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  1. I Think this idea can be easily biased and abused, but it is a great idea. Since the first day of Pre-Alpha, I was and still am all for some sort of reward system. Not "Experience Points" and although I was a supporter of ranks , i am a no ranking system at this point. I understand most players are mature players and could careless of any sort of progression or statistic system, but we also have to engage in future players that won't like how there is nothing to their name after so many rounds or hours as most games are. Some sort of hook to keep players coming back for more round after round. Saying that, if you think that adding a progression system would make squad like any other FPS grind fest, I don't know any game that is sole realism out at the moment. I do believe that having some sort of public profile service record of some sort recording Squad Leader Round Wins, Medic Revives, Distance Walked, Objective captures, etc would give many players some self-gratification to work that much harder. Everyone wants to be the best in what they do, any having something public such as those stats will only benefit teamwork and the overall gameplay.
  2. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    In the future when there is a possibility of 1 life tournament or some sort of hardcore realism mode, where realism is at its highest. CCP would allow for more strategic planning such as calling in a medvac (when helicopters become available), pre mission planning, etc. But for regular public servers, MOST people just want to run, gun, die, then respawn. CCP would only be a turnoff for people that would have to walk x distance to fully healed. I am all for the CCP but to have the option but to be able to not have it enabled on mine or anybody's server.
  3. Squad Ranks?

    Might have wrote my last post wrong, but this is what i mean. After a while, it would feel great to work towards something as a individual and as a group
  4. Squad - The Road Ahead

  5. Squad - The Road Ahead

    Thanks Dubs
  6. Squad - The Road Ahead

    Yeah I heard it was Unreal's problem.As the same, they are problem trying to maybe find a temp fix to it?
  7. Squad - The Road Ahead

    You have a point, but when half the players can't play due to the AMD problem, i would think that would be focus #1 lol
  8. Squad - The Road Ahead

    I believe optimization is the new priority at this point. Lots of people bought this game with AMD Graphics and can't play it, or barely can play it, I couldn't imagine them focusing on anything else at this point in time. Helicopters will be far off in the distance while they establish physics for the ground vehicles and a foundation for helicopters. Vehicles are buggy as it is.
  9. Squad Ranks?

    Game needs a pull factor whether you like it or not. I know you hardcore mofos are saying, "Respect the Game", "No ranks needed play the game!". After a while the player base will soon die out due to loss of interest. Trust me, playing over thousands of hours is going to eventually feel repetitive and people will go onto another game. If you add stuff that gains the interest of most of the player base, you will keep a stable player base, if not grow it. No you don't need to have camo for guns unlocks or new scopes or some cod shit. General Scoring System Kills +2 Assist +1 Deaths -1 Suppression fire +.5 Objective Captured +5 Vehicle Kill +1 (awarded to gunner) .5 awarded to passengers Near Squad Leader +2 (every 5 or so minutes) Something like that, can't really think of anymore. Then you would add Role specific system - Role Specific Scoring System Medic Bandage Use - +.5 Medic Kit Use .+5 Resuscitation +1 2. Light Anti Tank Vehicle Hit +1 Vehicle Destroyed +5 3. Squad Leader Objective Capture +1 FOB Uptime (+1 every 5 minutes[some type of time limit]) Squad Rally Placement +.5 Vehicle destroyed -5 or -10 The rank system can be created, if you are a real gamer, you will know the feeling of getting promoted after hours of playing or grinding or whatever feels marvelous. I sorta like the America's Army PG rank system, simple but difficult at the same time. Pretty much PVT all the way up to SMA. Thing is, it takes hours, hundreds of hours of gameplay to get the next level. It will sort out the children that just want to grind and do their own thing. This will allow people that are actually higher in rank, know what they are doing, and in return, helping out lower ranks, hopefully. Usually in games where it is difficult to rank/level up you find more mature players at the higher ranks, willing to teach lower ranks or show some wisdom. I've talked to many people who feel as if Squad is turning repetitive and needs something to spice it up. I feel as if ranks which are difficult to achieve are the answer ( as well as the content yet to be released!).
  10. Squad Internationals

    Not gonna lie, for a quick mock up, looks beautiful, chills
  11. Backer Tag Redeem!

  12. Equipment editor / Character Editor /

    +1 I like the idea of this....
  13. WHERES MY EMAIL!!!!!

    Lookin out for you Tom! People like him are the reason i left the forums for 3 weeks... Too toxic.. Love yah man! Happy Launch day
  14. WHERES MY EMAIL!!!!!

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  15. WHERES MY EMAIL!!!!!

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