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  1. This is the main reason I don't really play much currently. Feels like you're holding the rifle at arms length. Roll on v10!
  2. I'll do some digging tonight after work and get some up to date info for you.
  3. I imagine it will be reworked when the medical system gets more love in the future. Don't expect to be perfectly flat while bandaging though.
  4. Windows all up to date on the PC?
  5. Is it wireless? Maybe try a wired connection?
  6. ReShade is used in pretty much every game going especially for Unreal Engine games as they all seem to have this horrible washed out effect. Nothing wrong in using it.
  7. Feel free to answer it then.
  8. Try a reinstall of EAC or delete the EAC folder and then validate Squad in Steam. Summoning the EAC Lord @knubbe
  9. Try deleting the "Squad" folder in X:\Users\userName\AppData\Local then load again.
  10. As Major Trouble said, turn off all ingame AA and bump up your scaling if you can afford to.
  11. Create a text file in your \Squad\Squad\Binaries\Win64 folder. Rename whatever.ini. Paste in the below and save. Press Shift+F2 and select your named .ini file. Edit - Remember to bind a key to turn effects on/off in the Settings tab.
  12. Use ReShade 3.0.6. When setting it up use OpenGL. Job done Video I did a while back should show you what to do -
  13. I think every one on here knows you don't enjoy the M4 sounds and we really don't need another thread about it.
  14. Make sure you have enough space on the drive Squad is installed on and you're fine.