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  1. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Please, No, Don't buy into the hype mass media is pushing. We need something fresh, like South America, maybe Falklands 8km map that was fun.... Or Central Africa, possibly even Vietnam, or World war II So far Squad looks Awfully beige, even the forest map I've seen. ( know Afghanistan is True desert but there are some regions of afghan that are lush such as the Arghandab ) I'm sure they have more in the works, but i think we need like a couple Rain Forest / jungle type maps, or Snow! Arctic / Tundra warfare anyone?
  2. New video, Potential Great Maps For Squad!

    i think a good map for squad would be a re-iteration of DC Oil Rigs from the Dersert Combat mod from Battefield 1942. the blu for gets a aircraft carrier and some water craft with transport choppers and scout helicopters, maybe a couple jets if the game ever makes it that far. the Opposing force (likely an islamist militia force, or chechens) has raided and taken control of a massive Oil sea rig. blu for must infiltrate the sea rig, eliminate any resistance and secure key areas for reinforcing and supplies, while hunting down weapon caches hidden through the sub terrain of the rig complex. another good map for squad would be DC Urban Siege.
  3. Stat tracking

    i think shots fired and shots hit should be displayed for each corresponding team. this encourages teamplay, if that team lost the round, maybe the next round played, the team won't shoot as much and give away their positions.
  4. How will Squad compare/differ to ArmA3?

    Arma is so complicated for me i have enough trouble figuring out how to start it, let alone getting a decent frame rate and then spotting an enemy. Arma is a joke. I am not a Alpha tester but i've seen the Squad game play and i have been playing BF PR forever. long story short i like what i see. Looks complicated enough to keep out all the Call of duty kids and fast paced enough to keep you're interest and build team skills.
  5. The Weapons Thread!

    need ieds and PPsh with 71 round drum
  6. Deployable Mortar

    the way mortars are implemented in PR BF2 takes too much time and effort, unless you have an extremely coordinated team and mortar squad leader. don't get me wrong i understand and appreciate the potential effectiveness they can offer, but the User interface could some work in terms of streamlining simplicity.