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  1. https://imgur.com/kjHWuTl panjshir Looks great tho . it haves nice colors , vegetation , river that looks real not made by a human , building that make senses not some weird area 51 style .
  2. Look, squad is supposed to take place in environnement and city well known as a war zone . That’s why we are mainly playing in Afghan environment. And that’s why dev are working hard to give us map Like faluja for exemple . This kind of map who are in Canada (I’m not sur tho lol ) has nothing to do in the game (vanilla version ) or I’m missing something . It’s not because someone spend time to make a poor map that it gives the right to be in the game . It’s my opinion . I don’t like it doesn’t have the squad feeling . Poorly done there is building with invisible wall . No vegetation . Bizarre water lake etc etc
  3. Looks like star citizen .
  4. No need for details the map sucks .
  5. serieously this map is was on of the worst map i played in the game. Panjshir looks fantastic tho and should be replace it .
  6. Air vehicles will come ?

    maybe lets see models by models , i think that the majority of the community will be ok if we see the introduction first of the lil bird , then the black hawk etc etc i dont mind if we have transport heli only in the beginning then the armed one wich demands more work to be fully playable . most of the big are not super fun to play because of the distance between flags
  7. Small feedback

    i'm wondering if we gonna play Falujah with militia vs insugent too ... Militia should be kept out of the desert themed map imo .
  8. Small feedback

    Hi guys . I don’t know if it’s only in my screen , but I found the sight of the Gustav Anti tank barely visible to non visible at all . Very hard to target something with it . - Al basrah layer insurgent vs irregular is imo pointless . For me it’s the best map . The one that reproduce the most Modern combat infantry especially USA vs insurgents I don’t understand why we have to play it with this way . Dsnt have the same feeling when there is Ak on both side . -Night version of maps would be a great addition to the game . Voilà .
  9. Squad is dead or not ?

    It’s not dead because it’s not even born yet . Played some game in a moded server with helicopters it’s amazing. When they will be available it’s gonna bring a lot of ppl. Bf5 and cod are now slowly dying. the military gendra give me one game that do a better job than Squad .
  10. All you have to do is to uncheck the founder& commander box in preferences and let everything else on . Evry weapon camo is working in multiplayer Server about 9/10 . With further test I found out that the rpg can mess the camo too so if you have made the change and you still dsnt see the camo uncheck rpg box too . Ps dev team can you make some for the M249 + UK faction . Hope it helps
  11. Post Scriptum Keys

    thanks guys !!
  12. Founders - In Game Credits Name

    i just do it , thanks a lot i was maaad when i dnt see my name on credit .
  13. i would like to see an African or arab regular amy, i know we suck in africa in regular forces but i found this , it's the iraki Golden division, origin : middle east , they are currently the only regular forces besides syrian and russian army to fight ISIS, and they look very cool tho .
  14. i agree here , i play only SL and often end the game with 0--0, cz im looking at the map and trying to coordinate my squad 95% of the time . week ago my squad killed like 50 tango in defense with +20000 pts but others SL's diss me in the red mic saying im useless . i also tried to create an artillerie squad , we handle it quite well me 0-1 and my buddy who was firing killed like an entire squad from 700 meters , same sl dissing me at the end even tho no one was responding in the game when we ask if the need arty support or even feedback about the aiming . so yes the scorboard need more features .