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  1. Same here... Do roundtables with community is still a thing? Maybe i missed something... Congrats to Gatzby! Every new SquadChat looks better and better. Can't wait for tomorrow to happen
  2. New to Squad

    Hi and welcome to squad and community! Cy around, buddy!
  3. Alpha 15.4 Released

    I hope i will not start an endless flame rant to each other... There is skill involved in PR but not down to twitch reflexes... There is also that but also something more... in a way, you need to outhink your opponent. Let me give you example: In Squad: you are rushing to to flag. You spotted enemy down the road, some 100m out. You would go into ADS and start shooting. Why wouldn't you, unless your stamina is very low since as soon as you go ADS, you will get shots that will go where you aim your barrel. You can also go for cover but then, you are at risk that he will start to shoot first. So, you are better off to start shooting on sight. There is no point to just send some bullets his way... as single rifleman, i don't think suppression kicks in. So you you need to be precise and quick. What can other guy hope for? If he runs for cover, he is just moving target. His best bet, especially if he's on road (open ground) is to start shooting back. It's down to who will aim pixels better with his mouse... ok. In PR: same situation. You spotted enemy down the road, some 100m out. Now, what you quickly learn in PR is about deviation system. If you don't, you will not hit anything You need some 2-5 seconds to stay still before bullets go where you aim (HAT, AT, higher caliber needs more time). And when you think about this, it makes sense. What that system is simulating is lack of solder readiness as in, he needs to ready a gun, get into fire position, take a breath/focus/aim before he press the trigger. Since there is no fear of loosing your life in game, all of this is pretty hard to simulate but it's cleverly done so in PR. All of this is missing in squad currently. And this system is ingenious as in it doesn't take any new key presses or anything else (as in ARMA for example). You just need to wait a bit before you start to shoot. This little thing have a big impact on how firefights are resolved in PR. Let's get back to our two guys on the road. If he starts to shoot immediately as he would in Squad, he can be sure that he will not hit that guy on the other end of barrel. What is best for him is to rush for cover and report target/contact. If squad he's in is any good, they will respond to threat... start base of fire/bounding overwatch/rush enemy/flank/whatever but do together. If he start to shoot down the road, he will do so to suppress enemy and buy some time for teammates to get ready. In PR, suppression is very effective (another great system). Point here is that in PR you need to be more 'tacticool' because of all the systems they put in. In Squad currently, you can role play it but essentially just for fun cause twitch aim is just more effective. PR also require to aim properly but also have another layer to gunplay that makes things more fun.
  4. Alpha 15.4 Released

    oh wait... i think u are right! That's kinda lame... i fear that once new players see icon going low, they will rush to downed player... who is already dead and his position is probably not secured. We will see how it will play out after couple of weeks. yeah... hate when that happens...
  5. Alpha 15.4 Released

    it is... i don't think u can finish bandaging animation, even as medic... it's just that they want to convey info to player that he's been shot by heavy caliber weapon. I mean, in insta-death as before, you couldn't hear audio (or just a start of it if i recall correctly)... you would immediately go to black screen and away from place where u died. Now u can hear chaos few seconds after u die... and hopefully learn to stay away from it next time... kinda cool thing to have it this way
  6. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Step in right direction! Very cool idea! Just a thought: We might see new medics/players start to rush players downed by 50cal/IEDs/30mm. Could be nice addition to have three states of incapacitated icons: bright red: when medic have enough time to revive downed player flashing red(dark/bright): when medic is left 15 seconds or so to revive dark red: when medic doesn't have enough time to revive
  7. Feedback on current development.

