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  1. Night Operations And You (Also Something about Optics)

    In regards to having line troops NOT having night vision equipment, every single one of my friends who have been deployed overseas had night vision issued to them. Everything from 11B infantrymen, to the 91W Casualty Assessment troops had them. As far as "glowsticks" and flares are concerned, if you look at the above videos you can see that illumination rounds actually wash out NOD's significantly. "Glow sticks" offer no tactical advantage for illumination and are good for marking something like a truck while on base, but the majority of chemlights used in field operations are IR as to not give away positions. They give almost 0 radiant light. Example (Chemlight being used as an IR Buzzsaw to mark friendly position.) As far as flashlights are concerned, everyone caries a white light flashlight of some sort. The way nightvision works is it amplifies ambient light. If there is no ambient light (Such as in a building) then using a flashlight is going to be more useful than any NOD.
  2. Night Operations And You (Also Something about Optics)

    I know for a fact that insurgents are using the equipment right now. Chinooks were shot down in 2011 because the Taliban in Afghanistan had acquired night vision optics. Additionally ANA bases have been raided for Night optics many a-times. Its probably more common than you think. Lets also not forget the masses of soviet surplus left when they got out of Afghanistan.
  3. Night Operations And You (Also Something about Optics)

    And an 8000$ PTRS-41 isn't?
  4. Night Operations And You (Also Something about Optics)

    Well, the goggles would be something that like Cell leaders and other "high ranking" units would have. The night scopes are pretty much old soviet surplus and you can get those models for 2-400$ depending on where you look. Its not out of the realm of having them shipped in from out of country or being brought in my chechin fighters.
  5. Laser attachment for m4 rifle

    http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/4440-night-operations-and-you-also-something-about-optics/ Give this a read. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. Nightvision, and night shooting is a hobby of mine.
  6. Night Operations And You (Also Something about Optics)

    Updated with new Content.
  7. Hello! My name is Russianbiskets and today I'm here to propose my idea on Night Operations. One thing that Squad means to me is that we are trying to create a fun game with more realistic elements. Now its no surprise that night operations are a staple of modern warfare with the onset of new technology. As it stands in the game, sure there are night maps, and this will be a great way to start making these elements a game of their own. Night operations change the way you fight, and think. Shadows become your best friend, and a flashlight, your worst enemy. I'm going to divide this into two sub topics, Insurgent, and US Army (For the current version) United States Army With the onset of Operation Gothic Serpent (Or for some of you "Black Hawk Down") the United States Army has for a large part equipped all conventional ground forces with night vision optics. Fast forward to today and everyone and their mom overseas has some sort of device. The most common for your average grunt is the AN/PVS-14, a monocular night vision optic that is helmet mounted. This handy little monocular is a Generation three device, capable of very good light amplification. The device has a 40 degree FOV, limiting the user's viewing area. Additionally, the Gen III optics can suffer from "White Light Washout" when large amounts of ambient light are present (But more on this later). Additionally, it is possible to use optics with the optic helmet mounted, but if the optic does not have an IR mode, there can be significant lighting of the reticle. When paired with an IR laser, the user can zero and use the laser to shoot without sighting, also good for target marking for other night vision users. Flashlights are still used for areas with no ambient light for the night vision to amplify. Insurgent Forces For the insurgents, the most up to date tech is not available, though over many years of warfare, they have picked up old surplus equipment. Things like Gen 1+ night vision is available from old soviet surplus in way head mounted binoculars (65-80 degree FOV) or rifle mounted scopes would be the way to give the insurgents an advantage. Though Gen 1+ units typically have a fisheye effect on the sides, and are considerably more grainy and not as bright, they do not suffer as much washout from ambient light. Also having a rifle mounted optic would allow the night vision image to take up all of the space on the optic and offering a fixed and zeroed reticle. These optics can still pick up the IR spectrum, causing IR lasers to show up. Equipment By Faction Proposed: United States Army AN/PVS-14 Monocular (Video is one in use at a range as one is pictured above) AN/PEQ-15 IR Laser/Flood unit (video showing PEQ-15 in use) IR MS2000 Strobe Insurgents Russian 1PN58 Night Vision Scope Russian PNV-57E Binocular NVG Hand Flares Both Sides High Power White light Flashlights (Surefire/others) Illumination flares (mortar based) Game Play Mechanics: With the obvious equipment differences offered for the grunt style troops its only fair for me to explain how this would effect the player. Scenario: A US squad is getting ready to assault the flag as an Insurgent force is defending. The US team starts off on a hill overlooking the objective, clearly being able to see down across an open field into the compond using their superior PVS-14 monocular. The Insurgents scan the hilltops with rifle mounted optics and can see silhouettes but the image is too dark to make out if it is an enemy combatant. The US team moves in closer and the TL takes out his marking strobe to signal to another squad their position. This gives away their position the the insurgents as US soldiers and the insurgents open fire. The Compound lights up with flashes from the incoming fire, easy for the PVS-14 to see, but the riflemen using ACOG's can sight with the Night vision without flipping it up, the insurgents using their magnified night vision scopes to their advantage giving them more accuracy. The forces close in to CQB distances and the US forces turn on their IR lasers and start to clear the compound moving swiftly. The Insurgents get some quick kills because they hide in the corners and use the 40 degree FOV to their advantage, but the US teams can engage quickly when they are in the FOV. One soldier flips off his goggle and turns on his flashlight, illuminating the dark room where his goggle is basically useless (because of the lack of ambient light) and smokes an insurgent in the corner. Its down to the last two soldiers, one on each side. The last US soldier comes into a room, but the insurgent had started a flare and put it in the middle of the room, washing out the night vision of the US soldier, while the Soldier takes off the PVS-14 and allows his eyes to adjust to the flare, the insurgent pops out and scores a quick kill. I know this is rather wordy, I hope that if you read this far you can agree this should be an idea to be considered. Below are some videos of night battles and with various equipment in use. Road to Rostov Milsim West (filmed with PVS-14): Gen 1 VS Gen 3 comparison : An Operation over in the Sandbox with USSF and ANASF:
  8. Gut Check & Impressions.

