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  1. I have a friend on nova that is looking for MIS File for " FIREBASE VIPER" -TKOTH DFX2 I never played it..and really don't know what it is..But you smart people will...lol Thanks
  2. A|o|K N'orn. No comment.

    wow, lol loved the vid.......especially the mean cat sounds.......nice touch...hahaha good player!!
  3. problem still..lol

    HA HA HA HA you have a good night. Thanks for the wonderful help!!
  4. problem still..lol

    hahahahaha on BZ, and Karen..lolol..No way I would want those 2 playing.. Alex & Supergirl I adore..they are good people. Maybe one day when we have female :wub: chars.... It's hard running around with those things :ph34r: :ph34r: between our legs...lolol I dunno how you guys do it... :o :rolleyes:
  5. problem still..lol

    oh..ok...thank you I see it back again..you guys are quick!!! Love it..woohoo
  6. problem still..lol

    yes, I mean PM...I could send PM to any of the friends..now no button on anyone..lol I don't talk that much..lol I was asking MU RAY to help me..but I can not even send to him..lol (he may have undid his..lolol ) I will check my old messages and see if it works
  7. problem still..lol

    Everything seems fine..except when I go to a friends profile..I can not send them a message...the button is not there..lol
  8. Key not valid...

    how do you clear the cache?
  9. Senior house of Delta Force and Joint Operations players.

    I played df2 and then LW those two were my favorite games..sure miss the crazy fun days..I was with the squad DMK... anyone know Boka Pague back in LW?? Think I played as either Blondy or Lt.Lacie lolol
  10. Drunk Squad Leader (Stream Highlight!)

    LOLOLOL..OMG What a ticket Capt. Kid..hehe looks like fun anyways!!
  11. Avatar

    I can't change my avatar on my profile.. It had a female, but I was going to change it..now..I can't..it shows a man's shadow..hahahaha don't want that..Help please.
  12. Hello Rulie..Thanks for inviting me over here..Game looks good..I don't really have a fav map from Jo...I like them all I suppose. I am so use to calling you Dr.Enceladus.. So Yes, I heard of SQUAD from Rulie