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  1. Fatal Error Can F*** Off

    Came here after another fatal error Gorodok was looking so fine too.
  2. RANGER Edition: Version 7 alpha invite

    I never heard anything about rangers getting invited last night, I never got an email :o. I sent an email to support@joinsquad.com, hope I can get my hands on it soon!
  3. I'm sure there will be plenty.
  4. I'm not nearly as worried as you. The player count will definitely raise, but I don't think it will drop to the old value (maybe +400). Performance has been pretty good in the play tests, just some bugs to iron out. A lot of people have been holding out on their purchase until vehicles are in, we will see more content from steamers/youtubers - a decent number of copies will be sold. Animation system is still due for a rework, and alpha 8 will focus primarily on optimization.
  5. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Don't think that's the plan right now. I'm pretty sure he's waiting on new assets from OWI instead. Makes me all the more excited for Fallujah!
  6. That is actually pretty sexy..
  7. I'm willing to wait until after helicopters for this one.
  8. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Gives me time to get some food I guess
  9. Alpha Version 6 Released

    False alarm everyone
  10. Alpha Version 6 Released

    http://i.imgur.com/ciE7dGf.gifv soon.
  11. Alpha Version 6 Released

    My body is sooo ready.
  12. Palmyra's Map

    I salute your ambition. Hopefully the floating point stuff gets figured out so we don't experience any jitter issues far from the origin. If you're not on the modding discord there is a requests channel where you can ask for assets and such.
  13. Nvidia 1080 Leaked Benchmarks

    1080 is looking promising, makes me wonder what the 1080ti will have to offer. 20% gain on a 980ti is pretty great. That makes me tempted to replace my 980 already, but if that purchase taught me anything, it's that patience garners the best deal.
  14. The Great Showcase Megathread (No Replying!)

    I've been collecting screenshots of community WIPs from the Squad Modding Discord. I will continue to update the album, and if you would like me to credit you in the album with a specific image please let me know. As I update I will do my best to credit the original creator within the album. WIP Showcase Album