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  1. Forgotten Founders

    Much bigger fish to fry at the minute. Rest assured they will be back
  2. Losing Patience

    Thread has probably run its course I feel. Locked.
  3. Terrible Audio Glitch

    Very odd. Have you tried to verify integrity of game files? https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335
  4. What is really going on with Squad?

    [–]motherdear1 Programmer 76 points 1 day ago A few other things have also taken place that if we had done without would probably have caused us to be released on time, we decided to trade a longer release window this time with a reduction in the amount of large systems making its way into A13. We have been implementing origin rebasing to completely remove jitter from weapons when you get far away from map root (this is a requirement to move past 4k maps, and to utilize all of the terrain on the 4k maps effectively), and we have been implementing a system that we hope reduces our networking costs when fully enabled paving the way for 100 player server. [–]SgtRoss_USMC Military Adviser/Game Designer 3 points 6 hours ago Yup, got v11 out of the door pretty quick after v10, taking more time this time around, longer than expected, which in turn the community reflects. There is a lot more going into this release than v11, but this could be communicated a bit better.
  5. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

    Yeah, that's not how it works.
  6. Nvidia GeForce Experience

    TIL that people use GeForce experience "optimisation" settings. Is it really needed for Squad? I feel that there really isn't that many settings to change.
  7. Will reshade ever be allowed again?

    Unfortunately the latest version is still able to use the "zoom" shader.
  8. Will reshade ever be allowed again?

    I'll look into this latest version and see what's what.
  9. All factions in game aren't tied to a specific time zone.
  10. August 2018 Recap

    It's not just a simple case of throwing a helicopter in game. You have to have the assets to counter the helicopters too, create new maps, tweak existing maps etc. As for modders being faster...well they can focus on one thing where as the development team have all sorts of different things they have to focus on (like tanks, new UI, new maps/models the list goes on). I'm also pretty sure that the helicopter mod uses assets not created by developer of that mod and it also has a really basic flight model that if it was put into Squad then a lot of people would be massively disappointed.
  11. Co-op PR style?

    Playing against bots has always been terrible for me in all the game I've played. If there's the option to play against humans or bots then it's always the former for me. Bots just do stupid things that irk me so much! As for having to simply buy a "bot pack" and "few hours of dev time"...if only! It doesn't work like that and is nowhere that simple. Nope. Single player was canned/delayed (unsure if it's making an appearance later) but coop play against bots is in and working.
  12. July 2018 Recap

    What are you waiting for?
  13. Co-op PR style?

    Sandstorm is also a small game in terms of scale and player numbers compared to Squad. You can't compare just because it's on UE4. I was pretty disappointed by the bots actually, far from realistic.
  14. The pitfall that is community feedback

    @Zylfrax791 How many times do you have to be told that the number of people that play Squad and own Squad is NORMAL for this type of game. Take a look at similar games and their numbers and you'll see we're doing just fine
  15. Veteran Skins

    The skins from the Kickstarter won't be available to anyone else. There's already been some other skins for players who played while an event was active I recall so there's potential for more eventually.