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  1. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    Universal carriers were a post-release vehicle in that game, but they were largely useless. Anti-material rifles in RO2 came semi-automatic. They were also largely useless because of the way bi-pod mechanics worked in that game, the general invulnerability of tanks in that game, and the AI machine gunner which would spot you and hose you down in half a second. Safe to say, tank mechanics were broken in that game. Devs have said that snipers and anti-material rifles will be largely useless in this current iteration and they have a point, however I don't think they've disregarded a post-release addition, so if (and IF) people feel like it's needed they'll add it, but it's a no for the foreseeable future. I'd like to see some of the more obscure cold war relics personally! Something like the [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_63_assault_rifle]type 63[/url], [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FB_PM-63]PM-63[/url] and [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RPD_machine_gun]RPD[/url]. Along side others!
  2. US Army Woodland/marpat camo

    Ahh, that's crap, all sides are about as different as fire and ice, I really hope they don't go the "Generic army from X region" route like some of the factions in PR, one of my favorite things was to see just how different some armies could be!
  3. US Army Woodland/marpat camo

    One thing I'm still not clear on is who the Militia are meant to be? Are they supposed to be Ukrianian/NovoRussian militias? Chechens? Ex-Yugo forces? Or something else? Each one have their own sort of uniform and all of them are very effective for where they fight.
  4. US Army Woodland/marpat camo

    I'm bad at math.
  5. US Army Woodland/marpat camo

    IIRC, the PR MEC is probably most accurate to the Turkish army, with it's mix of Indigenous, Western and Eastern technology. Most of the vehicles are just generic "Middle Eastern" Vehicles though. However, most Middle Eastern countries have diversified since 2005, so I hope there is no Generic Middle eastern Forces like there was in BF:2/PR. (Fixed date.)
  6. US Army Woodland/marpat camo

    Doesn't help that some of the militia maps are in arid plains, making them stick out even further.
  7. Forgotten Weapons

    You posted a picture of a weapon with no description and a vague title, what the hell did you expect to happen?
  8. Ragdolls, pistols & other feedback...

    You can do that in the NZ army?
  9. Squad Leaders

    Since I've re-joined playing the game, I've seen a trend of Starting up a Squad, then dumping the SL position to someone else once the squad is full.
  10. The Weapons Thread!

    If you're going to add a super rare Russian rifle, I'd vote the AK-9!
  11. Russian optics (Kashtan 1p78, PO 3,5x21p)

    Russian Optics are coming, 1p29 are confirmed and a Russian RDS IIRC.
  12. The Weapons Thread!

    It's also in ARMA:ll. I'd like to see some real oddities like the type 63 or Lee-Enfield, maybe I just played Taliban too much in the PR days...
  13. Ragdolls, pistols & other feedback...

    Ragdolls and deaths aren't finished, don't worry they'll straighten them out once they have time. Pistols are only available to officers, squad leaders and medics so far, even some people argue that is too much. Pistols are only given to certain personnel in the military structure, usually only to those who have "Authority" IIRC the wall glitching is known by developers and is currently being fixed.
  14. Have a little hope, for it is possible

    I'm never going to forget the Insurgency Alpha... RIP spacemen, 2012-2013...