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  1. Gotta wait for the CoreInventory introduction and with that it will be possible, as far as i understood.
  2. Best ratio fps/quality settings

    Actually that sounds pretty solid to me. Getting more fps will probably be hard, but quality wise you could check how your card handles Ambient Occlusion or Supersampling 1.25 for a clearer picture (i guess it will struggle with that, but who knows). I personally find the visual difference between 1.0 and 1.25 very noticeable.
  3. The Road to Fallujah, Part 1

    That looks really amazing, interesting read on your procedure too. Guess we will have some downgrade debate soon
  4. RIght I'm off no V10 so going.

    Yeah probed right up the buttocks. You should rather do some of your good squadleading.
  5. I kind of like, although I am not quite sure i understood how exactly you would implement this in the game visually. Can you elaborate on that? E.g. the scope thing would just take some time to get into correct position aka holding your mouse still? Some sway when not lying down?
  6. As far as i know, multiple ammunition types for Vehicles are definitely planned and will come with or after the CI stuff.
  7. Great idea, only a bit sceptical about the fade in fade out, as this affects your awareness. But its still better than nothing and way easier than real animations.
  8. 1) Would solve the problem of newbies going SL, but not necessarily get those oldtimers to step up. So it would be possible this system would produce even fewer SLs. I see where you are coming from, but I'm not sure its a good solution. 2) Yeah, definitely useful and needed 3)I like the Idea to move them further away where it is possible, that would probably make life easier for Admins. I think however mines should remain a real threat to vehicles going out of main, especially where roads are the only useful route to battle. Taking this away would probably tinker with the balance as APCs and alike would nearly never have to worry about them because who uses main roads when there could be mines, right? The problem near main bases is most people think there should be safe, when they are not. This should remain a problem for them and not the other faction. Clear the roads or loose tickets - especially right now, where the most layouts where this is happening are those with a more asymmetric balance.
  9. Any ETA on V10?

  10. Yeah insurgency in PR has this different feel to it. At least in my experience it had more ambushes, fast hit and run and not many bunkered caches with static defense gameplay. I will never forget the days of molotov cocktails and Korengal Valley.
  11. FOB ammo abuse

    It is really easy now to mine all main roads, without the need to fall back or the need for supply logistics. This makes ambush tactics way more effective, as you are pretty low profile. I like that, but i think it hurts the game.
  12. Leeks? Leeks.

    Oh yes, thank you very much
  13. Can my friend run Squad ?

    No chance, sorry for your bud
  14. Squad does not run properly

    Sometimes you can swith to fullscreen by pressing left alt and enter, but you probably tried that. Have you connected any other peripheral devices like a controller e.g.? Maybe you can force full screen via an .ini file or something like that?