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  1. kickstarter project update #6

    I wasn't physically ready for this... I thought it'd be more dummed down, but I see y'all are really going hardcore. Scare me. Twist my fears. Make. Me. Cower!
  2. Blind firing

    Nope. Nope. Nope. Barely anybody used the method in RO2. And those who did were labeled as social outcasts on the EU server. It was impractical and doesn't fit with long range engagements. (Go Tank maps! - Stumount)
  3. R.F.A and Foreign Representation

    Based off my title, my question is how you'll maintain accuracy with foreign forces. I'm narrow minded in this, since I'm not aware of all your military advisors; but, I don't think Ross has any experience in the modern Russian army (unless Ross checks the box on badass Nato-Servant US Marine). And generalizations are great, but there has to be some truth if you're going to add in some distinctions with medical kits, clothing, and etc. In all of this, my personal beef is on misconceptions of weapons and weapons handling in the Russian Army. And this topic is what I based my question on : Though the source/sauce doesnt specifically target Russian weapons handling, it can be connected to the ammunition types (7.62x51 mm) used by the weapon models, AN-94 and AK-12. And it brings up an issue on high recoil which is sometimes misunderstood. Small cracks like this are huge since in reality there's low recoil on the actual weapons. And low recoil means more distance in engagements and less necessity for team-oriented tactics like suppression (huge recoil makes this more viable). [see sauces below] With the realistic recoil on both the current AK-74 and M4 models, you're well known for your accuracy. But how far will this accuracy go? Will it go through only personal experience and bias, through advisors, the community? It seems like a waste of time, and in my view it looks resourceful if you choose to have free reign and disregard accuracy. But that puts it at the expense of community support. 'Swell, a topic on the recoil of the RPG-7 covered over similar points. But it was discarded as unnecessary by the community. Sorry for wordy-ness but in my closing question/interrogation. How far does accuracy (NOT REALISM) go in affecting gameplay? *Edit* I find accuracy different from realism. (I don't want people to think I'd go all ham on the medical system, explosives, geneva, and crap like that.)
  4. Free to Play?

    +1 for community not being a bag of dicks But on another note, PR v1.3 is free, this game is based off of it. Have a go!
  5. Map Overview

    The video editing for suppression was pretty cool. But can't wait for the devs to implement it! The Alpha testers are going to shit bricks in a snap!
  6. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    Hehehehehe, I coaxed Popsmoke out of their shell. Set up a cloud of confusion by addressing Rising Storm 2. WHOOP THEY'RE STILL IN DEVELOPMENT! +1 for me.
  7. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    Wait... what? You're confusing me now. This has to be what they meant when they're going independent. The mod has become dlc now, right? Independent?
  8. Age Requirements for New Users

    Wait.. Aren't there age restrictions for forum membership?
  9. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    I have been waiting for this since the In Country Team started. So THIS is what they meant when they wanted to go independent!
  10. I'm only scared that they won't push up the gore level. Damn Europeans, sensitive people.
  11. Multiple Magazine attached together?

    That's a very tactical way of looking at things. Here's some sauce for it : Chances are slim though, some other people, and devs alike, find it too unnecessary and COD-like.
  12. I know the topic of medic evac is subject to dev-time allocation, but! Suggestion : The person dragging away their patient should be allowed to change stances. It helps in firefights, dragging while prone; dragging while upright for a faster motion, and a "crouched" stance for the inbetween options.
  13. "Die hard" player mode?

    Here's some sauce for that mysterious pasta : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/offworldindustries/squad/posts/1265547 And my two cents is that Squad's "realism" is equitable to your dreams. Edit : Scroll down into the Medical Update for the link
  14. SQUAD Live Chat Room (IRC)

    I agree, a better form of chat would be nice (Not advocating multi-comm TS). Just like how the forum is entertaining, immersive, and informative; it would be nice to see people's quick questions, concerns, and discussions.
  15. Ghost Recon Wildlands VS Squad - Comparison

    Mind you, Squad isn't based on huge blockbuster funding here! You'd have to hire more artists or buy expensive art assets if you want half the crap you see in the Tom Clancy Trailer. Think realistic.