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  1. Dude... that's amazing!!! Beautiful model! Love the effect that you did with light!
  2. Please, Devs, bring back old lighting of Al Basrah! Map is great but that lighting is very strange and killing immersion... Looking forward to expansion of that map!
  3. very sad to see that chart.... hang in there, buddy! Maybe we need Chinese army mod or some other Asia army ingame?
  4. +1 didn't experience that tactic before but now it seems very logical thing to do.... hope it will be as in PR
  5. ...what op first light should look like
  6. Great recap!!! v10 will be a big one!
  7. ^ that is very disturbing
  8. Try this! Northern edge of Al Basrah town. Done in full server. No firing range stuff of 1-man server situations.
  9. Isn't on Kohat waterfall effect that could be copied and scaled here? That map is looking better and better!
  10. ^Exactly! I don't think there is some sort of decline here... opposite, we progress with every update. I actually started to see dedicated squads for logistics and mortar. That is very cool! Logi trucks are there for quite some time, but lately ppl are starting to get them more seriously. Why? Because there is more to do with FOBs like mortar, spg, HAB and so on. Half of planned assets/feats are not done yet and we only have sort of half gameplay... Think about how air, tanks, other inf roles will influence gameplay. It will be wicked
  11. Looks very interesting! This is shaping to be great map!
  12. OP is completely right! At first i thought it was bug that will be sorted out soon trough hotfix... yet it's still here. Previous lighting was perfect.
  13. Yep, night and day, right? And things are only going to get better!
  14. You won't enjoy the game with that spec. I had 760 GTX and is struggled in situations with heavy firefight. It's G3D score is around 5000. I also had 7850 (desktop version) and it was ok but had some design flaws so I changed to 760GTX.
  15. I really hope so too. I think it's next step for G3 Probably will be done down the road... just not priority right now.