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  1. Music!

    Every forum needs a music thread! What do you guys listen to? I'm personally a huge metalhead. I generally like any music as long as it's not electronic (I enjoy the organic sound of instruments and vocals versus the synthetic electronic sounds) Bands I enjoy: Carnifex Cannibal Corpse Slipknot Five Finger Death Punch Acrania Angelmaker Chelsea Grin (Older stuff - Desolation of Eden and Self Titled preferably..) Disturbed Machine Head Fit For An Autopsy The Ghost Inside I Declare War Make Them Suffer Thy Art Is Murder Provocation Oceano Rings of Saturn Slice The Cake System of a Down While She Sleeps WhiteChapel Some favorites: I like metal in case you didn't notice
  2. So I see airsoft stuff scattered everywhere on these forums, so I figured, let's make a thread specifically for airsoft and airsoft discussion. Before someone bashes me/this thread/someone in this thread, so let's keep it civil: -No. I don't believe anyone who plays airsoft is a true soldier unless they are actually military. -Paintball vs airsoft is preference, not which one hurts more. -It's not comparable to real war experience. That aside... If you play, what gear do you guys run? Do you have a youtube channel (for airsoft)? I have a youtube channel, and I'll post my first video here (Like and sub! Not trying to advertise, but really would like for this channel to take off.): My gear setup/rig: Fast PJ Helmet Replica (Tan) GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition with an NVG mount Kryptek Mandrake BDU Condor Exo-Plate Carrier with a dump pouch, recon backpack, and 4 5.56/AR-15 Mag Pouches, 2 pistol mag pouches Midland X-Talkter XT-T71 Radios (with a pouch, of course) Oakley ESS Tactical Goggles Just a green shemagh Oakley Pilot Gloves Oakley SI Assault Boots Redline Regulator/Airline Guerilla Air 62/3000 Now onto the gun: Custom built: Polarstar FE V2G3 G&P Externals Daniel Defense 9" Rails BSA 30mm Red Dot (soon to be replaced with an AIM ACOG) Some green flashlight
  3. Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Played it, one of the most horrible experiences in gaming I've had in the past few months. Overly casualized and got repetitive within the first 2 hours of playtime. Definitely not picking it up.
  4. Hey all, I've been playing Squad for awhile now, and up until V8, I haven't had many issues with the founder items. With V8, absolutely nothing is working. I do see the settings and they're all on, yet none of them appear in multiplayer. I do see my skins when I load up the firing range offline, but when I go to multiplayer, nothing works at all. I have tried turning them off and back on, restarting the game, etc. Any fix? Thank you!
  5. Founder Weapon Skins

    There should be a founder skin for each variant of the AK74 and M4A1 (meaning the variants of the attachments), but we haven't gotten an update on those since the release of the few that are currently out. Unless you're referring to non-founder skins, which in that case, no clue, sorry.
  6. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    This update.
  7. Looking to purchase Founder Key

    I wish you the best of luck finding it but I think by now, almost everybody if not everybody has redeemed their founder keys. I would mention how much you're willing to pay so the person with the spare key(s) knows if contacting you will be worth their time, because such an exclusive set of items on a fairly successful game (I'd say) is not going to come cheap
  8. The Dedicated Airsoft Thread

    Tan: https://shop.jkarmy.com/we-g19-gas-blow-back-pistol-tan.html Black: https://shop.jkarmy.com/we-g19-gas-blow-back-pistol-black.html Mags: https://shop.jkarmy.com/we-g-series-25rds-gbb-pistol-magazine-g17-g18.html
  9. The Dedicated Airsoft Thread

    Those vests are useless (and hideous LOL). You are going to want something with MOLLE and tailor it to your own loadout and needs. Try this setup I made based on the color scheme and guns you have http://www.evike.com/products/34527/ Some pistol mag pouches should work for the VSR-11 style bar mags (and your pistol of course!): http://www.evike.com/products/35594/ or http://www.evike.com/products/49348/ A dump pouch is 100% necessary for any setup: http://www.evike.com/products/36649/ Eventually a sling: http://www.evike.com/products/42965/
  10. The Dedicated Airsoft Thread

    Nice. You definitely don't need to go out and buy a $100+ plate carrier for recon/sniper roles. A chest rig would be more than enough for your needs (unless you plan on getting a new kit one day). I've been playing for several years now, so if you have any questions, just ask and I'd more than happy to help. (I can help with basically anything, internal stuff, or just basic direction of what you should get in terms of gear)
  11. v6 update solid?

    Try it! You may be surprised at your own systems performance (or dissapointed). I hate to 'promote' it, but worst case scenario, there's always Steam refunds. Though I'd keep it, the game is incredible and going in the right direction, and the performance will only get better (well, we might have an occasional update where it may be worse, but that'd probably get hotfixed)
  12. Release: Alpha Version 6

    Right. For some reason; it works on the M4 with red dot, but not on the basic M4 or the one with an ACOG. Haven't been on a side with the AK yet. I also can't be Squad Leader. It HAS to be a regular squad member with only an aimpoint. I can't have a default M4, or an ACOG with a skin. Only a squad member with aimpoint.
  13. Release: Alpha Version 6

    Founder skins not working. Enabled in-game. Rebooted. Verified integrity. Nothin.
  14. Release: Alpha Version 6

    Enabled founder skins in options, not working, even after death/getting new M4 from an ammo crate
  15. Release: Alpha Version 6

    you lied to me
  16. 120fps (vsync limit) constant everything maxed out My rig: GPU: ASUS GTX 780 3GB DC2OC CPU: Intel i7-4790s @ 4ghz RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600 Mobo: Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 7
  17. Backer Tag Redeem!

  18. Founder skins in the game yet?

    Awesome, thank you
  19. Founder skins in the game yet?

    I assume so, but with the Steam release on the 15th where not everyone will have skins, will they be raised to 100%/every time you spawn?
  20. [Resolved] TeamSpeak Logo Channel

  21. I don't use UE4 that much anymore because it's not fit for my project, so I'm not sure of this is possible in UE4 but what I do in my own game that I'm developing is use decals with the necessary maps (i.e water would need specular, normal, and cube if it didn't have real time reflections) to create the illusion of features on the desired geometry without complicating the collision models.
  22. Music!

    Just found out ANIT has a new album Also been listening to a lot of IA lately:
  23. STOP using Teamspeak

    I'm guilty of being in Teamspeak with my pals while we're playing games. However, we're just there so we can pass information to each other that isn't necessary for everyone on the team to hear (i.e just one guy that we can take out ezpz). If it's important, we always tell the 'randoms' whatever it may be. The only time we don't communicate with other people is if we have a full team, which I can assure you, probably will never happen in a game with a scale such as Squad. We use Teamspeak because we've noticed the actual codec and overall audio quality is significantly better and faster than most games, however, I can't say anything comparing the Teamspeak quality versus Squad, because none of my friends have Squad yet (though they all plan on getting it at some point), so we have no direct comparison. I have a studio microphone (Blue Yeti), and my friends have noticed that my mic quality is awful in games but it's eargasmic in Teamspeak, so it just makes more sense to use what's more clear and concise.