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  1. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    The words El Alamein get me randy, I Miss the Mare Nostrum mod days. Will definitely be following this mod regardless.
  2. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    Still waiting for the African and Italian theatres ( Or Balkans, but we know that will never happen) to be put into more games. I can see the conversations now... "hey, why don't we make another WW2 game? It's been a while since a good one." "Yeah but it has to be Normandy, Western Front, Pacific, or Eastern Front. Wouldn't want to bore people by doing a theatre we havent done before and telling another narrative." "Agreed. So were redoing D-Day and the fight in France first right?" "Right"
  3. Classes you will never see

    Salvage Gatherer Find blufor wrecks and equipment on the map and "salvage" it at the nearest chopshop.
  4. What Were Your Best Logi Runs?

    TBH almost all of my logi runs have been uneventful and the ones that weren't ended horribly. It's either a nice, beer-drinking, relaxing cruise to resupply olds fobs and create new ones, or its a hellish game of serpentine and hiding behind terrain, usually ending in the destruction of the logi and I.
  5. I do do that, I squad lead most of the time that I'm in game. I just don't always want to haha.
  6. Im part of one, but people are not always around at the same times and have lives. Cut the condescending crap. I agree its very server dependent, but I'm usually not at liberty to actually pick a server. Its whatever one has slots, which is a whole 'nother story.
  7. So recently, I've been hung up on squad. I can't seem to will myself to play the game often anymore, because 8 times out of 10 I'll just be in a squad of people who don't care to communicate or ask questions. I feel like I HAVE to squad lead for an enjoyable experience anymore, and that takes a lot of patience and energy if you're doing it right IMO. Every time I feel like I wanna take a break and let someone else take the reigns, its just a shitshow. I do get good squadleads, and it makes the game exponentially more enjoyable. Just not in comparison to the amount of SLs ive had that just dont communicate and act like they've been huffing lacquer. My question is this, how do you overcome the human element and have fun no matter what you're doing in game? At least for me, it seems like my enjoyment is based on the giant dice roll that is squads and squad leaders. Even when I find ways to be useful and help my team, its always disheartening to not have any backup from my squad. I absolutely love the teamwork and cooperation aspect of Squad, and I feel like I'm just seeing less of it. It makes sense with kickstarters not being the only ones playing anymore, but what can we do to make Squad an excellent community? And/Or am I an arsehole and am just not understanding something?
  8. Gun Thrusting

    THIS^ Ro Ostfront is the only game I've ever played where you could shoot when you were bayoneting charging someone. It was incredibly useful and lethal. Been wanting to see it in another game since then. I'm glad were getting a melee system, I just hope it ends up intuitive and something I'll actually end up using. Crossing my fingers for the devs to add accurate rifle melee (they have enough people with combat experience for it) and not the weird "hit em with the grip/buttstock" thing I see most of the time.
  9. Share of magazines and reload system

    This is what I was about to make a suggestion for until I found this thread. Is there any word from the devs on an ammo system? Its far far away but I'd still like to hear anything concrete.
  10. Agreed/Disagreed button

    We used to have a like post button, I dont know why it was removed but im glad it is. People just end up making threads to circlejerk and like each others posts. Its also kinda defeating the purpose of a forum. You dislike someones opinion? let them know why in a constructive manner in a post, don't just hit the ambiguous "dislike" button to let them know nothing other than you dont like something about them or their post. That, Is toxic. Same with likes, instead of liking someones post, make a post yourself and support their opinion. Non-constructive feedback is not something we should encourage.
  11. Can you do it after the update haha? I didn't know about this until I had already done it.
  12. American - Claymores. // Suicide Trucks.

    Well, for one, the claymore is command detonated in real life, and for good reason. IIRC anti-personnel mines were banned by either the Ottawa Treaty or the Geneva Convention. Out of my 3+ years in PR i only recall ever using a claymore once, on a cave in Korengal. They aren't super useful IMO, and their main function is area denial. That means to effectively block off an avenue of movement using a claymore, your squad would have to sacrifice a member to watch it and detonate it it if anyone comes near. ( This can much more effectively be done by someone with an AR who doesnt have to set up the claymore to deny an area, AND they have more overall usefulness in a squad) I think your concept of balance is a little skewed. This game is about asymmetrical warfare and giving Blufor claymores because PR had them or because all the other factions get something like it is not balance. Its like me asking for the insurgents to have more optics simply because blufor has gotten them. Also, grenade traps were absolutely terrible and the only thing they were good for was teamkilling, even if you marked them on the map. As for Gary, theyve already added VBIEDs, you can stick them onto vehicles. I imagine more will be done with that in the future. I dont know if well have dedicated bombcars. I don't mean to come off like too much of an arse, but Squad is trying to be its own game. Adding everything from PR is not the answer.
  13. Gun Thrusting

    I'm not so sure it wouldn't kill, or hurt at all. An M16 is ~4kg when loaded. The average golf club is ~.3 kg. Point Three Kilograms. We all know how deadly golf clubs are because most of the impact force is in a small area (and an area larger than the surface area of the end of a muzzle, I might add). I would wager a fully loaded rifle could kill or incapacitate someone with a large forward thrust into the facial area. This isn't for realism's sake, nor is it political. I just think having a melee function with the thing that you are holding the majority of the game is more useful than something like a knife or e-tool that you have to switch to. It sounded like a good idea when I heard it. While im excited for it, Im just wondering how useful its going to actually be. If they make it faster than switching to your sidearm, maybe.
  14. I've had a lot of fun on insurgency, and I know I'm not the only one. It gives you a chance to use tactics and strategies that are totally nonviable for a linear game mode. AAS is fun, but it feels very repetitive to me. I get pretty tired of flag rushing and everything that goes with it after 2-3 games. Insurgency is a far less serious game mode (IMO) that really lets you have fun and be abstract in a way that AAS can't. For instance, I've rarely executed a well timed vehicle ambush in AAS. The main routes are usually highly contested, and half of the rare times I have successfully ambushed its been an accident and a bit of luck in my positioning. Insurgency is fantastic for this, on the contrary. The way blufor has to search for the caches opens up tons more possible ambush routes and flanking routes Than would be in AAS. In AAS an asset can usually be deployed in a better (and more predictable) location than in insurgency. Insurgency has been the highlight of my shooter experience since PR .7, and I have faith the devs will continue the trend after the game has been updated more. As for servers running it, I dont see em much either. It's sad, but like I inferred above I think its popularity will rise.
  15. Gun Thrusting

    I didn't really know the proper term for this, so I'll just call it "Gun Thrusting" . What I mean is forcefully striking an enemy combatant with the muzzle of whatever long gun you are using. Kind of like a blunt spear thrust, a friend of mine in the armed services told me that was their preferred method of hand to hand combat, if any. Just hit em in the face with the muzzle of your rifle as hard as you can. I did some searching, and I couldn't see anywhere that this had been suggested before. Lots of stuff about knives and e-tool melee and what have you, but what about the thing in your hands 90 percent of the time? I would like to see this implemented over knives or e-tool melee simply because every class (including SLs, who dont have e-tools) has a rifle. The downside is that every single rifle in the game might need to have an animation added to it, rather than just give it to the e-tool or knife and have it be standard for everyone. Let me know whatcha think.