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  1. One need not look far to see many of us who are disappointed in where our favorite game has gone. Whether it be rallies, run speed, tankopters, or suppression, there has been a progression toward an alternate style of play that does not align with the current or original aim of the game. I often see us blaming new players for the deviation in game-play. That attitude only berates our fresh players, and is an error of attribution. It is not the new player’s fault that they roam about lone-wolf, dispersing throughout objectives shooting enemies, but it is the game itself for encouraging and rewarding that play-style with kills and relevant impact on the battlefield. To be clear, there are some things that need to be more hardcore, and there are some things that need to be easy and simplified. The key to making the game the best it can be is knowing what to complicate, and what to simplify. No easy task. There are some games that do a great job of this, but referencing and comparing them only seems to make members vulnerable to prejudice, splitting the community into opposing fields of thought. Will try to keep discussion in the context of Squad here. Also, this thread could be interpreted as being negative, as we’re only talking about the bad things concerning one of the best games ever made. To be sure, Squad has very many amazing, perfectly implemented features, such as the best VOIP I’ve ever experienced in a game and much more. Only constructive criticism here. PURPOSE - To provide an organized, updated list, and description of various changes to Squad game-play from the community that may be used to influence development of mods, but wishfully, the game. No overhauls or new content. Only discussion regarding game-play adjustments. DEFINITIONS - For clarity. ADS - Aim Down Sights mode aka right-click. Muzzle Sway - The movement of sight picture while ADS is engaged. Suppression - The disorienting effects felt when receiving fire. ISSUES - A list of mechanics that are holding Squad back. 1. Rally Spawning in the game favors a “throw your body at the objective” play-style. Squads may approach an objective, lay a rally that essentially acts as a FOB, and then proceed to assault. And then again. And again. You also get spawn-killed in this game. - A rally that lasts only a short time, which would be used to hmm “rally” a damaged Squad back together, and that is instantly disabled automatically by local enemy presence. I see this as cutting some frustration out of the game while attacking or defending (Wehmann). 2. FOB Spawning in the game is frustrating on attack. You must find and undig that radio, or all your squad’s efforts are pointless and the enemy team will spawn in greater force and seek you out. It is too difficult to disable a spawn and it is silly to surround a compound only to face waves of the same players respawning directly in front of you. - Increase range at which enemy presence disables spawn. 3. Suppression plays no role. It may darken the screen a tad, but it does nothing to dissuade return fire or impede the ease of doing so. There is no point in suppressing an enemy when you can easily pop him in the head. The purpose of suppression is to instill that “wtf I should keep my head down” effect that you would get IRL, but don’t otherwise get in game because, well, it’s a game. Current suppression does not do anything more than indicate that someone is doing a poor job of killing you. - There are many ways to implement meaningful suppression. Muzzle sway. Blur. Some gamers hate these things; some love them. One thing for sure: you’re not going to get meaningful suppression without them. 4. Small-arms are very easy to use. It is great that we do not have random bullet deviation. Game-play that the player has no control over is generally bad for games. What we do have is a great muzzle sway system that is capable of emulating the difficulty that is hitting a bullseye with your rifle without sacrificing skill or realism. So why is muzzle sway practically absent in Squad? If you hold shift, you get 0 muzzle sway in this game. This in combination with speedy stamina regeneration greatly buffs the lone-wolf. The lone-wolves, who are hard to detect and dispersed throughout the map, are too often able to locate organized squads and pop them all in the head before they know the direction of the shooter. I have done this time and time again in Squad, and the game encourages it. It is a good way to get many kills. - Increase the difficulty in aiming and shooting, whether by muzzle sway or other means. This and actual suppression prevents your average FPS player from effortlessly annihilating multiple unaware opponents because they were unpredictably roaming about the map solo. For the love of god. It is so easy. 5. Vehicles are annoying to control. It feels like gliding on ice. Maybe if they were reasonable in terms of game-play rather than realism(?), they wouldn’t have to be buffed so hard in health versus infantry equipment. Not very opinionated on this one. Will add what you guys think. - Simplify the lag-input/whatever it is to make vehicles less annoying to control? Followed by more reasonable damage? - Personally I feel that the driver for certain vehicles should get a “commander” view option in addition to his current view so it is not so terribly boring being the driver. Driving sucks! Not a fan of having to bring that 3rd person to help spot those lone HAT boys running around trying to kill you. Just another infantry man off the battlefield. I know some people feel strongly about this, so can remove this from the list upon further discussion. Ending Note - Of course, the best possible variation of game-play may be a combination of several different solutions, or may lack a solution entirely. Help me come up with solutions or issues, and I will add them to this list. I am an avid modder of games and am always interested in hearing people’s ideas on how to fix things. The mods Athena and/or Hardened by Battle could someday be the saving grace of this game, but it would be best if the base game was made good as is. A common response to these types of complaints is that the devs know exactly what they’re doing and it is their intention to guide the game toward a ca$ual player-base in hopes of selling more copies, and so it is useless to bring up these issues. Firstly, the Steam Store page for Squad specifically describes the original goal of the game, so no new purchasers are under the illusion that they are buying another battlefield game. The devs clearly aren’t marketing for that casual crowd. At least not intentionally. Secondly, if it is true that they are, this incomprehensive list, if not for the devs, is for modders like me to return to and read ideas concerning how things can be adjusted. Thanks for reading and discussing, fam.
  2. Please (Read!) Helicopter use.

