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  1. No Idle Animation Please.

    That persistent movement is augmented further by the "pixel sparkle" that makes even the most patient soldier a visible target. By pixel sparkle I refer to the way tiny movements onscreen are transformed into flashing color changes at pixel size. These color changes are like fireworks in the sky, very easy to detect. Unrelated: This has always been one of my pet-peeves. I believe that the greater the distance from the target, the less opaque it should be allowing it to blend into the surroundings.
  2. Commander role

    I have another old thread like this from way back yonder (here) discussing how far people think DEVs should take CO authority. Given the number of players allowed per server in squad, I would agree with MajorK above that we'd be looking at something akin to a platoon leader.
  3. New Class: Civilian

    I think the devs should come up with semi-static civilian AI. Robed/non-robed farmers, kids, animals. Minimalistic AI with 2 or three states should be enough. Normal/prone/other. They don't really have to walk around.
  4. Remove objective capture zones

    There is a lesser played version of this concept in PR called CnC which I prefer over standard AAS mode. A game mode without flags or capturable objectives is also referred to as Team Deathmatch.
  5. Vaulting cover and scaling buildings

    This goes beyond scaling; we also need mechanics for descending off ledges, roofs, etc. Most people sit/rotate/drop down safely. As it is, everyone basically walks off ledges and gets hurt.
  6. The effects used in-game to simulate distress and pain while wounded should include sounds. Something not too annoying. It should match visual effects. Normal in-game audio/comms should be hushed or dialed back while this effect is engaged. Whenever visuals kick in, a humming, buzzing or ringing sound should drown out other sounds. This is severe distress being simulated: The audio effects are to simulate pain, beyond just moaning and a heart beat.
  7. Squad losing player base?

    Personally, I'm waiting for optimization so my my old horse PC can get in there with the rest of you fast PCs. (AMD here)
  8. Gamemode: Uprising

    IMHO, this would require a dedicated server, admins, and community to make it work right. The concept complexity that an unsuspecting pubbie would be up against might be too much for a generic public server. On the other hand, this could make for good long-term, persistent-world warfare.
  9. Why does this post exist if it's not from a DEV?
  10. Damn JIhad's at it again

    This is due to how insurgents can spawn in with weapons freely. They should spawn in unarmed and be forced to request weapons from caches - because that's what weapons caches are for anyway.
  11. One thing that has never failed to annoy me is how players are so easily spotted among things at long distances. Just the idle animations alone produce enough crisp pixel sparkle to attract attention. Lower-poly player LODs need to include a blur/diffusion effect to make sure that they have a chance to not be obvious at long ranges. Even if you resort to making textures semi-transparent, it would help. A blur is preferable IMHO.
  12. State of the game 2018

    As it's 2018, I can say it's in a state. 100% solved.
  13. customised ammo bags

    The DEVs have stressed time and time again the importance of customizable packs. Each pack will have custom insignias with purchaseable voice packs, radio, night-vision in blue/green/red and gray scale. See pack concepts below. http://tinyurl.com/hl59qjk @invisi