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  1. June 2016 Monthly Recap

    Great work devs! Out of curiosity, is there any word on the unreal engine multithreading capabilities or animation/sound improvements in regards to AMD performance? Sorry for bringing it up, I know it's a tender topic.
  2. AMD Optimization

    Same GPU and RAM, FX 8370e, I get ~28 on fools road, ~15 on gorodok
  3. Gave photogrammetry a Try

    This looks like it could be a ton of fun. Nice pics!
  4. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Is it me or are these colors more saturated than what have been in place previously? It looks like SweetFX. I like it!
  5. Battlefield 1

    Thanks for the shoutout! As much as I am and will always be loyal to the belief that BF2142 was the greatest ever, BC/BC2 really did well in what they were pursuing. I was extremely impressed with the Bad Company series in the same points you make, and by the compilation of split second trailer footage that likely isn't even real gameplay *coughUbisoftcough* , it still seems as if that is the track Dice will be taking this next release. I will be waiting it out, because with the amount of great games out there right now, Squad included, it is completely unnecessary to run the risk of disappointment in being an early adopter at a premium price (like every COD and iPhone release, eh?). That said, for the sake of putting COD in the ground and the hope of returning to the roots of true Battlefield (BF2/2142 with hints of BC2, I would say), I hope the game does well.
  6. Squad Original Soundtrack

    Wonderful, thank you for the update.
  7. Finding a cache and destroying it. I feel like we may already have this mode in one shape or another. Now for adding mosquito sound effects...
  8. Hello

    Hey Rick, welcome to Squad! I also started out shooters on MOH:AA, great game! I hope your experience here is one that you remember for as long as you remember your first FPS.
  9. I found the culprits.
  10. V5.5 patch notes leak

  11. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    I think I've surpassed 10 kills once... ...so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.

    Oh wow, I didn't catch that about XAudio2, though I did notice a bunch of multi-threading support added! I'm not sure how many aspects of the multi-threading capabilities pertain to Squad (e.g. cloth flow and rendering as a multi-threaded task), but there was one I came across that said something along the lines of "adjusted tasks to be evenly distributed and scaled to the number of cores available" which prettymuch means us AMD 8 core users don't have 4 or 7 useless cores. Woo!!!
  13. SQUAD Wallpapers - regular additions.

    I just want to point out the irony here. Congrats on being a mod now. :P
  14. Thanks for your input. Reading back over mine, I did not mean to give the impression that all AMD users are only AMD because they're of low socioeconomic status. I personally run AMD and always have (probably won't in the future though, given finances permit). From my observation, it seems that you and I are the exception and not the rule. I apologize for veering this topic off course. I look forward to seeing a fix for voIP and AMD lag in the future. Good luck developers and don't forget about us. ;)
  15. A new Levelcap Video on a New Build

    I wonder if Squad/Squad League can arrange a time when the largest Youtubers who have covered Squad (Levelcap, BlueDrake, DiplexHeated, DevilDog, Jackfrags, LastStandGamers, PsiSyndicate, Hat Films, etc) can all be partnered with a squad in a friendly clan match or maybe a community clan fight night. We get publicity, they get a better viewpoint of the game, and everyone is happy. Several of these larger guys playing squad (Hat Films aside, not sure on the others) either lonewolf or do not really play in the best of Squad's potential, and part of this may be because they don't have those examples like a squad of Redcoats leading them. They bring in the most views, and I know many Squad buyers that heard about the game from these videos. If this is all they know, then shouldn't we work to making these the best and most accurately representative videos as possible? I've been thinking about posting this in a couple other topics concerning streamers people dislike; it just frustrates me how upset people are but don't work to change it. TL;DR - idea: partner the biggest Youtubers with talented, teamworking groups from the community.
  16. A possible reason for this was that players who are searching the couch cushions for money and could only afford AMD are likely not the people who could afford the Squad Leader, Commander, etc packages. Not anyone's fault, and no wrong done. That could be why more showed up at EA though.
  17. Alpha 5 Released

    Or those who just finished.... awwwwww. Thanks for the work devs. It'll be interesting seeing how this updating zooming in thing and the ticket bleed mechanics work.
  18. Bring back Unread Content menu!

    I believe you are referring to hitting the dropdown menu by your username (top right) and hitting "my content" in which proceeded to show the topics you have posted in, sorted by most recent update.
  19. Signatures

    An option of turning them off or displaying them would be nice, but isn't the top of my priority list, personally.
  20. SQUAD is getting great reviews Here's the latest

    hahahaha that's one way to get hits on a blog.
  21. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    Let's get back to vehicular discussion.
  22. Community Clan Fight Night

    Again I will say I would love to be a videographer eventually. My internet is poor and I'm on AMD. It would be extremely enjoyable to do, though. :)
  23. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    Human error is bound to happen. Good communication will fix this. Then again, Google seems to be developing this self drive tech fairly well... maybe it'd be better to have Google fly our choppers and avoid these dangers?
  24. I have a proposition for you devs. Send me one of your handy dandy Intel computers that you can't replicate the problem on, and I'll happily send you my AMD set up for you to keep! No questions asked. Heck, I'll pay shipping. ;) EDIT: To provide helpful input, I have an FX 8370e / MSI GTX 970 4gb. Great combo nooorrrmally. Best of luck and thank you for your continued help!