    This is exactly what didn't happen to PR and there is a solid reason why... It's gameplay is unique and fun. And most probably it would still be in it's high gear if Squad didn't emerged. Just think about this: BF2 servers where closed but mod continued to live. They made their own master (authentication) server and launcher. That's how epic Project Realty truly is. You can still find couple servers with 100 players populated on working days. During weekends it's even better. For a game that was made in 2005 that's pretty cool considering official game ceased to exist (EA's master server is down and game is multiplayer oriented). It's not shiny anymore, graphics and engine are crap for current games but gameplay... oh boy... that thing... GAMEPLAY IS SECOND TO NONE! The scale, the realism, the fun, the teamwork... blend was perfect. Result of collaboration of many gifted individuals in a hefty amount of time. It's not the question if squad is spiritual successor of PR or not... It's very simple... Squad would NOT EXIST if there was no Project Realty. Early project leads came from PR. Most of early developers came from PR. Ideas came from PR. Funding for the game (steams's greenlight and kickstarter) came from people that played PR (aka founders). Squad is not INNOVATION but EVOLUTION of decade old gamplay... carefully brewed and tested in tight community. Many people influenced PR. Check out how many people developed PR (in their free time, as pure amateurs -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amateur ). And the very sad fact is... this community (PR's developers, contributors and players) is minority here. Yet we tasted forbidden fruit so to speak... which is going to be forgotten even before it got memorized. That is so painful to see. Especially since we witnessed decline of Project Reality... Decline that happend for all the wrong reasons (as graphics/engine getting old). PR's ex-developers are not getting back. Some of PR's developers are now part of OWI. There was a split that happened when Squad was born. New faces came to PR, yes, but there was a major disruption in flow of development. New PR's developers need to grow, learn and evolve. How much time will pass before another "PR2" attempt will happen? If ever? As time goes by, less and less people are drawn to PR and are willing to look past old graphics. That is why some of us feel as all hopes lies in Squad... and this is the reason why we are getting more and more upset... With game getting bigger, we are going to be even bigger minority... and that is unsettling! Especially, since in last few patches there is shift from milsim to arcade part of spectrum. We once played ****ing amaizing game and all we want is to SHARE THAT EXPERIENCE! And as we see it, it's only beneficial to OWI if they stay on the shoulders of the giants! It's goldmine for them and amazing gaming experience for us. WE DON'T WANT PR:SQUAD! WE WANT SQUAD TO BE PR AS THAT IS ONE FRICKING BEAUTIFUL INNOVATIVE GAMING EXPERIENCE!!!
  8. Yes, but btw shouldn't that be part of core gameplay? Huh... I hope all this recent changes are just a experiment...
  9. Great map! Very cool atmosphere! Really nice view distances... this map demands teamwork or nothing will be accomplished! Brilliant! Believable design/layout! Had a great time playing as infantry on that map! I hope it won't change much in design
  10. Canadian Armed Forces Deployed!

    Great addon! Gotta love Nanisivik map! Trailer doesn't do justice for that map! It's brilliant! Great atmosphere!
  11. Alpha 15 Released

    huh... strange decisions about grass patches on maps... don't know what to think about them... yeho and gorodok were my favorites maps, they had very good vibes... I hoped that other maps will get to that standard. Now they simply look plain and outdated. First time i spawned i thought: "...huh, did BF2 maps had more grass then here?" sorry for rant, maybe i need more time to get used to changes... On the other hand, great job with training mission, new vehicle, all new TC setups and more. Great work there! It's nice to see patches coming out more often!
  12. Maybe some of the devs or modders find this useful...
  13. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    Territory Control gamemode is freaking amazing! More you play it, more you gotta love it! Just had amazing round of it in pub server! This gamemode truly punish reckless gameplay and it's really proper antidote to rush meta that existed for so long. It's gonna get way more better when we get commander role, 50vs50 and randomness as in RAAS (if its even in roadmap, but if not, it should be really considered to be developed before 1.0 version). I really hope this mode will get priority for further developing cause it really shows what this game is all about.
  14. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    its very deadly on live server, trust me Skropo is wonderful map! Really nice addition to squad! Special in every way! Thank you Zeno for cool ideas and all the hard work done there! Also everyone else that contributed to that awesome map! TC is very f***ing great!!! We need Random TC! Truly epic game mode! Great idea and well executed!
  15. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    *nobody expects Spanish inquisition!* Shortest three weeks EVER INDEED! Well done, OWI! So many goodies! Thank you for all hard work!