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  1. Only local for now.
  2. Name: Animated Blueprint Lights Screenshot: Description: Easy to use flickering and pulsating lights. Installation Instruction: Just drag and drop the Blueprints into the scene. It's using a timeline to animate light intensity, so feel free to mess with it. Download Link: https://gum.co/khpxX Enter 0$ and hit Download. I'm using Gumroad to track downloads. Let me know if there are any issues.
  3. The Wrench - July 2017 Edition

    LEEEKS! Good stuff.
  4. I agree, End Game is kinda meh but there's potential. Maybe we can get BI to feature PRA3 in the Game Mode filters once it's released and gained a certain degree of popularity. It could be listed as AAS then. Performance is pretty good indeed. Tomorrows playtest will include a number of new features so hopefully performance will be the same if not better.
  5. Yeah they definitely try to get into the competetive market. Wouldn't say Argo is a good example but definitely the step in the right direction. I just think 5v5 in Arma is pretty dull given that weapon handling is a bit "clunky" or atleast not snappy enough
  6. BTW we have a playtest scheduled for the 12th November. 1000GMT and 1900GMT if someone is interested in joining. Only major bug atm is VOIP not working, so we are currently stuck with Discord.
  7. It works. Just needs a lot of tinkering and balancing. Too bad KOTH is like one of the most popular game modes out there. I don't like it but there are like hundreds of players on KOTH servers all the time. PRA3 is really made to get the A3 community to enjoy their game in a tactical and communicative environment, without loosing the benefit of playing against other players and not twitch-reaction AI Also maybe to clarify once more: PRA3 is not an alternative to Squad or PR:BF2. It's purely made for the A3 community.
  8. That has pretty much nothing to do with PRA3 at it's core. It's a CUP feature. Playcount was around 40-50. They were joking but BD didn't really get it. Also we're not BD developers. We're an DRK independent group of actual professionals working on this in our free time. The team consists of software engineers, game developers and designers.
  9. The Wrench - October Edition

    Awesome work!
  10. Register your Mod at /r/PlaySquad

    Will the mod list be curated if it ever grows beyond measure? I mean in the future there could be a lot of mods that are not as great but still want exposure.
  11. The Wrench - July Edition

    Indeed, I have the map downloaded for optimization purposes and I can say, what I saw is top notch quality guys. Super polished aswell!
  12. How do mods in UE4 work?

    The manual way would be to create a plugin and add it to the server aswell as client. https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Programming/Plugins/
  13. Hehehe, great game nonetheless. Tried competetive aswell but was not as great. Regarding your suggestions I'd absolutely love something like that.