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  1. One of my system has a 970 and 8gb of ram. It has a 4790k at 4.7Ghz so it could be your CPU.
  2. I've never had an issue running 8gb on one of my systems.
  3. Use the command "respawn".
  4. Already multiple threads on this
  5. Hehe I saw that jet coming in as I turned left. Good job I did as I would have been joining in with my toasted NLF buddies!
  6. Who said otherwise?
  7. Not in vanilla Arma but there as mods that simulate having to flick loads of switches etc. If you get to play RS2 then I think that will be roughly how our rotary wing flight model will be like.
  8. If using m+k for Arma then you literally press one button and pull back on the mouse to take off. Arma flight controls are really simple. The only time it gets remotely complicated is if you're using AFM for the helicopters. I can see the flight controls for fixed wing aircraft to be similar to the ones of Arma and the rotary wing to be like RS2 using AFM.
  9. Plenty of people enjoying this. The number of team work orientated players using VOIP is steadily creeping up.
  10. It's coming. Please use the search function and you'll see lots of posts already created on this subject, thanks.
  11. Sounds good. Love me some RO2 gunplay. I look forward to seeing it in action!
  12. Have you actually contacted support yet?
  13. Napalm dodging like a pro:
  14. When I "ranked up" in the British army I didn't get any fancy new gear, lovely pretty costumes to wear, paint job for my weapons or unlocks. I got more work that I didn't want. The shit still flowed downhill.