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  1. January 2019 Recap

    Nothing was ever promised or guaranteed.
  2. January 2019 Recap

    I don't recall any promises for anything?
  3. Squad is dead or not ?

    Personally the only ones you can really compare to are RS2, PS and maybe Sandstorm. Arma is a completely different beast.
  4. Squad is dead or not ?

    There's like 3 or 4 games in that list including Squad that can really be compared regarding the genre.
  5. Squad is dead or not ?

    Probably the 1000th time I've said this on the forums but the number of players is pretty much bang on (if not more) with other games of the genre.
  6. The player controls

    You can't criticise Arma 3 (the only PC game we have as a real complete combined arms simulator) for having lots of controls. It's not clunky it's just complex. Most people who call Arma 3 "clunky" are the one who are trying to play it as a fast paced run and gun like Battlefield which it is never meant to be.
  7. Alpha 12.2

    More like 14.
  8. Alpha 12.2

    Christmas holidays.
  9. Hit windows key and type %localappdata% Then delete the "Squad" folder.
  10. Fuel, Food & Water

    I feel like that would be going too far and should probably be kept to mods/other games.
  11. An Unreal Process Has Crashed: UE4-Squad

    Have you guys tried this?
  12. Alpha 12.1

    I'm fairly certain that no one has ever mentioned it would be able to do 144fps so not sure why you're getting your panties in such a twist. Arma is the closest you will get to Squad in terms of player numbers and vehicles, no other games offer what these two games currently do. You're not getting a stable 144fps in any game like this any time soon.
  13. Alpha 12.1

    And what other games are you playing that have 80+ players, vehicles, unlimited draw distances etc?
  14. Hotfix didn't fix.

    No problem, enjoy!