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  1. January 2019 Recap

    That A-10 is turning... almost as if it is player-controlled.
  2. June 2018 Recap

    No spawning on FOBs when enemies are near and reviving the medic are so needed. pls gib.
  3. Alpha 11 Released

    The game is not pixelated for me anymore! Feels more like PR now than ever before. Finally enjoying the game. gj
  4. External DAC/Amp combo with 600 ohm headphones is my cup of tea. Very natural sound; may not be what most gamers look for.
  5. Client Download Size?

    Mine is 8.7gb.
  6. Audio randomly flips

    Does a default stereo setting also flip sides?
  7. Doesn't really interest me. But even if most of the community don't want a BR, it only takes one person to make a mod. That's the beauty of games like this. Your ideas could be fullfilled in time; don't lose hope.
  8. DPI Settings

    Good advice. I personally use 400 dpi (zowie fk2)and relatively low sensitivity in games. I was once a 2000+ dpi corsair m65 user. Have since corrected my ways and benefit from learning to use a lower sens/huge mousepad.
  9. Blood spray should be removed.

    Currently, the game might have obvious cues to hitting your target for hit detection testing reasons. Nothing wrong with that. In terms of the endgame, I preferred the dust puffs of old PR or a better bullet shock impact effect over the pink mist, if we must have a visual hit. Blood spray is not what you get irl and I don't see hit recognition as being a gameplay reason for it. IMO, the gameplay Squad is looking for is better promoted in the uncertainty of connecting with a target. CoD has the "fwip fwip fwip" and hit markers for that, which is unrealistic and stupid, similar to blood spray. As far as the fun and cool factor goes, I would have more of it if I felt immersed in the realistic gameplay. (Gameplay and realism do not have to be opposite forces) I trust the Devs 100% to choose the route in the end that they deem best for their game. If that's unrealistic gore to attract the hungry masses from BF4 and CoD, then I grudgingly say, "Bring it on."
  10. FREE GAME trail - Killing Floor 2

    Thanks for the warning. Mine says 7gB download, btw.
  11. August 2015 + Pax Prime Report

    Great article! Glad the event went well.
  12. ACOG sucks ??? ACOG videos

    Or just navigate to Squad/Squad/Config/DefaultInput and change bEnableFOVScaling=True to bEnableFOVScaling=False
  13. Mousepad vs. No Mousepad?

    I wouldn't say a mouse pad would be super important in PR, but I started playing CSGO a few months ago and I can definitely say anyone would benefit as a player from one. An optical mouse like mine (Zowie fk1) tracks better on a specific surface. You might not notice a difference if you have a laser mouse, but then you might have to consider laser acceleration, if it bothers you. As for a mouse to go along with the mouse pad, I would say purely based on comfort and preference. This one (SS qck heavy) works the best for me of the many I've tried: http://www.amazon.com/SteelSeries-Heavy-Gaming-Mouse-Black/dp/B000V7ARAU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1438604692&sr=8-3&keywords=steel+series+qck
  14. It's especially annoying with the M4's and M249. Just tap on full auto and one shot will fire yet with the looping sound of several.