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  1. V10 weapon muzzle control

    I think there are a number of different philosophies of how weapon handling/recoil should be simulated "realistically" in a game, and it's important to identify what it is you want out of the game when suggesting the weapon handling in a game isn't "realistic" or needs to be changed - kind of similar to the discussions around suppression. Should the mechanics of the game result in the character automatically having the same level of control of the weapon as an experienced shooter in real life, with little to no input from the player? Should the game be designed so an experienced player actively controlling the weapon is able to achieve similar in-game control and accuracy as an experienced shooter in real life - or the accuracy typical of a trained soldier in a real-life combat situation? If your philosophy of how realistic weapon handling should be simulated in-game is fundamentally different to that of the devs, the shooting mechanics of the game will probably never be to your satisfaction and it might not be worth complaining about. I think Squad is probably aiming to have it so experienced players can achieve similar accuracy to that of soldiers in combat - If you're pretty new to the V10 firing mechanics (I think we all are), maybe you should give it another 50 hours of game time and reassess how your in-game accuracy compares to what you think soldiers typically achieve in combat.
  2. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    It's looking amazing as usual! Very much looking forward to Narva; Have been there a few times and from the screenshots, it definitely seems like the map captures the feel of the place.
  3. Mortar Calculator

    Awesome work once again!
  4. Insurgent Artillery-Calculator

    Great little script! Thanks very much for sharing. However it appears to sometimes give an incorrect bearing / Angle. For example below, the target is almost directly south of the arty (approx 180 degrees) Big-Grid-Scale : 135 Arty Position : f3k3 Target Position : f8k7 Coordinates Arty X|Y : 35.5 17.5 Coodrinates Target X|Y : 31.5 43.5 Distance = 591m Clicks = 12 Angle = 261°
  5. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    Update looks awesome, especially the new map. I think Narva is a great choice for a fictional battle between Russia and the West to take place!
  6. Squad at night

    Looks amazing. Especially the grenade explosions!