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  1. Alpha 11

    Thanks for the update!
  2. Post Scriptum Keys

    It worked flawlessly, Thank you!
  3. Founder Weapon Skins

    Yea and maybe we can list your IQ on it too! that would be awesome. you completely missed the point of my comment...
  4. Founder Weapon Skins

    the American skin is awesome, but the AK is not that nice. it would be pretty awesome if they changed it so that founders got a tastefully done Golden AK which is in dull rugged condition. something that gives off a more obvious difference like the American counterpart.
  5. Backer Tag Redeem!

  6. i 100% agree, it seems like every game i join the map looks like this
  7. The Quality of Rocks In-Game

    so you want rocks with faces in them?
  8. I figured out the problem, Turn AO Level from auto to None fixed it.
  9. i had post proc off before and it used to run fine... idk why its messed up now
  10. After the update my graphics started to show some sort of square griding stuff. hard to explain so i took screen shots. How do i fix this? my graphics were smooth before. i put my graphic setting at the last pic. 1920x1080 Notice the AK has some dots looking stuff... it used to look perfect..
  11. Where Are All My Canadian Brothers too?!

    Sorry I'm late Eyy. Fellow Canadian sounding off