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    I really should play with you again, just to hear you say it
  2. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    I think they just don't see it as broken. It is a serious change in the way the games plays for sure and it will probably take time, until the right balancing is found. But for me a MBT or a heavy armoured APC should be a problem a squad can't solve alone - unless equiped with HAT and Ammo for it (and even then it should be tough). I see the problems you mention and i agree that most of them will cause a lot of grief. But the game does give us options to counter those, emplacements and teamwork between squads is now required. And this is something i personally like and loved in PR.
  3. September 2018 Recap

    Great Update, like always. Does this: Each of the four FTs is color and letter-coded, with the VOIP and nametags reflecting the appropriate FT assignment. mean, we get individual FT-VOIP Channels? That would be great
  4. The Wrench - August 2018

    Beautiful work, great to see the modding scene going strong and grow. Thanks for your work!
  5. August 2018 Recap

    If not we are gonna see a lot of 2-guys Tanks
  6. Raytracing please.
  7. July 2018 Recap

    Great recap. looking forward to those changes. I think we will see a very different Meta soon then. The game keeps getting better. Oh and i love that we will get all of this in only 3 weeks! maybe if we cut a deal with a dragon...
  8. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    I just thought about this map and I am happy to see you still are working on it. It is one of my favourite maps ever and it will add a very different kind of experience to squad.
  9. Increase penetrative damage for explosive weapons

    This is probably the third time i am all for shrapnels. I had this eye opening run in with mortars in Arma3 with ACE mod once. ACE adds shrapnels to all kind of explosions, and we were in safe distance to the blast, but the shrapnels killed 5 of us 8 guys trying to hide in the treeline. So i would really like to see them, because they make explosions a lot more dangerous and mortars deadly effective. Together with penetration it would vastly improve the effectiveness of such weaponry.
  10. Yeah keep it up to SLs and the team to sort it out, if dedicated IFVs/APCs squads will become a regular thing, because they are more effective so be it. But until MBTs arrive i think we will see a lot of combined squads. Just give us a little more communication options and it will be fine. Like local voice being louder in vehicles, or dedicated inside vehicle channel, or reducing squad comm sounds ingame via a button temporarily without going through the ingame menu.
  11. Quick Note on Helicopters from Merlin

    3 weeks confirmed jokes aside, i cant imagine how people can really think you dont work on these things. and its a good decision to wait a little, with the anim update there was too much waiting and too much people being disappointed by their own imagination.
  12. Defenses

    I think the addition of scoped, fixed HMGs and TOWs will make FOBs more dangerous for inf and vehicles as their effective engagement distance vastly improves. Marksmen and mortars are still a problem of course but i think they should be. Countering both requires teamwork (mortars more on a teamlevel and marksmen more on the squad level) as does the successfull attack on such a FOB. I like the idea of OXOTHNK to add deployable scopes etc. but even without they will be really dangerous with a capable squadleader. Scoped HMGs will be a pain in the ass, mark my words

    I am with Lugo, they feel not really powerfull, only spam makes them so. I would like to see a reduction of spam and a increase in lethality. The addition of a fragment simulation ala ACE 3 in ArmA3 would be wonderfull, but even a raised killzone would make me happy. Make them a little scarce but deadly.
  14. Ego play - what you do ?

    This. If everyone says you are doing something wrong, maybe you just are doing something wrong. It may not be your fault, as you don't know it any better yet so don't take it personal. Lately I have seen a lot of squads fighting over flags that are not cappable, where their SL seemed to have no idea how the basic capture mechanic works. But if you are fighting for objectives or give support they may give you hints how to do it better, but they should not be bashing you.