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  1. When about thermals?

    I wouldn't expect implementation of vehicle thermal sights until this happens anyway (and probably also after addition of helicopters with ATGMS). TOW/Kornet emplacements would also get thermals.
  2. I don't know how big the radius is or how much damage it does, but I was playing a skirmish game a week or so ago where someone actually did kill an enemy with a smoke round.
  3. Iranian Army's Ground Forces (Faction Idea)

    Wouldn't they be getting AKM or Type56 clone? Hardly a copy of the Russian infantry ingame. That said I'd much rather see the G3 as the standard rifle anyway, just give a few classes like Officer a choice.
  4. Well the idea in the game is that "LAT" (also known as "Rifleman AT" in Project Reality) is just one of those regular riflemen who was issued a launcher. I also don't see the need for a per-team limit for AT4, it can just be issued to the second LAT slot like the Russian RPG-7 LAT. AT4 can also be balanced against M72 with a higher rearm cost (which is probably already has).
  5. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    How about you look into why they removed in the first place. That will probably give you your answer.
  6. Yeah that's basically along the lines of what I was thinking. I didn't think of adding M3 for the LAT kit but that's definitely a possibility as well.
  7. FOB in buildings HQ's (HAB)

    Project Reality had a game mode called Command and Control where each team places a single FOB (usually had to be within a radius of the center of the map) and must attack the enemy's while defending their own. It didn't have flags and was pretty much never played over AAS though.
  8. Yeah I can definitely see that concern as well. We may just have to deal with the Brits still having AT4. I guess they'd probably still keep them in storage anyway and would probably continue to see use in the event of a large-scale conflict like we see in Squad. So yeah your idea of NLAW as an alternate HAT is probably ideal. It might even be preferable to the Javelin with a lack of setup time, though I guess it does lack a thermal viewer. RPG-7 is comparable to the M3 Carl Gustav which I would like to see added as a US HAT option (the purpose of this thread). I can't speak to the RPG-30's ballistics but some basic internet searching suggests its range isn't much better (maybe 300 meters which is an improvement but I dunno). Let me step back for a second and say that I'm not personally against the inclusion of the RPG-30 or RPG-28 or any similar newer tandem warhead RPG, it's just that, because we already have the tandem RPG-7, I don't think it's as high a priority as adding other different systems.
  9. My concern is that the purpose of the NLAW in British service is to outright replace the AT4 ILAW (maybe not the M72 in the way it's currently used, though I think the version they use isn't the one they have ingame anyway). So I feel the NLAW is probably a better fit for the LAT class from an authenticity standpoint. Its capabilities can be offset by higher rearm cost. As for HAT, the British also use the Javelin. As for Russian HAT, the RPG-7 with PG-7VR warhead is fine where it is, though for an alternate more-advanced system I was thinking something like the Metis or Metis-M. With how the game is right now the RPG-30 probably wouldn't be terribly different from the PG-7VR so I'm not sure it'd be worth the effort of including unless APS systems are eventually included. And the power of both the Javelin and Metis could be offset by setup time and limiting movement (not necessarily completely, though that's an option too) with the weapon deployed.
  10. i got an ssd

    If you've ever put in a regular hard drive it's exactly the same. SATA cable + power cable. No defragging required (most programs should be able to detect an SSD and prevent you from defragging it since it's detrimental to the drive's lifespan). You can create a new Steam directory in Steam's settings. Imo if the drive is big enough you should reinstall Windows on the new drive and work from there, but of course than can be a hassle.
  11. Javelin would be good (and I would expect to see it eventually) but will probably require additional development for fire-and-forget system and thermal sight.
  12. Definitely agree with this. US HAT can carry multiple munitions like the Russian HAT, and AT4 can be given to LAT as an option.
  13. Tanks for Insurgents and Milita?

    T-62M would be okay I guess though I wouldn't personally give barrel launched ATGMs to the unconventional forces. I always liked the looks of the applique armor on the T-55AM and such. A basic T-55 would be fitting for the concept of Insurgents as a faction, but I still wouldn't want to see it on more than a handful of maps they appear on.
  14. Steam Account Linking

    I have this same issue. I'm pretty sure I never made another account in the past and that this is the same email used on Kickstarter.
  15. Tanks for Insurgents and Milita?

    Maybe my attempt at argument was futile since you seem to be more knowledgeable about some of the equipment specifics. Though I'm still skeptical of giving them tanks in the first place. They really shouldn't be getting something that can go head to head with any conventional force's MBT, that kills the whole point of the Militia and Insurgents being unconventional forces. Also from what I can tell that T-72 image you posted is being operated by Russian Forces in the Chechnya region (posted on official Russian Military media website, tagged for Tank Forces branch).