    I have friends that own about 90% of everything I have talked about. Actual reference photos would not be hard for me to get at all. I own Crye Pants, an Airframe, and LBT Gear. I like the cut of the 6094 and when I go out and play airsoft with friends my 2012 Combat Control kit goes well with everything else.Root post edited to reflect new information.
  9. Gut Check & Impressions.

    Well, as I said above, I don't think I've ever had Pre-alpha impress me this much. This thread is to be taken as a suggestion and a discussion about kit. I have faith that you guys will take some of these suggestions to make the game as authentic as possible. carmikaze, Thank you for correcting my error and original post has been edited to correct the error.
  10. US soldiers - First look at player models

    I'll just leave this here because I don't really have time to type it all out again.http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/159-gut-check-impressions/ Great work so far!
  11. Gut Check & Impressions.

    I did notice that looking at that thread. I'll probably link this thread somewhere in that one as well. Either way as long as they are going the same round and doing it uniformly I'd be cool with either Rangers or Grunts, though yes, Rangers need some love.
  12. Gut Check & Impressions.

    Alright, I'll start off by saying this, I know this is Pre-Alpha. There is much work to be done, and there is a long road ahead for the development of this project. Cool! Now that that is done I can say this, I have never had pre-alpha footage impress me this much. Kudos so far on some things like proof of concept, animations, and model quality. That being said, there were some things that leave me asking questions. Based on the current documentation that I can find (At this stage) I can deduce that the main combatives in this AO (Area of Operations) will be insurgents, and a division of the United States Army. The question to be answered are "Who are these guys". I am not claiming to have been in the military, I have never served but I do work with retired and active duty soldiers in the Special Operations community, as well as your regular Joe's on the ground. Having researched, built, bought, and volunteered to help train some of these individuals I have gained a very solid grasp on the types of equipment that these men and women are using when going into combat. That being said the team needs to look at what sort of unit they are trying to portray. As it is currently seen in the pre-alpha footage that has been release there are some big inconsistencies which can lead to what I call "Generic FPS Syndrome". This is when things are added to the game to make it seem cool, but make no tactical sense, or are incorrect portrayals of what is being used. For this post, I will be solely focusing on the United States Army side, and only be talking about personal combat equipment. Identity: So based on what I have seen there are two ways this can go. Some of the equipment and such being used leads me to believe that the character models are based off the Army CAG (Combat Applications Group) or Delta Force. On the flip side, some other gear leads me to believe they are just your standard 11B's on the ground. This is due to what I call "Kit Bashing" or when items are added to someones personal kit that wouldn't be realistically be available to them. The Riflemen models that are currently in the game use the Crye Precision Airframe helmet, and use some un-orthodox pouch layouts(such as back plate inverted mag pouches). This equipment is more what you would see out of Special operations community members. On the flip side, the models mostly use the BAE Systems IOTV which is in current use by grunts in the Army. This coupled with the fact that the models are using standard ACU (Army Combat Uniform) cut BDU's in OCP camo, lead me to believe that the characters are more of the hammer side, rather than the scalpel. Now, to prevent kit bashing, and to maintain a high level of authenticity (not realism), one of three outcomes must happen. Option 1: Change the headgear of the soldiers. This one is a pretty easy one to explain. Regular grunts don't have access to the same kit that the SOF community does. Changing the helmet to the MICH 2000 would make the headgear option of the standard infantry accurate to what is being used today in the field. This one simple modification has turned this Kit bash into an accurate kit for the Army Grunt. Option 2: Ranger Up! Next option I would like to pitch is the changing of the model to resemble that more of the United States Army Ranger. Traditionally the rangers have a little bit more free range of kit that they can carry into the field. This allows for good class based models in the game, while fitting the whole middle ground between BF/COD-ARMA. Using equipment like the MICH 2002 (See Above) and armor carries like the EPC (Eagle Industries Plate Carrier) allow for a more lightweight platform, as well as being a good way to have a modular mission kit. For Example, here are some various kits being used by Rangers out in the field. Rangers on Patrol Ranger on Flightline Ranger Automatic Rifleman I could keep going, but my point is every ranger kit is different. Sauce Option 3: #CAG SWAG The final set I will introduce is the CAG. These guys use top of the like it. Airframes, the CPC (Crye Precision Chasis) and boatloads of high end gear. If they can dream it, they can get it. Now, these guys are elusive, pictures don't surface too often but they are out there. What I have here are some pictures are of milsim impressionists that are doing CAG kits. Based on my sources the kits featured are 95% or more accurate. CAG SWAG 1 CAG SWAG 2 CAG SWAG 3 CAG SWAG 4 Closing Thoughts: Well, I hope we all learned something today. I'll end this thread with this closing statement. I favor option 2. The reason being is that the Rangers have been around the globe, and have many different styles of kit (Which allows a bit of freedom coming up with character models) and also supports the idea of smaller SQUAD based engagements. Smaller teams of more highly skilled troops would fit the idea of the game perfectly. Based on the current model, if the devs decided to go with the standard 11B infantry style and change the helmets around, that would be another idea. The current models (aside from the helmets) are great and could lend more to a big army setup if the devs decide to have larger scale engagements. That being said, I support the idea of using the Rangers as the basis of the models. Problem Solved, Problem Stayin' Solved #RangersLeadTheWay -Biskets