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  1. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/07/06/biggest-games-on-steam-2018/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+rockpapershotgun%2Fsteam+(Rock%2C+Paper%2C+Shotgun%3A+Steam+RSS) Pleasantly surprised to see this! Keep up the good work, OWI!
  2. July Community Roundtable

    Thanks for putting this down into words, Gatzby! Cool roundtable discussion!
  3. Giving the l85A2 new iron-sight

    ^ +1 exactly... i hope we get backup sights for all weapons that have one.
  4. In game Map improvement(?)

    It was requested earlier. I think they might do that later, when maps are closer to final versions. If they try it now, they will have to reiterate every update, which is time consuming. interesting link for getting height info (probably would be best when combined with isolines): https://squadmc.ende.pro/
  5. How Long...

    lol, almost replayed in same time
  6. How Long...

    Hmmm... correct me if i'm wrong but: Project Reality started as PRMM v0.1 since august 2005. So it's around more then decade. And it was built as a mod, on top of the existing fully developed game engine with modding tools. Hm... 2013? Early access started a little bit before 2016 (December 2015). They are making the game, not mod. A lot of stuff they have to make for them self. Currently, i think they are still trying to get all the features they want so content, yeah, is suffering. Content wise, i don't think we will be there in couple of years. There was a lot of effort from many different people put into PR to be where it's now. But we might see features that couldn't be achieved in BF2 engine. Actually, in couple of next updates, we will see a lot of cool stuff that we dreamed of in PR. Check out Post Scriptum... they started as mod for Squad. In ten days or so, they are gonna sell finished product on Steam. I think they are around 8 people strong (OWI is around 40-50 people). They did amazing job on content in very short amount of time! But they didn't develop most of the game features (or they built on top of existing work). It takes a lot of effort to make something from scratch. By the end of the year, Squad should be feature ready. After that, we might see more content filled in. Also, they are trying to improve modding scene for Squad (it's already here btw... did you check out chopper mod with fastropes? ). Some of the PR contributors are present here too! Sorry for wall of text... in short: [insert picture of patient bear here]
  7. June 2018 Recap

    Another view: I hope we won't see more comm channels. FTL can talk to SL via squad chat. FT member can use local comms to transmit info to his leader and leaders send info via squad chat to SL. What is really needed is UI so SL can quickly and intuitively split squad (also, in case of disconnects you wont have to waste time and setup again). Nothing fancy and nothing more than that. Different armies/branches/type have different squad structures. For example, us army had 3 fire teams and us marines had 2 (not sure how its now). Also might be useful if you run mech inf with vehicle in same squad. Lets say Bradly with 2 fire teams, each three people strong. I also hope we have increase of squad size (and selectable by SL) sometime after FT introduction. With fire teams, SL might be able to manage 12 people in squad?
  8. June 2018 Recap

    Jaw is still somewhere on the floor... still trying to recollect myself but i will write few words... Amazing recap!!! Glad to see that there will be experimentation in the respawn system! Also, interesting change to the medic role, can't wait to see how it goes. Better to do that now then after official release. FIRETEAMS!!! I hope this means we will see them before 1.0? This will be cure for lack of SL, especially during free weekend periods! It's much better to progress form leading four people to nine. This will ease SL role and also promote new ones really quickly! This was needed much earlier in development! I also hope we get commander role soon. What sorcery is this!? Can Yeho be that pretty!? Finally! Water shader that looks convincing! Coasts in those pictures looks really cool! Those screenshots looks truly awesome!!!! And Tallil... whoaaaa... kashan+kamisiyah=win! What a layout... oh, boy, that airfield, hardcover, barracks, observation posts, villages... Beautiful! Outstanding work! What ever you did there to make this happen, just keep doing that! It's amazing!!! What's it like performance wise? Can we have that view distance? All looks too good to be true! Well, well... what we have here? Next few updates are going to be unbelievable... Seems to me like Squad is shaping up to be true successor to PR... getting better in every way!
  9. Rifle to Pistol transition time

    hmm... it's not about being tidy but being safe? Weapons take time to get armed and ready. For example: LAT, when armed, can be dangerous for operator as much as it is for target if not handled correctly. I think they tried to cover this aspect with animations timing. To cover it at any more depth, it would take more CPU usage or developers time, neither of which they can spare at the moment. And let's not forget that they need some mechanics to avoid run'n'gun play style. Care for your own life is something they can't just put in as one system but need to address it trough numerous systems such as spawning, movement, animations, suppression and so on... Why would they bother to do this? It's core to this game experience. That promotes teamwork and communication that we all know and love. You can always play Quake/UT with teamspeak but that will hardly give you enjoyment and depth that regular public squad match give.
  10. The Expanse (syfy series)

    Watched all seasons in a week or so... great TV show. Setting is quite plausible from current standpoint (excluded everything *prot_m* related... won't go any further cause of spoilers ). Best one i ever seen. They really put some thought to it! And physics! Not all done well but you gotta love some details (2nd and 3rd session is better as it seems they spend more money to portray it better)! Also, interesting and very plausible interpretation of future spaceship systems including weapons.
  11. Are There Plans for Maps More Appropriate for Armored Warfare?

    Awesome!!! btw Axton was making PR Yamalia... he waited for armor to roll in. Sooo... we might get that too?
  12. Nice! Poor strykers!
  13. Problems with huge fps drop need help

    i don't think it's related to onboard ram... Squad uses around 7-8 gb of ram. I increased from 8 to 16 gb but it still didn't use more than before upgrade. btw welcome to game and forums cy around