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  1. Because we goddamn can!
  2. So when is chance going to be on the official team? That is some quality shit, really digging the look of vegetation on his map.
  3. We need the wildlings as winter insurgents.
  4. Take a look at this discord and see if someone can help you. https://discord.gg/0jXt1Y2dpl6gE1wq
  5. PKM taking the lead, they way its supposed to be! You guys are alright.
  6. They should be able to make these things all penetrable, so that will probably be implemented later.
  7. I have no doubt there will be a mod that fixes Jensens Range, I'd say it should have a few different close quarter combat areas where players can fight in groups like 4v4 / 5v5 etc. Except for these areas players would not be able to shoot each other. For target practice no doubt there will be moving targets, targets behind cover / hostages etc. These could also have multiplayer elements where you could challenge a few guys to see who hits the most shots, along with a camera that is zoomed close to the target so you could see your shots land in realtime and adjust. The kit limitations should also be lifted etc. I can't imagine this not happening in the future.
  8. At least we know this isn't a Canadian forum then.
  9. How long have you waited, I had an issue a while ago where i'd take ages for me to load upon startup.
  10. I just found my shit for next few months, fits well with the upcoming summer, ya'all better like this shit or i'm going to end up questioning life.
  11. Go to your account settings...
  12. Some good ideas yes, i'll work this in tomorrow.
  13. So uh, since I have nothing to do with my life I decided to also make a little concept. I have added a lot of stuff in that you might not like or do like, I personally believe that the homepage of a forum should be something like a dashboard whilst at the same time easy to oversee, and from this point of view i've created this. You might find it shit, but atleast the devs will know what not to do a litle better than. Try and give some constructive feedback one different points. This is the first concept and i'll definitely be changing it in the future for a bit. But for now i'm done with it. cya