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  1. June 2018 Recap

    That sounds like a really bad idea. They're already going to be at a disadvantage for not having a Commander because of limited visibility, making them useless if they don't have 4 players in them is too much. If anything, a reload speed penalty of say 25% less (so with the loader it's full reload speed) would be enough not to make them near worthless without 3 players minimum, while still giving a reason for that position.
  2. May 2018 Recap

    That FV432 looks great! Glad to see that being added to the game. I am wondering though, why another British armoured vehicle/transport next? While it isn't an IFV like the Warrior is so it will play a bit differently, i would have thought something like the Jackal or Land Rover would be added first in order to give them something with a bit more mobility. That's not a complaint, i'm just curious as that does seem like something they're lacking at the moment.
  3. Alpha 11 Released

    Not got a chance to see what it's like in-game yet, but what will the British forces be using for their equivalent of an MRAP/Light vehicle?
  4. January 2018 Recap

    What is the problem with the look of the ones they're adding to the game?
  5. Looking back at the devblogs there's quite a few interesting things in them. I saw these two screenshots and noticed there seems to be two vehicles (not sure what they are, one seems to be a BTR without the turret) that i hadn't seen mentioned before and don't remember reading about in any previous devlogs: So i'm wondering, is there a list/thread of all the features that have been shown or mentioned/hinted at but aren't in the game yet?
  6. September 2016 Monthly Recap

    I don't quite understand why the British are being worked on so soon. I know that obviously the art team needs to be doing things, but i would have thought all the stuff for the current factions would be sorted out first and then they'd be worked on after the 'main' things were done. I suppose it does make sense to have the beginnings of each faction sorted out and then add new stuff, but for some reason i was under the impression they'd be left until much later on. Still, I'm glad they've been shown and they look awesome so far!
  7. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    I think it's pretty insulting and elitist for you to say this game isn't for someone just because they pointed out there are downsides to something, especially when you don't even know what those downsides are. I know perfectly well what this game is and basically saying "go play battlefield instead" is a very poor attitude to have towards someone who just wants to discuss a new aspect of the game. I'm all for stopping players just taking a vehicle and ruining things for other players by being selfish, but restricting them to that degree seems like it would have some pretty significant negatives to it. Giving squad leaders the responsibility to decide who gets a vehicle and needing both them and 2 other squad members to use one severely restricts a players options. Doing that isn't suitable if those players are halfway across the map and the team needs a logistics vehicle to provide supplies, for example. It results in situations where a squad may be on one side of the map needing assistance, yet vehicle support won't be an option without a squad leader going all the way across the map to get it, basically abandoning the rest of the squad for a while. Or another example would be several non-SL players from multiple squads who just respawned at the main base and then are unable to use a transport and have to instead wait for a SL + 2 members from the same squad to respawn there as well, or walk. Sure you could just say “It's a team game, just forget about it and wait for someone else to take it” but that takes up significant time waiting for that to happen even though there might be perfectly good players who could do that task already, but just can't because of that restriction. It also means that you can't do things like have players decide to run logistics without taking up a significant portion of squad members just so they can start doing that in the first place. They could set up their own squad and be the SL, but then they'd have 2 squad members (if they could get them in the first place) who wouldn't have an active squad leader, so that would be 2 players who aren't going to be very effective. Joining a server and deciding you'd like to transport squads around or drive the logistics vehicle when needed will not really be possible without a fairly significant portion of your squad taking up time just to let you do that. It could quite badly limit players from doing the roles that they'd like to do. At the same time though, I can see why that's there. Players SHOULDN'T be able to join a squad, decide they're going to do their own thing and just run logistics or transport or whatever when the rest of the squad wants them helping out instead. While requiring 'permission' gets around that problem, so would kicking a player if they were being uncooperative. Having certain vehicles (assuming this will work for MBT and such later on) would also limit their ability to respond to situations and assist the rest of the team if needed, as rather than being able to directly communicate with that vehicle, it instead has to go through the SL if they aren't the one using it (i'd hope the SL wouldn't be the main player using them, anyway). That's not really a big problem but something like making certain vehicles (obviously something like a humvee wouldn't need to do this) their own classes and squads would solve that issue, at least with MBTs and such when they're added. So no, I don't want this to be like battlefield where players just grab a vehicle, drive off without the rest of the team and end up wasting it, but at the same time it would still be good to let players not be so limited with their options. Obviously just letting anyone grab a vehicle whenever isn't the right thing to do, but I don't think this is the right way either from what's been said so far. The claim system is good for stopping someone just driving off with a vehicle that a squad is currently using and that part of it is great, though. Maybe I'm wrong and things won't be so bad, though.
  8. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    Well if that's the case that sounds quite bad. There are lots of negatives to that.
  9. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    After reading this and looking at the images there's something that doesn't seem entirely clear - is the claim system NEEDED to be able to use vehicles? Some of the wording of it in the first paragraph doesn't seem clear if the claim system is to stop a solo player just taking any random vehicle and going off by themselves (so not helping the team) when they aren't part of a squad, or if it's more specifically meant to stop a vehicle being taken by another player when it's in use by a squad. So, can they be used by anyone when they aren't claimed at all, or do they need to be claimed to be used?
  10. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    He pretty clearly did and he responded to it. You're complaining about there supposedly being very little infantry players can do about vehicles in certain situations because there's no proper sights at the moment, so he suggested some solutions to that problem. I think you're being needlessly hostile and repeating "read the post" over and over doesn't help. I've read it as well and what Thrillhouse has said is relevant.
  11. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Realized i forgot to claim my perk key before linking the account.
  12. So where is the Backer tag in forums...

    I backed the kickstarter a few months ago, so i'm wondering if i'll have to link my forum account to something or if the title will just be automatically given because i've used the same email adress here?