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  1. Russian mil Veteran suggestion

    Stop bringing that to every single thread you post in.
  2. Statement.

    There's plenty of threads that are open for you discuss in. The ones that are getting locked are due to people not respecting the rules, being trolls/disrespectfulv and spamming the same thing over and over again. Keep it civil, play by the rules the thread stays open, simple.
  3. Clearing the Air.

    I think this thread has ran its cause.
  4. It's one thing making those systems for a single player game but the real trick is getting all that working and syncing correctly for 80+ players in a server.
  5. Helicopter steering with a controller

  6. Russian mil Veteran suggestion

    I'd like to see this come at some point in the future.
  7. Correct. Just stating that some units/militaries do field a "heavy sniper" weapon platform at section level. I still don't see it coming to Squad, thankfully
  8. The British sometimes deploy a marksman with a L115A3 at section level depending on the op.
  9. British Warrior/Armour

    Read what I said again. There's no plan currently to add this to the in game warrior. I simply said it could be added if it was deemed as needed. Chill your beans and take your conspiracy theories elsewhere
  10. British Warrior/Armour

    Unfortunately both are still yet to see the light of day in good old real life! The Warrior upgrade should be this year and the Boxer is still another 3 years out from entering service service. The Warrior upgrade could make an earlier appearance in-game due to balancing reasons but that is yet to be determined by the powers that be. Also the British Army have the Ajax coming at some point down the road. The last official statement was "July 2020" I believe. It was originally planned to be the end of last year but we like delaying things over here. Hopefully we will get some updated kit in future updates to Squad

    Specs? Does the crash give you a specific error? We'll need more to go on if you need help.
  12. FPS limiter

    This. If you also have an NVIDIA GPU then there is now an option to limit your fps in the control panel.
  13. Throwing knives

    Stop the overly dramatic posts and troll threads.
  14. fix Graphicsettings

    Just put your shadows to low for now then
  15. fix Graphicsettings

    Obviously "fine" wouldn't be fine if it was running 30fps on my system. I've not noticed my system dip below 60 for a long time. Anyway like I said, beta stage will bring more optimisation and the engine upgrades will just bring more in the future.