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  1. Day/Night cycle ?

    Only that layer of Sumari has it. I believe it's currently still experimental.
  2. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    Don't become another one of these people using this line. Look at player numbers for similar games in the genre and Squad is up there.
  3. Mod Faction Implementation

    It was added as DLC so the team who make the CAF content can update it as and when they need to and not have to wait for an update for the main game.
  4. Are you saying you can't find the ini file to edit or it's still empty?
  5. Change a bind for helicopter controls and they should appear when you next open the ini.
  6. It's known. It's the 1st iteration of helicopters. Expect more in depth controls in future patches. For now you can edit the ini file somewhat to make it to your liking.
  7. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    Ah yes. If only it were that simple.
  8. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    Go ask UE4 Devs if that works with 80+ players.
  9. Strange. What country are you from? I know some ISP's in some countries have issues in the past.
  10. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/37502-get-your-helicopter-control-binds-here/
  11. You should be able to edit the .ini file to fix this. Do clear the controls you can just wipe the ini file.
  12. The team know about it
  13. No one is making you use this
  14. Yup or just putting // before the line should do the trick.