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  1. 82nd Airborne Clan

    Shw mae butt!
  2. Prone and annoying players

    Is there the ability to mute an individual on VOIP? if not,maybe there needs to be.
  3. It would completely change what the game is about. So its a huge no from me!
  4. Servers Constantly Crashing

    London 2 server just went down again. 2125hrs UK
  5. Nothing to see here thanks to Roy
  6. Sandbag Deployment

    I think the question of who can deploy what/where/when is tied into to the other suggestion of specialized squads. If they do introduce specialist squads, Id like to see the larger FOB items restricted to an engineer squad, whilst things like sandbags can be thrown down by any squad. etc. example Main fighting squad capture a strategic position. Setup some basic sandbag defence posts and secures it until an engineer squad can move in with supplies to build heavier defences. Leaving main fighting squad free to concentrate of fighting. I found some squad leaders I played with got too carried away with designing a base rather than leading the squad. Maybe just because its early days and everyone wants to play with the new fob buildings. There are so many possibilities and great ideas flying around. I cant wait to see what the Devs have in store.
  7. Now i believe ;)

    :wub: That is all (group hug anyone??)

    Just got my email.

    Bet your clan is so proud of you right now!
  10. WHERES MY EMAIL!!!!!

    For a moment I thought there was hope... You are not the only one waiting. However, you are one of the only ones behaving like a spoilt child about it. Its not going to solve the issue any quicker. If you have paid, your key will be delivered.
  11. WHERES MY EMAIL!!!!!

    Please, refund him. You will be doing the whole community a massive service! Hell, I'll pay him his money back myself.
  12. Im sure we all appreciate your updates Z-trooper (I do at least) Hope you guys can get the issues solved soon so we can all come and shoot you in game to say thanks
  13. Hotmail user here Nothing received so far
  14. How old is the Squad community?

    I'm 34, Wales, UK