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  1. Logi V10

    +1 good point! I hope they sort out loadout at main.
  2. wow...that is really long time ago...welcome back i think u will be pleasantly surprised about change of then and now
  3. Modding Teams?

    LugNut is correct. There is separate section of forum for modding, these kind of questions belong there. And these forums are online for quite some time... search function is very useful to seek for some info and answers. Cy around For mods: sorry for double posting...for some reason it didn't merge the posts
  4. Modding Teams?

    Hi, Welcome to forums and game British faction is on the way. It will be done by developers of the game... you might want to check out this link: https://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=143 It will come with standard weapon systems for this faction. Check out some of the previous recaps for more info about L85A2.
  5. The Wrench - December 2017 Edition

    FDF looking good! And that winter map... Marv out done himself once again! Great Wrench! Thank you modders for all hard work!
  6. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    https://playsquad.xyz/servers/ ^ cause i keep looking at this...
  7. Alpha 10 Public Test

    num_weeks = num_weeks+3*num_weeks
  8. Medic Practice

    SuperGlue? Duct tape everything
  9. Can this laptop run squad?

    interesting dilemma... please, report back what did you find out. Definitely worth to try it out. Play it under 2 hours/7 days and you should be able to refund if you don't like it (i think those are terms... check out on steam homepage). It should be able to run it at least on medium settings in either setup but bear in mind that those are laptops... there is heat limit after which CPU/GPU will throttle a bit.
  10. No title or donor tags

    already? happy new year! 2017. Still no founder tags PS. oh yeah...didn't notice it before... no founder tags anymore?
  11. +1 good idea... nothing fancy, just like in PR
  12. I'm not that scary

    Hej, pozdrav! Srecni praznici! Hello and welcome to game/community/forums! Great introduction... if u like slow paced games than there is good news for you. With v10 (within couple of weeks), we are going to get even better gameplay! cy around buddy!
  13. Merry Christmas

    +1 Happy holidays everyone!
  14. Open test V10 feedback, bugs

    Hi and welcome to squad! Thank you for your time and effort to report problem but it's usually done via: discord #feedback-a10
  15. Is The 30 Mil BTR Overpowered Now?

    Think of it as temporary... i guess it will be juicy target for MBTs For lulz: just saw this on discord: Drav-Today at 7:39 PM sorry dudes....we are going to have to pump up the btr82 more....
  16. Alpha 10 Public Test

    how to get back to feeble v9 after one taste heavenly inspired v10? huh.... damn, future is looking bright for squad! Inverse kinematics looking sometimes kinda off, but system itself is great! Btw... i drove 160km to play beta... played till 3 am and woke up in the morning to drive back to work. Didn't regret single minute of it
  17. It's coming!!!!!

    well... i could be wrong... anyway, Christmas starts only when we get v10 lol
  18. Alpha 10 Public Test

  19. Unlocking the Alpha 10 Public Test

    just a promo film atm... i think it was commented on discord by dev
  20. It's coming!!!!!

    take a look at text again: PLEASE NOTE: This is a work in progress! Alpha 10 is still undergoing active development and does not have a scheduled release date. It will be more than three weeks; consider yourself warned! The contents of this public test are subject to change and may not be representative of the final release. So, definitely not releasing it for Christmas!
  21. Alpha 10 Public Test

    great news! Hope it goes well That clip is sick! Except thouse eyes... now we are gonna complain that we need facial animations
  22. Requirements

    It probably will but double check on that too (that's how you get to know your computer ). Memory: well, that motherboard (mb) is using DDR4 ram. Although you didn't mention what type of ram you have, processor you are currently using have mb with DDR3. So you will need to get new RAM also most likely. It's like car... you don't just increase power by slapping bigger engine in... you need to take take care of everything that surrounds that increase like: engine support, suspension, brakes, fuel system and so on...
  23. Requirements

    Generally, i5 is cheaper than i7 around ~100-200 euros/dollars... been that way for quite some time trough out the generations. With i7, you are not getting as much as you are paying if you only plan to do some gaming and/or some casual stuff. So if you want the best value for your money, go for i5. i7 7700k is great processor if you can afford it. But maybe it's better to save some bucks and get better GPU or RAM. Don't expect miracles... you will be still limited by GPU. Btw, since you have 4460s and thinking about new generation of intel, why not go for latest? Go for gen 8: 8600K or 8700K. Those are true big step up from previous generations of intel chips. For first time ever, pressured by AMD competition, Intel is letting 6 core CPU into mainstream market. Year ago, those chips would cost fortune. I would suggest, if you don't want to invest into new motherboard (latest for gen 8 around 140 euros) and new RAM (DDR4 16GB ~140euros), just get i7 4790K or i5 4690K. Find one even second hand if you have reliable source. Just be aware that these chips did overclock and if not done properly, could shorten chip lifetime. You will save some money this way and new technology is on horizon for intel (10nm chips). Once it come to market, coffelake will drop in prices a little bit (gen 8 chips, very good ones) and new stuff is predicted to be another big leap forward in terms of performance, so you might want to go that route also.
  24. November 2017 Recap

    Then we might get chunkiness of Arma series. You got two new buttons and you have to adjust them in situations that require most of you reflexes. I think what devs did is much more natural and put your attention where is needed. I do like slow pace gameplay but without unnecessary complications.