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  1. Vehicle flip bugs

    I have the same bug to report on Fools Rood with a .50 MTLB on the russian side. We flipped when exciting the road, got flipped back by a BTR60 and went to a repair station (whilst burning). Repaired to 100%, flames where still going on, took damage inside. Have pictures of the burning vehicle if you want.
  2. Headset sound gone when reconnecting it

    Thanks for the update!
  3. Hello Guys! For a few weeks I've got a new bluetooth headset. When I start my squad game with it connected its all fine. But when I need to switch to my headset mid game, I cant get squad to switch over to the bluetooth headset. Another issue is when I've been playing with my headset, I get something from the kitchen and the headset disconnects. When I connect it again, theres no audio whatsoever. Even switching to my regular headphones and USB mic set-up is not working then. Any fixes for this?
  4. Two crash reports

    Hi Devs! Not sure if this is where you want these, but thought I'd post them. Loving the new update btw! Only had a few crashes. Two generated a report: This one I got after closing down squad after a round of gameplay on a vehicle server. The dessert map in "the valley". US against insurgents. : This one was mid game: Not sure what map I was playing at that time, sorry! On both occasions I was running Windows 10, using the Discrod app and only had Google Chrome open.
  5. Great to see this map updated with awesome graphics and visuals. Framerate is dropping and noticed a floating tree near the first russian flag. NW side of the flag on the lower part of the hill. Directly above a rock. Sorry no screenshot on my ipad :( Bunkers worked pretty well when we tried assaulting the hilltop. Got mowed down a few times.
  6. Great job so far!

    Hi Guys! Not sure if theres a compliments topic, so I wanted to make a topic of my own. Had a blast playing Squad tonight with some friends. After two games I created a squad and started SL'ing the way I did in PR. It felt so familiair <3 Most of the squad followed orders and even a few squad-leaders responded on squad-radio. We coordinated attacks, made sure one squad was defending, it was epic. Game looks amazing already and I had no issues running it (thankfully). Controls are snappy and the fighting is fantastic. Hectic audio that even drowns out VOIP of other players ^_^ Even had the old nostalgia feeling when the server crashed, loading a new map ;) Great homage to PR I'd say! So, in closing I'd like to say, thanks for working on this game, and keep at it men!
  7. Only received one key

    Had a blast tonight. Spend most of the evening squadleading and it felt so much like PR. Most of the squad was following orders and working together. Freaking amazing ^_^
  8. Only received one key

    Allright, thanks a lot for the suggestions tho guys! :) Received e-mail this morning so this buddy pair will be joining the online battles after work ^_^ cant wait.
  9. Only received one key

    Exactly, I "upgraded" to two rifleman packages instead of upgrading the rifleman to Squadleader. Like the rep from offworld said I should do.
  10. Only received one key

    Hi Guys! I also e-mailed support but I figured might as well ask it here to get an answer faster. (been waiting on this a few months so pretty hyped). When I bought the rifleman tier for myself, a friend also wanted to join in on the fun. He did not have creditcard and paypal was not supported yet. So I e-mailed offworld to ask how I could solve this problem. They said to simply get another rifleman tier (which I did by upgrading my donation) and remind them to give 2 keys in the mailing. I never recieved the mailing (or did not know when to remind you guys) so now I only received one key. Can anyone from offworld help out? Hopefully we can fix this before tomorrow evening as we cleared our schedules ;) But I can imagine you guys are very busy with the release :)