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  1. Medic and Soldier Mechanic

    Dragging is a confirmed feature that will come in time. Oh and win the firefight first, then worry about healing people. Most medics just rush in and get themselves killed. If you've received an order to get friendlies up when under heavy fire then tell your SL to wind his neck in!
  2. Choosing ammo type (bullets)

    Not even once! Not so much as a sniff at being able to use different rounds.
  3. Choosing ammo type (bullets)

    I very much doubt you will be able to change/choose the type of rounds you carry. It's not a common thing for grunts to do. Could be an option to pick and choose how you want your tracer rounds to be loaded though?
  4. New animation system differing by factions?!

    I've had 1000's of hours of entertainment over the years with them. They have gradually changed to be less hardcore but still fun. I've definitely spent less time playing the latest one (RS2) but I feel that is down to a lack of maps for the game mode I enjoy the most (I believe more free maps are coming). There's an Australian dlc in the works with more maps/vehicles though. All in all it's a good game. Don't expect the same level of teamwork that is in Squad though. Not many people use VoIP either so it's best player with friends in your own squad most of the time.
  5. New animation system differing by factions?!

    Red Orchestra series has different sprinting animations.
  6. Classes you will never see

    Defo need the Padre to come around and give friendlies some chocolate/sweets if it's not going too well.
  7. IF

    I would be surprised if Frostbite could to 80/100 players/unlimited view distance.
  8. tactical blind fire

    How many times did you use blind fire in RO2. Honestly now! After 1000's of hours playing RO and RS I can pretty much count on one hand the amount of times I or other people used it!
  9. tactical blind fire

    There is a reason the cover system and blind fire are not in RS2. The cover system was pretty awful and hardly anyone used it yet alone used blind fire. The only time I used it was to throw grenades over walls without exposing myself but once you did it you soon realised to just throw them manually. Also most regular armies really frown on blind firing. You're never taught it and it's drilled into you to only ever take aimed shots.
  10. PIP scopes really need to be either on or off in games for all to make it fair.
  11. Looking at your post history you don't seem to have made any sort of attempt to get help via these forums. Have you tried contacting support via email? There's also a support channel in the official discord that could help with your problem.
  12. Optimization

    I'm shocked no one has fallen for it yet.
  13. BF2142 remake please!
  14. Seem a good bunch of guys. Had a fun round on Friday afternoon in a squad led by one of your chaps. It was a rare insurgency mission on Kohat. Sat on a hill watching half of the squad in a humvee getting so many RPGs fired at them...no idea how you didn't get hit!
  15. Vehicle damage suggestion

    Firing range on local server will not produce correct damage. You'll need to jump on a real server to get the correct values.