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  1. I thought that was just a Star Citizen thing
  2. Couple of ideas to extend the current map player markers that I wouldn't be surprised are already part of developer plans in some way: 1) Revivable players shown as an orange colour marker to differentiate from the green/blue markers to help medics. Given markers already go red when hitting giveup it seems a logical extension 2) Markers refined to be role based (e.g. medic has a '+' symbol inside circle). Perhaps limited to just medic given they are the only role that people need to actively know the location of besides squad leader. Could also be limited to just seeing medics within own squad. Simple shortcut to avoid having to look up medic name in squad list and then try to find them on the map 3) Increase the fidelity of the markers so they are much crisper. I'm assuming it was a conscious choice to have the markers be a big chunky for increased visibility One other suggestion not marker related: 4) Mouse toggle option when viewing map (not respawn screen) to allow interaction with map (sacrificing movement in game) without having to exit basic map and hit enter to view respawn version of map.
  3. Idea that was well received during a match yesterday. While the ambient sounds from FOB radios are nice, it would be cool to have the teams actual communications play through FOB radios. Perhaps the ambient sounds would play when there are no active player comms Could also add an interesting dynamic where enemy players can get some intel when within a certain range (very close) of the radio Unfortunately, just like any chance for proximity based hearing of voip (regardless of the team you are on), is probably too easy to circumvent long term with players just avoiding the ingame voip (via mumble, teamspeak etc)
  4. No servers?

    no idea but see you are in a tech support thread about the issue so hope things work out
  5. No servers?

    Because servers aren't up yet:
  6. Weapon attachments

    This has been raised many times. Here are a few links from one post that mentioned this last year. The search field in the forum is worth using especially for general game/feature questions as most have been asked multiple times already
  7. Looking forward to it. Been good seeing the same aussies in the servers the past few weekends but a full server of us would be awesome
  8. *Resolved* How to embed video?

    Click on 'Special BBCode' icon (3rd from top left) Select 'Media' from dropdown list Leave dimensions blank Enter youtube url into 'Media URL' field URL should be the full youtube address and not the shorter version that shows up under share Full URL will start with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v Select 'Ok'
  9. Good to hear it is on the radar. Feel free to lock this thread of you want
  10. As you can see by the footage below, it would be great to have the ability to dismantle friendly structures to avoid trolling attempts like the one shown. I think it is reasonable to allow squad leaders this ability with an associated cost being a percentage (25-50%?) of the build cost for the relevant object being subtracted from the FOB's available materials. I'm assuming that with active server admin's players like Truttster would be kicked from the server in future https://youtu.be/kSRYnEJu-AY
  11. Hope they are going to make prone movement audible for other players nearby otherwise I can see an entire squad doing a mass sneak attack on any flag in a poppy field
  12. I was one of the people behind the "great wall of squad" on the river edge last night charliebrownau. That is until we overran your mountain side positions for the win
  13. If your using an nvidia card try changing the power setting in the control panel to 'Prefer maximum performance' instead of 'Adaptive'. I think the alt tabbing may adjust the cards performance when you go back to desktop and it may not be efficient in knowing to increase power when you switch between programs that have different graphics loads
  14. No email received for Commander Tier. Another email required?

    Fresh email received and download commenced!