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  1. Battlefield V

    i think they have put 1945 as a name to console release couple years ago... so i guess that would bring even more confusion (if possible).
  2. Balkan (ex YU) Clan/Community

    Ima nas i vise... ja znam za bar jos jedno 3-4 ali nisu na forumu. Jeste, trebalo bi nas bar 20ak... jbg, ma svi smo leteci
  3. Balkan (ex YU) Clan/Community

    Zivi smo ali nismo organizovani. BTW lepo je videti da se puni polako ovaj thread
  4. Hmmm... yeah, there is valid point there. Put conventional vs conventional in AAS. But then again, we still don't have too many conventional OPFOR... actually, only one: Russia. Would be cool if could see another one like China. Huh, i guess we are going to see milita and ins till then as placeholder (to China, MEC or something else)?
  5. Alpha 11.1

    Thx for update! This game is looking better and better! Just a sidenote: Mestia Invasion v2 is very dark around US Main (US Insertion?). Lighting is kinda strange... even if i bring gamma to 3.00 there are still dark (read: black) patches of ground below trees. Is this how it's intended to be? (epic settings on all, 1.25x, eye adaptation is ON, all other options ON except pre load textures)
  6. "Believability" of maps, realism

    +1 same here (with part that aesthetic is perfect!!!) But there were already in finalization stage when this discussion stared. Maybe we will see same thing in Fallujah. I really hope this wont be trend any more...
  7. Danke! Das ist toll! Cool! Something for practice and learning German gonna find that discord... I would love to stop by and try out to type something on German language... just started to learn, i'm only in middle of level A1-2.
  8. Modding Update 2.0, #1

    Nice! Thx for update! Looking forward to this!
  9. Conquest MODE

    Nope, they were actually quite generous to this faction (if u look at how they were done in PR). I don't think its supposed to be on par to conventional forces. Factions should have their own flair and this one is very specific.
  10. May Community Feedback Roundtable

    Great read!!! Thank you for writing this down!
  11. The Expanse (syfy series)

    cool! thx for info! I love scifi!
  12. Alpha 11

    Amazing work! Thank you all for this update!
  13. v11 Testing!

    This V11 is shaping up to be amazing!!! Congratz to devs for quick updates and long hours on testing branch! New Kohat Invasion layer lighting is superb! Just a quick note (probably know by now): rocks on Kamdesh are glitchy. They disappear and reappear once you get close to them. For example: rocks on top of hill at D4-4-4.
  14. BTR82A vs Bradley/Warrior

    Asymmetry can be great! Finally, vehicles have flavor and are starting to be thing on battlefield you have to deal with caution. Yeah, Warriors/Bradlys are quiet a beast but good teamwork can still win! I hope, once BMP series show up, we won't see it on every layout as countermeasure to enemy IFVs. I just had the round where we were insurgents on Kohat invasion layout (beautiful lighting btw!). We held first flag even as US had 3 Bradlys (i think?). With good SLs and teamwork, our team managed to hold first flag whole round! It was amazing!
  15. v11 Testing!

    V11 is looking great! Sounds are amazing! And dust for vehicles!