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  1. Don't even bother getting all worked up over it. I know the devs seem a bit upset to hear it or read if they ever come across this comment, but I'm quite content with those people weeding themselves out. If you're THAT stupid and narrow-minded, then by all means, remove your existence from this community. We don't need to be plagued with this type of ignorance in the player-base. I'm almost sure I was the first few guys online during the Early Access debut that encountered the first batch of Steam users in Jensen's Range NY #4 server. And within the first 30 minutes, someone made that same remark about the $40 price tag. Making rash judgement within half an hour or gameplay on damn training map with 40 other guys in the server, whilst boasting about how much better Arma is? Give me a break. Fortunately he was told by a few other rational players to get lost and don't come back when he said he'll come back someday in a few years when the game is fully released. They don't like it? They can't think critically and rationally? Good. They can take an eternal hike for all I care, just steer clear of a decent and mature community like this.
  2. never intorduced myself

    Haha, I'm joking around. Don't sweat it :D Welcome and nice to meet you! Welcome to SQUAD, Ducky :)
  3. They'll kick themselves out pretty soon before anyone has to. That style of gameplay simply does not mix with this community, and nor is the game designed for it either. They'll weed themselves out when they find it far too frustrating to play; so they'll either adapt or leave.
  4. Fireteam Leader is now Squad Leader?

    Gotcha. Yeah my former signature was awesome and quite classic, but it definitely defied the Section II policies. Thank you again!
  5. Fireteam Leader is now Squad Leader?

    Oh and is there a cap on the size of the signatures now? Mine is gone.
  6. Fireteam Leader is now Squad Leader?

    Ahhh, I see. Alrighty, thanks for the swift reply! Much appreciated.
  7. never intorduced myself

    Nice! You're from The.... - We'll never know.
  8. This is probably one of those least relevant or random questions, and it really doesn't matter too much to me either but I'm still curious. Guilty, but admittedly, I've been quite inactive on the forums here; so when I hopped back on to get back on track I realized that my forums profile listed me as a Squad Leader. I last recall being listed a "Fireteam Leader." I don't know what I missed in the 2 months that I've been inactive on here. Can anyone fill me in? Thanks! I paid for the Commander Tier, by the way.
  9. Yeah I figured it out earlier that after the most recent GeForce Experience Driver's Update, the Nvidia Control Panel didn't recognize or set the game to run in High Performance GPU; instead it's been running on a damn Integrated Intel HD 4600 by default... It's fixed now! The FPS isn't that much better, but absolutely no stuttering so far.
  10. Your computer seems far superior to mine to only be running this game at 1360x768. I run 1920x1080 and get roughly 25-40 fps on low-med settings. By screen lock ups, do you mean that as in microstutters? Because if so, I can definitely agree. I've been experience insane amount of microstuttering that happens every few seconds for the last 3 days making the game almost unplayable. Prior to that it wasn't a thing and I can't figure out what's causing it. What I do know is that I'm not the only one as I've asked around servers for those who are experiencing the same thing and many of them have high end rigs. Though I don't know how wide-spread the issue is, but hopefully devs can look into this. It happens very often when I make sudden turns and when I fire and sometimes for no reason at all. I've tweaked around with settings as well, nothing changes.
  11. Squad League Release Party

    HAHA I'm so slow... I thought this was a pre 6 hour celebration before the Steam Early Access debut. Thanks man!
  12. Squad League Release Party

    I'm a tad late to the party. Is this over already? Currently 1906 EST.
  13. Sigh, guess I didn't look deep enough for that. Sorry! But thanks for the link, much appreciated
  14. WHERES MY EMAIL!!!!!

    Amazing, I clap for you. You're one special breed.
  15. So I activated my key, set up account and all. Which is awesome, I'm stoked as ever. Download the game, extract files and I get this: Does it really? Or am I doing something wrong here? Any help would be greatly appreciated!