen in previous squad versions or bugging the game like having a HMG gunner who sticks into a non-enterable building but his gun is outside or being a way to go through a wall you shouldn't be able to, so might not be doable but I'm not sure how clever squad is at blocking inappropriate FOB statics. Anyway thanks for reading
  12. Texture gone wrong on several corrugated fences https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993417141/screenshots/ https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993417141/screenshots/ Floater https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993417141/screenshots/ floater 2 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993417141/screenshots/ https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993417141/screenshots/
  13. Destruction game mode tweak

    certainly the attackers should not be able to put FOBs in the red box on the next set of caches until the timer has run out for the next phase at least
  14. Buddy rally poll

    I hate buddy rallies. They cause engagements to become indecisive and grindy instead of encouraging reposition and maneuver. They make FOBs far less valuable. They reward failure to an extent. The only team that MIGHT be ok with having them is the insurgent team. If buddy rallies are to remain then placing rallies needs to be harder to prevent exploitation. 2 guys in a jeep should not be able to generate a spawn that effectively can be used to teleport the team (although not conveniently).
  15. FREE WEEKEND´s are out of control

    Dunno if you every played PR mate but some of us have seen this discussion a thousand times before every single update and my (omg) decade of experience with is specific niche gameplay reflects my opinion as above.