    The Squad community has such a wide array of unpredictable and strong feelings.
  3. Rally Point Changes Needed

    Absolutely this would improve the spawning and flow of combat in the game. I want these or similar changes in the game before I play it again. But I don't think we will see a worthy PR successor until other Squad-simplified features like suppression and muzzle sway are met as well. The PR devs recognized the importance of these features to good gameplay and pushed annoying but necessary things like bullet deviation, where the game required "settle time" before you could take accurate shots. We don't need that anymore because we're on a good engine that has muzzle sway, so what did the Squad devs do? Practically remove muzzle sway and the difficulty in shooting altogether in favor of a system where you go from sprint to instakilling the enemy in the head. The gunfights are short and boring in Squad and encourage players to venture off on their own so they can surprise other squads from odd angles. And I don't blame them. It is so easy regain stamina and pop several people in the head. The game practically begs for players to go sneaking around as lone-wolf assassins. Your points are a great step in improving the game. I'm just saying there are several issues keeping it from being the best it can be.
  4. January 2019 Recap

    That A-10 is turning... almost as if it is player-controlled.
  5. June 2018 Recap

    No spawning on FOBs when enemies are near and reviving the medic are so needed. pls gib.
  6. Alpha 11 Released

    The game is not pixelated for me anymore! Feels more like PR now than ever before. Finally enjoying the game. gj
  7. External DAC/Amp combo with 600 ohm headphones is my cup of tea. Very natural sound; may not be what most gamers look for.
  8. Client Download Size?

    Mine is 8.7gb.
  9. Audio randomly flips

    Does a default stereo setting also flip sides?
  10. Doesn't really interest me. But even if most of the community don't want a BR, it only takes one person to make a mod. That's the beauty of games like this. Your ideas could be fullfilled in time; don't lose hope.
  11. DPI Settings

    Good advice. I personally use 400 dpi (zowie fk2)and relatively low sensitivity in games. I was once a 2000+ dpi corsair m65 user. Have since corrected my ways and benefit from learning to use a lower sens/huge mousepad.
  12. Blood spray should be removed.

    Currently, the game might have obvious cues to hitting your target for hit detection testing reasons. Nothing wrong with that. In terms of the endgame, I preferred the dust puffs of old PR or a better bullet shock impact effect over the pink mist, if we must have a visual hit. Blood spray is not what you get irl and I don't see hit recognition as being a gameplay reason for it. IMO, the gameplay Squad is looking for is better promoted in the uncertainty of connecting with a target. CoD has the "fwip fwip fwip" and hit markers for that, which is unrealistic and stupid, similar to blood spray. As far as the fun and cool factor goes, I would have more of it if I felt immersed in the realistic gameplay. (Gameplay and realism do not have to be opposite forces) I trust the Devs 100% to choose the route in the end that they deem best for their game. If that's unrealistic gore to attract the hungry masses from BF4 and CoD, then I grudgingly say, "Bring it on."
  13. FREE GAME trail - Killing Floor 2

    Thanks for the warning. Mine says 7gB download, btw.
  14. August 2015 + Pax Prime Report

    Great article! Glad the event went well.