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  1. Graphic Updates

    Keep it on topic and leave the childish comments out. Last warning for some of you.
  2. Better Maps

    There's a recent post somewhere about the maps (the ones you look at in game) taking up a lot of memory and the lack of decent support for vector based images. It's something a lot of people on the dev team would like to see but there are bigger fish to fry currently. Edit -
  3. too many hackers ruining this game

    Congrats. You posted the one video that is under 6 months old. One which also doesn't even seem to work any more. I've seen very few cases of cheating lately. I suspect this is just a case of getting killed in game and then the hackusations come out.
  4. too many hackers ruining this game

    There's like one video in the last 6 months. I think you're being a bit dramatic.
  5. Jets

    Keep this on topic and civil or this thread is getting locked and warnings handed out.
  6. Devs are on holiday because you know...it's the Christmas period.
  7. Global shader cache file missing

    Have you set custom launch parameters? If you have anything relating to DirectX then they have to be removed.
  8. First Mod Whitelisting Vote!

  9. Squad's Gamepedia isn't ran officially by OWI. Lets just say the models for the Insurgent faction have out of area fighters in their ranks fighting alongside them. Sorted.
  10. Day/Night cycle ?

    Only that layer of Sumari has it. I believe it's currently still experimental.
  11. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    Don't become another one of these people using this line. Look at player numbers for similar games in the genre and Squad is up there.
  12. Mod Faction Implementation

    It was added as DLC so the team who make the CAF content can update it as and when they need to and not have to wait for an update for the main game.
  13. Are you saying you can't find the ini file to edit or it's still empty?
  14. Change a bind for helicopter controls and they should appear when you next open the ini.
  15. It's known. It's the 1st iteration of helicopters. Expect more in depth controls in future patches. For now you can edit the ini file somewhat to make it to your liking.