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    hit me up on steam Viper281 :D
  1. id love to see the Korean war as its not done much and the mix of ww2 and Vietnam era would be cool
  2. Medical System

    +1 on this as a medic like 99% of the time Reaper has a point
  3. Speed & Tactical Reload

    Hahaha I can imagen in a war zone being shot at your LT shouts at you saying pick up your mag and your like hold on guys let me pick up my mag ....... Okay I'm good to go back to war arghhhhhh !
  4. Brazilian Favela Warfare Map

    oh my good this is a grate idea !!! Devs do this I beg you would be awesome !!! :D
  5. Founding sources?

    As of right now I do not bleave there is a way but soon some time next mouth there will be a kickstarter where you can help fund the game and support the devs
  6. Dynamic Weather & Time

    id love the idea of you and your buddy's building a FOB and some one sees a shadow in the trees so you pop a flair and there's a squad crawling in on you
  7. Alpha/Beta Testing

    its a Alpha i read from a dev on here some where
  8. My starting point here.

    Thank you for adding Reaper
  9. My starting point here.

    hello first of ive only been around for a few days but by the looks of it the game devs are updating us every month and also in the news section in the forums , and to answer about what will happen after the game is released it will be like most games one of payment so no worry's about that , and the alpha will be out next month the devs say and will be free and will coincide with the kickstarter . correct me if im wrong but this is what i have picked up in the last few days .
  10. Squad Free to play ?

    i would drop like £100 as i love pr
  11. Alpha/Beta Testing

    Hahaha and me to id love to test
  12. Should MEC forces be in Squad?

    my thoughts exactly
  13. Interactive Layered Maps

    This Is a grate idea and you've thought it out nicely I'd love to use this adds a nice tool for ire teams and command to use it's a bit like the bluefor tracker irl .
  14. To this day I still don't know how to use the mortar In prbf2 I haven't needed to know but still live been playing from 0.62 I think it was and in all that time never picked it up so would be nice for a in game basic showcase for squad
  15. Asymmetric teams in INS

    my thoughts exactly XD