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  1. How to play using the Vive

    Im assuming the devs have removed the plugins ... Im also desperate to get back in the HMD with squad, I just received my CV1 and have only played squad (a lot! its amazing) with my DK2, im dying to try it with a bit more resolution.
  2. Native UE4 VR support removed?

    Devs? Is there anyway i can get the files back to test with?
  3. Does anyone know if the native VR support that remained in squad until this point has been removed? I just got my CV1 and was absolutely gutted when i couldn't launch it into the HMD like i could with my DK2. Squad is amazing in the rift, and the VR support is pretty much perfect as it was for now. Any one else not been able to alt-enter it to HMD?
  4. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    The case is by In Win and yes i put this all together as my personal rig not so long ago
  5. Virtual Reality and Squad

    This. Would happily fund towards native VR and independent free look.
  6. Unofficial SLI configuration for Squad

    Just an update This is still working better than ever for me after moving from 580 sli to 980ti sli
  7. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    Bit late to the thread
  8. Virtual Reality and Squad

    Guys i've been using the dk2 all week, online and off with squad. If theres one thing i can certainley say its that the game really only needs little amounts of work to make it very fluent. As soon as free aim is implemented, i cant see any reason why I wont play with it exclusively. I need to figure out how to record a few minutes of play from the rift perspective and i'll post some of the best moments.
  9. Expected Visual Fidelity

    I hope they do push it a hell of a lot. I enjoy pushing settings and benchmarking configs with games like this as much as i enjoy actually playing them. There are some monster rigs out there and a lot of people take enjoyment in squeezing the very max out of them.
  10. Bring sights up to eyes..animation.

    Clearer sight picture.
  11. Lower FOV Option

    Absolutely need FOV option. It gives no advantage or disadvantages... its an optional adjustment. This is a very big tool for VR testing.
  12. M4 Vs AK74 recoil Build 2003

    I honestly think the recoil is good and I wouldnt complain if the Devs added more recoil either. I care more about the sight picture being improved for more accurate single fire. I also think the community divide with this subject will close a lot once weapon resting "in the future of course" is implemented. I feel the player should genuinely feel the need to use their cover to shoot off. Grip control plays a very large part in precision shooting and that can't be portrayed digitally, only riding the recoil with the mouse. If everyone spent a day learning how to control it there is a lot of satisfaction in the skill when it comes together.
  13. AUS Servers down?

    Virginia server is populated. Hop on there, The lag is so transparent. Devs are magicians.
  14. Unofficial SLI configuration for Squad

    certainly does, read the thread.