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  1. Regarding v10 Staging Period

    The Project Reality community was by far the most mature, cooperative, and friendly community I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. I met a lot of fun and like-minded people over the years that I can proudly say I am still friends with more than a decade later. There's no doubt in my mind that Squad is capable of establishing a community of the same caliber, if not better. With that said, I did not mean to suggest that the Squad community is full of trolls or that servers are plagued with team killers and griefers. In fact, I am in agreement with those who claim that, for the most part, this proposal is likely unnecessary. However, I think some may not have fully grasped exactly what I was trying to get at, so I'll do my best to elaborate. My proposal was not about disabling vehicles during the pre-match staging period because servers are overrun with immature players sabotaging their teams left and right. Instead, I envisioned it as more of a safeguard against potential trolls that go out of their way to disrupt and ruin games simply for their own enjoyment without the consideration of others. Think of it this way: You drive to work/school/etc. and back everyday. You're a safe driver; you use your turn signals, check your blind spot before switching lanes, and keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you at all times. The thing is though, you're not the only motorist on the road. In fact, little Timmy down the street just got his permit and decided to take his friends for a joyride in his dad's new Prius. Unfortunately, Timmy didn't pay enough attention in driver's ed and blew through a stop sign at 60mph, plowing straight into you. Despite your car being totaled, you were smart enough to be wearing your seat belt, which ended up saving your life. Although the chances of actually getting into an accident and thus the necessity of buckling your seat belt are quite low, why take that risk in the first place? To put things back into perspective regarding Squad, think of my proposal as the proverbial seat belt. While it may be unneeded for the good majority of the time, why put yourself in a situation where one troll could potentially ruin the game for an entire team?
  2. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    From Squad's Kickstarter page, listed under "Our Origins and Goals":
  3. Regarding v10 Staging Period

    With the introduction of v10, the 3 minute pre-match spawn timer will be replaced with a 3 minute staging period located inside your respective team's main base. The purpose of this staging period is to organize your squad and communicate with other members of your team to coordinate a cohesive battle plan. To minimize griefing, you will be unable to fire your weapon during this time. However, based off the gif found in the November Recap, it appears vehicles will still be operable. While the prospect of griefing is significantly less likely to occur within the confines of a vehicle, the opportunity is still ever-present. There are a number of ways vehicles can potentially be abused before the match begins. Off the top of my head, some examples include: running over teammates, ramming other vehicles (possibly causing them to flip), and blocking off any exits out of main, which could severely hamper your team's initial rollout. Additionally, there are other, less obvious ways of griefing, such as using a vehicle's engine noise to drown out any form of inter/intrasquad communication (I'm looking at you MT-LB). Every game has its share of trolls, but by disabling vehicles prior to round start, the feasibility of griefing is even further diminished. If disabling vehicles outright is seen as too extreme, then perhaps being unable to start a vehicle's engine is the way to go. You'd still be able to load up into vehicles, you just wouldn't be able to go anywhere or create any unnecessary noise until the game actually begins. The pre-match staging period has been a highly anticipated feature for some time now; I'd hate to see it released in a potentially abusable state. Thoughts?
  4. “Ammo FOBs” promote unhealthy gameplay, are detrimental to the role of logistics, and can cause games to snowball out of control. They should either be removed or reworked until a solution conducive to healthy gameplay is found. Let’s start off by defining what an “Ammo FOB” actually is. An “Ammo FOB” is when a squad leader places down a radio and an ammo crate, builds them up, rearms his squad, and then proceeds to tear them back down, ad infinitum until his squad has been fully rearmed. This can be done practically anywhere and at anytime. As one could imagine, this system is easily abusable and unhealthy for gameplay. To emphasize my point, I’d like to share a segment of one of Karmakut’s latest videos. Let me first preface by saying that I do not blame him in any way, shape, or form for utilizing a gameplay mechanic to his benefit. In fact, you’d be purposely putting yourself at a disadvantage not to. With that said, skip ahead to roughly 22:30 and onwards to see exactly what I’m referring to by unhealthy gameplay. Time Stamped Video Here For those who are unable or unwilling to watch the video, allow me to summarize. Karmakut and his squad have been performing overwatch in the mountainous regions north of the Kohat Toi River Valley for the duration of the round. Multiple attempts at resupplying his squad via logistics trucks have ended in failure due to the cumbersome terrain or enemy ambushes. To resupply, they’d ideally be forced to either pull back to friendly lines or risk another logistics truck run. Either way, any momentum towards pushing the next flag would be lost or ill advised due to being under equipped. However, by repeatedly exploiting “Ammo FOBs”, not only were they able to fully resupply themselves completely out of thin air, but they were also able to continuously pressure the objectives and eventually push the enemy team all the way back to their main base spawn. You don’t have to be familiar with all the ins and outs of Squad to know this mechanic is bad for gameplay in a variety of ways. The most notable of such is how insignificant they make the concept of logistics. Why wait for a logi truck that may or may not be destroyed en route (costing valuable tickets and disrupting your team’s supply line) when you can just magically spawn infinite ammo from out of the blue? On a lesser but equally irritating note, you’re also able to swap kits whenever you want while out in the field. While not necessarily a bad thing, it begs the question: where are all these weapons and munitions coming from? Is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Running logistics is already deemed “boring” by a good majority of players, there is even less incentive now that “Ammo FOBs” are meta. I could go on and on about how “Ammo FOBs” can potentially snowball a game out of control, or how they artificially and needlessly accelerate gameplay, yet there are an endless amount of possibilities and my intention was never to write a novel. Suffice to say, with no real restrictions on where and when you can get unlimited ammo and kits, unhealthy gameplay is bound to rear its ugly head. Thoughts?
  5. TacticalGamer was by far the best Project Reality server available. PR owes a lot of its success to the TG server, but most importantly, its community. Looking forward to playing with a lot of the old TG vets. Shout-out to the TF21 boys too, almost forgot about you guys.
  6. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    You've always had a way with words, friend.
  7. Welcome Squad!

    It's nice to see some familiar faces again; I was wondering where everybody went. Hi.