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  1. Wait until full release and I've no doubt communities like 40-1 will be running the realism settings. Will make for a slower paced game I feel.
  2. There's plenty of people wanting to play it as a team, it's just hard to currently find them! Last night for 1 game it was pretty much perfect. TL giving squads orders which were followed, attached helicopter pilots ferrying squads to marked LZs, attack heli pilots coming in on fire support markers, SL's giving great arty marks etc. When it clicks it's great. Just hard to find currently.
  3. Beta waves have always been full of people not playing as a team/not using mics/soloing. If you want teamplay then you need to wait for full release and jump on servers like 40-1. Comparing it to Squad is ridiculous. Completely different games.
  4. Almost time, gents!
  5. I do love playing as the "axis" teams in RO games! Banzai!!!!
  6. ...also never build a rig/upgrade for a game that is still in heavy development
  7. We should squad up on a server over the beta weekend and bring Squad pain to VC and (go home) GI.
  8. All pre-orders will get access to this wave. Also apparently everyone who has applied for the beta and is not in yet will get access too.
  9. You're right, there's a quite a few threads already about this. Use the search function and you will find the information you seek!
  10. ReShade now works in Fullscreen mode.
  11. With the new graphic options you should only really need to use a couple of settings in ReShade. Lumasharpen if you find the sharpening in the game options isn't enough and maybe some vibrance.
  12. New toys to play with so every man and his dog wants to play with them!
  13. Try hitting alt+enter a few times and see if it fixes it.