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  1. Squad is dead or not ?

    It’s not dead because it’s not even born yet . Played some game in a moded server with helicopters it’s amazing. When they will be available it’s gonna bring a lot of ppl. Bf5 and cod are now slowly dying. the military gendra give me one game that do a better job than Squad .
  2. All you have to do is to uncheck the founder& commander box in preferences and let everything else on . Evry weapon camo is working in multiplayer Server about 9/10 . With further test I found out that the rpg can mess the camo too so if you have made the change and you still dsnt see the camo uncheck rpg box too . Ps dev team can you make some for the M249 + UK faction . Hope it helps
  3. Post Scriptum Keys

    thanks guys !!
  4. Founders - In Game Credits Name

    i just do it , thanks a lot i was maaad when i dnt see my name on credit .
  5. i would like to see an African or arab regular amy, i know we suck in africa in regular forces but i found this , it's the iraki Golden division, origin : middle east , they are currently the only regular forces besides syrian and russian army to fight ISIS, and they look very cool tho .
  6. i agree here , i play only SL and often end the game with 0--0, cz im looking at the map and trying to coordinate my squad 95% of the time . week ago my squad killed like 50 tango in defense with +20000 pts but others SL's diss me in the red mic saying im useless . i also tried to create an artillerie squad , we handle it quite well me 0-1 and my buddy who was firing killed like an entire squad from 700 meters , same sl dissing me at the end even tho no one was responding in the game when we ask if the need arty support or even feedback about the aiming . so yes the scorboard need more features .
  7. lol very fuuny no never played this . i wana play a realistic military game tho ! im sick of call of duty style when you can respawn behind target ...
  8. I agree the game is à teleportfest right now, it's not squad but a startrek episode.
  9. camouflage of the factions

    i totaly agree , they look like ninja IMO . they are super easy to spot and make the game unbalanced . evry time i'm in ninja side we loose evry time im' against them we won it's not a coincidence .
  10. Make Squad great again...

    i agree i play only SL , adding something to allow not SL player to Kick the SL is a very bad idea . if someone is not happy with my lead he can try to lead is own squad period . -prenamed squad name is a very good idea tho ! it's very annoying to rewrite the squad name each new game ! -maybe some tips in the loading screen , instead of only having the screen with the keyboard make one who says things like "Squad is a teamplay game " or " having a microphone will greatly increas your experience . stuff like that i think you have the general idea of those tips loading screen . the idea behind is to encourage evryone to play as a "squad " even if the game itself is named squad some ppl dont get it lol . -conquest mode is not fit for squad, maybe if you add supply point on some strategical flag its can be nice . if one flag can speed up the supply for your fob the game change completly .
  11. im not able to play online

    thank you for your help ! also the game is fabulous compared to the begining ! keep it up guys it's really nice .
  12. im not able to play online

    yes it's exactly that , server close connection error ! how to diable the steam inventory ? you mean the veteran skin ?
  13. hi guys , when i try to join a game it kicks after 2 sec , i have tried t reinstal the game , verifing the cache etc dsnt work , i also tired to reinstal EAC but not effect , now it tells me that eac couldnt star because it's not in same reperory or files , im lost please help me ! ps : im a founder cotributor to KS campaign where is my tag lol ?
  14. lost my keys

    thx guys just send it !
  15. lost my keys

    I purchased the squad commander founder pack on kickstarter , i gived one key to my brother and keeped the one with the skin . i played the closed alpha but now i dont know how to have acces to the game again in steam . is there any way to have it resent again ? i tried the links in kickstater but it dsnt work . Thanks a lot .