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  1. Bluedrake LIVESTREAM -lastday-

    Im watching Sacriel and Deadlyslob duke it out on there streams this is so entertaining
  2. I think what everyone seems to be forgetting that if something like having to send personnel back to a CCP is affecting squad cohesion so horribly is that it's affecting the enemy as well. With a system like this victory for your team is going to hinge on how effective the logistics units are doing their job at setting up FOBs strategically and maintaining/defending those FOBs. The entire team as a whole, not just the squad, will have to work together if they are going to control the flow of battle and mange casualties. This opens up a new squad type that has been seen but never truly implemented effectively in PR. Having a mounted EVAC/QRF squad using humvees or any other type of fast means of transportation will greatly impact the combat effectiveness of the team.