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  1. Helicopter impressions: feedback on display and controls.

    I totally agree on the keyboard bindings for the pitch and roll. When I played PR in the days of old (cause I'm old like that), the use of the arrow keys had a quicker reaction time for me.
  2. Squad and FireDaemon

    Is anyone else having issue with the AppID changing on restarts? I am having to change the number back to the correct one. The number it's being changed to is the old AppID as it were.
  3. Squad and FireDaemon

    So running the binary file directly is OK and not creating a batch for MULTIHOME, etc,etc?
  4. Team Squad ESPN Sports

    Well I imagine they would break it down into separate leagues like a FPS league, MMO league like LoL. Squad could be a good contender for an FPS league if it stays INF only. Battles with assets like Hummers and APC tend to draw out for hours depending on the players.
  5. How can i get the server files?

    I would also be interested in hosting a server on our current PR server, which is on a VDS. Hit me up when they are ready for release.
  6. Welcome to Squad!

    You guys can be confident that when Squad goes live, I will be one the first to buy a copy!!! Good work!!!