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  1. Launch crash

    Hi, Since last night my Squad launcher fails to start the game up. Instead I get an UE4 crash report saying "an Unreal process has failed: UE4-SquadGame". The day before I did install a new SSD on my PC, but I played Squad after the installation and it worked fine for 3-4 hrs, when I came back a couple hours later, the game wouldnt launch anymore. The screenshots are the only things I get on my screen, after the minimalized loading screen, I get the crash report. I have reinstalled it a couple of times now, never worked. Thx in advance Walt
  2. IED's

    What about giving Taliban (not the US or russians) the abillity to place IED's? (an IED is basically a homemade mine). You could also make different sizes of IED's, like a anti personnel IED or an anti vehicle IED.
  3. Destroyable buildings

    I think there should be the possibility to destroy walls, doors and others in order to make it even more realistic.