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  1. Requirements

    It probably will but double check on that too (that's how you get to know your computer ). Memory: well, that motherboard (mb) is using DDR4 ram. Although you didn't mention what type of ram you have, processor you are currently using have mb with DDR3. So you will need to get new RAM also most likely. It's like car... you don't just increase power by slapping bigger engine in... you need to take take care of everything that surrounds that increase like: engine support, suspension, brakes, fuel system and so on...
  2. Requirements

    Generally, i5 is cheaper than i7 around ~100-200 euros/dollars... been that way for quite some time trough out the generations. With i7, you are not getting as much as you are paying if you only plan to do some gaming and/or some casual stuff. So if you want the best value for your money, go for i5. i7 7700k is great processor if you can afford it. But maybe it's better to save some bucks and get better GPU or RAM. Don't expect miracles... you will be still limited by GPU. Btw, since you have 4460s and thinking about new generation of intel, why not go for latest? Go for gen 8: 8600K or 8700K. Those are true big step up from previous generations of intel chips. For first time ever, pressured by AMD competition, Intel is letting 6 core CPU into mainstream market. Year ago, those chips would cost fortune. I would suggest, if you don't want to invest into new motherboard (latest for gen 8 around 140 euros) and new RAM (DDR4 16GB ~140euros), just get i7 4790K or i5 4690K. Find one even second hand if you have reliable source. Just be aware that these chips did overclock and if not done properly, could shorten chip lifetime. You will save some money this way and new technology is on horizon for intel (10nm chips). Once it come to market, coffelake will drop in prices a little bit (gen 8 chips, very good ones) and new stuff is predicted to be another big leap forward in terms of performance, so you might want to go that route also.
  3. November 2017 Recap

    Then we might get chunkiness of Arma series. You got two new buttons and you have to adjust them in situations that require most of you reflexes. I think what devs did is much more natural and put your attention where is needed. I do like slow pace gameplay but without unnecessary complications.
  4. The Wrench - November 2017 Edition

    Looking great! Thx for your hard work guys!
  5. Requirements

    CPU and GPU are kinda low for this game so there might be some issues... Definitely try it out, you can check it out for 2 hours. Keep the sampling on x1 and don't go over 1080p... all other settings should be probably on low/medium. Shadows for sure put on low/medium or maybe even off. Do not use AA. Try to start from there and see what can you crank up. Cy around!
  6. Requirements

    Welcome to forums and soon to the game Tenke But don't curse on our beloved PR here, you will get much hate cy around
  7. Squad Steam Group

    oh...now i feel bummed cause i wasn't kicked from that group...thanks for nothing, devs! nah... release v10 to make blues go away...
  8. November 2017 Recap

    We are not there yet, buddy... Check out mod section, there is chopper mod and it's cool as is
  9. November 2017 Recap

    There is mod that enables FASTROPEZZZ (heli mod) so we actually have them now... it kinda killed the meme lol i just hope they don't finish this in three weeks... do it before or after... leave that one pls
  10. November 2017 Recap

    DAMN!!! This recap is amazing!!! We are getting slower pace gameplay!?! THAT IS AWESOME!!!! This is exactly what is needed!!! Can't wait to try this all out! This is huge! This lovely game is just going to be way more sexxxy! Thank you, Devs!!! Truly great work! We have faith in you, guys!
  11. Alpha 9.17

    lol...cool clip!
  12. [Faction] French Forces

    Great work! Can't wait to see it all ingame!
  13. Alpha 9.17

    number of fingers affects version numbering? It makes sense, this is why we have 9.17
  14. Alpha 9.17

    ...who counts anymore... look, even devs stopped...