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  1. What if it really is a subtle troll. I mean, 'destructible curtains', it sounds like something out of a Battlefield parody video
  2. Gaz Tiger-M / Arbalet-DM - HI poly

    The squad devs have bought quality content from community creators before (Kokan, Basrah). Perhaps you could contact them to see if they're interested? Would be nice if the vehicle you made makes its way into the game.
  3. User Interface Concept Art

    Yes, I'd like to see something akin to that as well. Here's something I did waaaayy back: I think I might make something like this for Squad as well. We'll see. Anyway, thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.
  4. User Interface Concept Art

    Main Menu concepts:
  5. User Interface Concept Art

    Aight so this is what I came up with: Not 100% conform your suggestions, but I think it's a good middle ground.
  6. User Interface Concept Art

    Damn, I like this a lot. I'll be doing some updates and will report back.
  7. User Interface Concept Art

    Update! Revisited the previous deployment concepts. UI hightlight color changes depending on the faction the user is playing as (BLUFOR/REDFOR). Location of UI elements switched around.
  8. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    I think Basrah's assets are well-suited to Karbala as well.
  9. User Interface Concept Art

    Well, you see, the problem is that maps are square in Squad. Sure, it can be expanded horizontally, but then, when fully zoomed out, it wouldn't be possible to view the entire map (the top and bottom would be cut off). Alternatively, when zoomed out the map would be fully visible but the UI element where the map fits within would be blank on the left and right side. Either way I think the best solution is to match the Map UI element's aspect ratio with that of the actual maps (meaning, square), and accept that there's a bit more empty space between the map and role / squad element.
  10. User Interface Concept Art

    In my mind I had the deploy button double as a 'give up' button. When down, it's used to give up (and will obviously say that on the button itself), when dead, it's used to spawn. Suicide is only for those who already spawned in, and want to redeploy somewhere else.
  11. User Interface Concept Art

    Thanks for the tips! I added the additional margin to all of the squad bars for consistency. Also added tile-view for the role tab:
  12. User Interface Concept Art

    Thanks! Made some adjustments:
  13. User Interface Concept Art

    Heya, thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the honesty. You've got some very good points; I'll be making adjustments accordingly.
  14. User Interface Concept Art

    Team setup downsample: 4K original: Right here.
  15. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    You're right, if we were talking about generic shapes (like a square house). However, most of the BF2 buildings have distinct shapes (i.e., the house of pain), and the buildings used in Chance's Al Basrah are almost 1:1 copies of those models. I fully understand OWI's position in deciding not to include this map officially due to risk of plagiarism lawsuits.