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  1. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    That is out of engine? I mean, is that background of some map-to-come-soon or u used some pictures and photoshop? Amazing anyway! Very cool pictures!
  2. Map Testing

  3. A12.1 broke game

    Yep! That is solution for that problem and do NOT try to turn on your kickstarter perks, it will start to crash again.
  4. Here come the girls

    cool idea! I hope this will promote and bring more females players into squad
  5. Interesting idea... Could be done on some other way too: you need to have commander online (once included) to approve heavy assets. Or approval of majority of SL, something like voting system.
  6. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    No need to worry about commander role. It will be great! You can check out PR or PS to see how it works but i hope it will be done much better in this game (cause there was some limitations on what could be done in BF2 engine). Its seldom used cause not everyone have what it takes to be in that position but when u do have competent commander, round is freaking great!
  7. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    Great to see commander role coming before 1.0! Fireteams were complete success!
  8. Turret Traverse A+D Keys

    +1 I hope in future we will have fixed max turning speed with proper inertia.
  9. Alpha 12 Release and Free Weekend

    Amazing update! V12 is really pushing squad further then any update before! Thx developers for all the hard work!!! Much appreciated!!! This is shaping to be really unique and great game!
  10. Thx for all the cool info, Gatzby! Much appreciated!
  11. Looking great! Keep up the good work!
  12. Battlefield Talks About Squad!

    they tried really hard not to mention squad as a game in that text...
  13. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Didn't try out new playtest but watched some streams... Really liked what they did with map in this one. Maybe i missed something first time, but now, map is not so colorful and distracting. Fireteams colors are now dots instead of full color? That is very cool improvement (unless it was option even the first time but i somehow missed it). It would be cool to be done same way to radio comm signatures (the one that pops out when somebody is talking to you). IE, squad chat is mostly green with one bar of team color at beginning of signature or something like that... or maybe, always green except team letter that is in color.
  14. The Wrench - September 2018

    Great recap! New factions on the way! cool!!!
  15. October Feedback Roundtable

    Great read as always! thx for summary