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  1. As said in reddit AMA, pretty low currently. Probably gonna see it after 1.0. I hope they don't overdo commander role and fireteam. For start, it would be nice just to be as simple as UI thing on spawn menu, nothing special (more for fireteams than commander role).
  2. un**** the fob mechanics plz

    lol this never occurred to me since now. It used to get high spawning number as 60-70s if enemies are near. Didn't notice that it wasn't like before. Could we get hotfix soon for this bug since it's very annoying and important to gameplay? On the other hand, squad did have that meat grinder feel even before v10. This discussion is still important and smashing this bug might not be all it takes. My 2 cents: we are still stuck with remnants of infantry pace since pre-vehicle days. We have quite a few means of transportation now and maybe it's time to make the cut. Maneuvering is big part of combat, yes. But in squad, since day one, it's all about rushing. My suggestion would be to make infantry movement slower (just regular speed and stamina/sprint leave the same as now), randomized AAS, bigger caps on flags and harsher spawn times on rallies/FOBs. This is early access game, isn't it? As infantry play is very important issue, better experiment now then when official lunch of the game happens. You are doing great, just need to make some number tweaking. Your game designers are hard at work? Why? Just a friendly reminder: most of your core developers came from PR. Most of your kickstarter supporters came from PR. In PR you have golden formula for great gameplay! Use it/adapt it/improve it! Don't reinvent the wheel, save some time! That gameplay was in development for decade, do you really wanna spend that much time for gameplay development? I think squad have capacity to be where PUBG (or insert any big selling game name here) is right now. Be brave, be different, make the change. I think it will be win win situation. You will be rich, we will get great game.
  3. Reddit AMA Transcript

    Squad is about "conventional" armies not about specialized branches. Don't hold your breath for specops stuff.
  4. Alpha 10.1

    It is glitchy. Sometimes it helps if you crouch. It usually works fine then.
  5. Is v10 update automatic?

    It should be automatic. You can check the version of the game in lower left part of main menu (it should start with a-10.1-something... that's the current version)
  6. Some Fonts' Sizes are Changed

    Same here. Since v10.1 I have issue with small font in vehical UI (as in OP's pic). Resolution 1080p.
  7. Alpha 10.1

    Animations feels much better or is it just me? Game looks very polished now. Thx for great work!
  8. [WIP] Karbala

    Wow! Great to see this map in works! This will sure be epic project to finish. Looking great so far!
  9. PR Vets, vote here.

    Mostly played inf on that map and it was still fun! Great work on Sarau
  10. Alpha 10

    That was educational Good read! Tnx!
  11. Eyes animations in v10?

    nope! It actually works for all kits i think. Go into shooting range, take milita SL, shift+p, then shift+p again bug will happen and u should see two characters clipping each other. Go prone. Stare at their eyes... let them stare at you... be amazed. edit: oh yeah, and get back here so we can freak out together
  12. Duudees, em i tripping or something? I think Milita SL kit have eyes animations? I mean, avatar look left and right from time to time. Then i looked at other kit (maybe MG or GL) and his eyes were fixed... Did i miss something in changelog? Is this a thing now, did someone else notice this? AND THEY BLINK! oh finally...one step away from robots!!!
  13. Alpha 10

    ping doesn't tell whole story... wifi can loose signal/deteriorate/interfere by other sources. Even if u can get good ping in one moment, problem is to get it continuously. It's not much of a problem during surfing the net or watching a film but in FPS it very noticeable (when one can't allocate/buffer in advance). When i used to load server list, some server pings where fine, others where way too high (even if they where from same region). My wifi signal was issue (not my field of expertise but i think this quality is described by jitter). This game is not twitch shooter as stated many times... u don't need way too low ping. I don't know... at least it doesn't bother me. I'm from Europe. If i get on NA server, which are usually around 100-150, i can still get enjoyable games. Maybe couple of times during whole match there would be noticeable hit reg issue. If i die, it's usually of some stupid tactic or decision that i made than ping issue I think u solved your problems just by using cable... not by high ping number (i mean about that 110). Anyway, try it out for yourself now and see if it still matters. I was forced to use wifi for a brief time and hated it every second cause of squad wouldn't want to go that path again. just my 2 cents
  14. Alpha 10

    Never play over WiFi... I tried that and i had all sorts of problems. When i switched to hardline (adsl) all of that stopped.
  15. Alpha 10

    hej, pozdrav! I think dev already gave you answer (in their manner related to add xyz feature). They are aware of issue, when/if resources are available they will work on it...don't count on it any time soon tho