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  1. Little White Helicopter

    Yes? Locked because ???
  2. Better get out of Alpha quick

    Locking this bait thread.
  3. Any plans on handling admin abuse?

  4. Why cannot my game start

    I think you're on the wrong forum! These forums are for the game Squad not Black Squad!
  5. M249 bullet drop

    From REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/8j0f2b/m249_nerfed_in_v11/dywg3fv/
  6. It's 100% for balancing. It's a bit much saying we should give the Brits a 4x optic just because the Americans have a 1x optic. As much as I would love to see the Brits all equipped with optics (LDS please!) I can't see it happening any time soon. Having said that, I'm sure changes will be made in the coming patches. Balance is an on-going battle! The flag on the right sleeve has already been brought up a while ago so I'm sure will be fixed at some point. If it's simply just removed or stays until a clan/custom patch is possibly implemented is yet to be seen. I served as a CMT/Scab Lifter) Filthy civvy now though...thankfully.
  7. Ironsights - Game balance. LDS may make an appearance in the future. Remember there is no specific time frame that the armies in Squad are based on so we have more artistic license. Blanking plates are empty, yes. Not sure if we are keeping them clear for eventual clan patches etc. I brought this up yesterday actually with the team with possible options. Virtus came in too late when the Brits we being developed so that's out.
  8. Remember the game is not a "military simulation" and game play will always trump realism.
  9. Potential British Faction Vehicles

    The trouble with the British light vehicles such as the RWMIK/Jackal/Coyote etc is that they are so lightly armoured and exposed that the occupants would be destroyed pretty quickly. I would love the Jackal to be in game but I'm not sure it would ever be used correctly. Other options could be Foxhound/Husky. APC wise...well we could wait until the Boxer comes into service in 2023+ but more than likely I guess the next best thing would be the Bulldog. Still somehow being used somehow to this day.
  10. Why M4 firing modes so inconsistent still???

    If you're clicking the mouse button quickly then it will only fire 1 round just like it would do if you quickly pulled the trigger IRL.
  11. Why M4 firing modes so inconsistent still???

    It's not a bug, it's how the rifle works IRL. Hold the trigger down longer for the full 3 round burst.
  12. LSW is a marksman?!

    Before the L129A1 the British Army used the LSW as a marksman rifle due to it being utter turd at its original intended role.
  13. Optimization patch release date ?

    New stuff needs adding before it can be "optimised". Try the v11 test that is currently running. Should find an increase in performance.
  14. March 2018 Recap

    Another detail to note for the people complaining about the use of ACOG/SUSAT/green plastic handguard etc is that with these older sights and equipment the team has the option to explore older battles the British Army has fought in. Falklands and DPM anyone?
  15. Concerned

    Stated 100's of times that for games like this that is the normal player count.