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  1. Post Scriptum Keys

    Hm, ok. So is this a Quest i should better ask the developers of Post Scriptum, or is it allready a known problem annd there will be a solution for the backer's in germany soon? thats a general question...
  2. Post Scriptum Keys

    Hi, i get my Key but i can't use it in Steam. When i try i get this message: http:// i have to say, that i allready buy Post Scriptum, but after i saw this news i handed back to Steam, because i got now i free key ofcause. Can this be maybe be the issue? thank you in advance! I live in germany by the way... so the wrong country thing can't be an issue, right?
  3. Surround Sound Issue

    @JJarrowGaming : I also use the Logitech G35. I experience this problem in an other game as well. Resident Evil 7. But in the options i was able to switch to stereo heatset and this fix it for me. I also had this kind of problem with maifa 3. But after install DirectX in the game folther it was fixed. I know that the game is still in development, but i have to know what kind of problem it is. Is it a Hardware problem (looks like not), did i have to chance something? Or is it a game problem? Game problem = Report it -> developers fix it = better game. This is how i see it.
  4. Surround Sound Issue

    you're kidding me, right o.O? That can't be an solution. Did the developers already respawn to that problem or be aware of it?
  5. Surround Sound Issue

    And can you heart the command voice chennel? Or is this a diffrent bug...?
  6. Surround Sound Issue

    Same Problem. V9.... EDIT: And i can't hear what the Squad-Leaders say in the commander voice chennel.
  7. Will Spuad work on Win 10?

    Hello my Questen is: Is it possible that Squad don't work on Windows 10? Gruß, Stefan