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  1. you can send them to me and i will forward to QA
  2. I think the devs are packing the ini files differently now. just checked theyre all in .pak files now i believe
  3. New video of some V9 action with Ghrane, dragoon (QD in game), and Marco. Get into some pretty tense firefights so hope you enjoy!
  4. Hey all, now that i have a steady stream of Squad videos planned I am creating a thread where i will post all my squad related videos for your entertainment! I'll be monitoring this thread pretty regularly so any comments or questions for me can be posted here as well. Latest Squad Video: Squad Trailer: About Squad: More Squad Videos Here:
  5. cool cool, glad you guys enjoyed!
  6. Hey all. Back with a new video of Arma at war playtest. Still in alpha but coming along nicely. Check out the video here and check out their website for FAQ and other videos!
  7. Interesting suggestion. Though I think it falls into the 'cool idea for the once in 70 rounds you get a chance to use it' From a realism perspective, if you're in a position where you have to butt the enemy's skull with your muzzle, the next thing to happen will be hand to hand combat. Point being I don't see it being lethal (against a stationary head with a running start, probably. but not against a geared up, aware soldier with a rifle in front of him) If squad had a stun mechanic where things like explosions and shots that hit your rifle would knock you down or weapon out of your hand, I think this suggestion would fit in well. Unfortunately I don't think that will be the case for a while (but I can dream)
  8. i think most clans are inviting to new players, as long as they dont muck around. look for common clan tags like [M], [303rd], [Redcoats], [FFO] and stick with the guys you like. not a clan but if you see [TNT] tags ingame come hang out with us. always up for fun/serious squad players. Oh and welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay
  9. I'd attribute your problem to a combination of server lag and hit detection. I've noticed what you're describing since very early in squad, and some servers are better than others, some builds are better than others. But i really doubt the devs purposely designed headshots to be more than one hit kill with any rifle cartridge. Just flick on full auto/burst and hope for the best! Some tips for reducing this are picking low ping AND green health servers (though you likely already know that) happy shooting!
  10. Thanks smoky, glad you enjoyed!
  11. Thanks guys! Good to be back
  12. getting back into the editing after a busy time in my life. hope i dont get reported for thread necro enjoy!
  13. bleedingknee took the words out of my mouth. especially the FOB shaming in SL chat. This is a community issue, and the community will have to work together to fix it in my opinion. be pro-active, if you have lots of time in squad you should consider SLing and using that level of authority to police your squad mates and others from doing battlefield/cod/ other arcade multiplayer BS. (directed at everyone not just OP). Hopefully the more we bring this up, the more people will realize it as a problem and come back to squad to get the FNGs in line and show them how fun this game is when played properly.
  14. lol anyways, the game is not done yet friend. if we sacrifice enough ramen and beer to the almighty devs then one day after fastropes are in they will have time to polish er up with all the cosmetic stuff we love to see
  15. like Tillee, my experience with the ppsh so far has been a death machine in close quarters. i think your issue is likely some bad luck with server tick rates.
  16. Rudd be around more. the PR/Squad community misses you
  17. this is really nice man! good emotional feel to it.
  18. Frontlines, very interesting. will be keeping my eye on this
  19. cant remember if i posted in this topic yet or not but dude. seriously awesome work so far!
  20. dont quote me on this cause i may very well be misinformed. but i seem to recall the devs saying they dont want the distance to be crystal clear like in other games because its not realistic. in real life you have distortion of light at greater distances, and when looking through a scope or binocs that effect is amplified. i understand that the problem is a pixelation which does more to break immersion than anything, my point being i dont believe the devs see it as an issue, more of a placeholder.
  21. Trying out a tips and tricks video. please let me know what you guys think!
  22. id guess that its a smaller wall built close behind the main wall, incase of a grenade being thrown in to the center of the compound, people inside have something to hide behind without running outside into open fire. Just a guess though.
  23. vehicles

    Something id like to see as well on concussion waves from the front of MBT, i also think a ragdoll radius would be cool around all explosions where you may only get hurt slightly but get knocked to the ground to simulate disorientation or dropping your weapon.
  24. brings me back haha, that was good
  25. Here it is! please show your friends if you enjoyed!