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  1. Nobody knows and nobody knows
  2. Are you serious right now? Some of those ini tweaks (removing shadows and vegetation etc), allow those players to see stuff that they otherwise would not see in the 'normal' game. When a squad is laying prone in a field, they just see 9 guys laying down in the open. A FOB hidden in a bush is just a radio standing in the middle of nothing. People using shadows to their advantage get spotted straight away because the tweaker does not see shadows. And so on... I'm pretty sure everyone would consider wall-hacking cheating, cause you are able to see enemies when they should be hidden... THIS IS EXACTLY THE SAME THING. The only way to solve this is zero tolerance. ini-tweakers should not be able to connect to multiplayer servers.
  3. In response to the last part of your post: Here's an invite to the Squad Modding Hub discord, that might be a good place to start for you, and to get to know the part of the community that shares your interests
  4. Then your server will remain in 'custom' browser
  5. 1) I believe snipers are confirmed, but one of the lowest priorities (as they do not promote teamwork, as previously said). 2) No idea, Kickstarter backers have stuff that show they backed the game in an early stage (both on the forums and in-game), but no word on if something similare would happen to people that join in the 'standard' alpha phase. 3) 50v50 is the goal for the full release. In the current stage of the game 40v40 are the most players a server can handle. Obviously more optimisation is on the way. But at the moment no 50v50, 40v40 is the max. 4) I believe it is eventually planned, but a long way down the road 5) around 9 i believe, enough to keep us excited in alpha stage 6) Never met a community as this one. Most people want Squad to succeed, and therefore try to help new players as much as they can. 7) You can select kits as in PR. You cannot pick up kits in-game as in PR
  6. 20r in Fool's Road AAS 2
  7. Here are the scoreboards of us and our brothers in FHB taking on the Polish legion that is HSR on good ol' Sumari. US forces walked away with a decisive victory in both rounds.
  8. Find us on our Discord too!
  9. Another week, another Community Clan Fight Night. Yesterday we teamed up with OMBD, Mumblerines, and HSR to face FFO, Squad Ops, FSQ and another HSR squad on Logar PAAS! First round didn't go that well (, but we got ourselves reorganised and put up a much better performance the 2nd round!
  10. We are still open for applications of ACTIVE and DEDICATED players! If you're looking for a group of like-minded players to spend your evenings with, if you want to participate in intense clan wars and events such as CCFN, if you want to work with the other clans within the community to make Squad great, then we will be able to offer that to you. Discord:
  11. At least you get it...
  12. looks like it's going to be a proper....PARTY I'll show myself out
  13. I know I personally wouldn't unban you...
  14. Now that we executed Munk and Frislev (who formed the one amorphous being known as Munkslev), we are again looking for DEDICATED players to join our more 'competitive' side. If you're someone who's interested on working to improve yourself, and being part of a dedicated group of squad players, hit me up!