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  1. Your Thoughts on the Free Weekend

    Pretty much this! We need you guys to step up and show the new guys the ropes.
  2. [Mapping] Lighting Your Map

    Yea, I could prob come up with something in BP. I actually just copy/paste a set from another map. In the end, I still have to adjust most of them by hand to get optimum placement/height. Really doesn't take long tbh, not worth the R/D time to create the tool imho.
  3. Lighting: Dynamic Lighting and Shadows > help needed please

    Sorry, here is the link: In that video I walk through our current lighting setup. Hope it helps!
  4. Lighting: Dynamic Lighting and Shadows > help needed please

    Here is a stream I just finished... It should help you get up and running pretty quickly with your lighting. As far as leaking, have a look at this Lighting Trouble Shooting Guide (https://wiki.unrealengine.com/LightingTroubleshootingGuide#Dynamic_.28Movable.29_Lighting)
  5. [Mapping] Lighting Your Map

    Hey all! Here is the YouTube of the lighting stream I did on Twitch. Hope this helps somebody! Resources: Lighting Trouble Shooting Guide ( https://wiki.unrealengine.com/LightingTroubleshootingGuide) Cheers! ..oxy..
  6. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    Before I'm a dev, I'm a fan.. Can't wait to play!!
  7. The Wrench - June Edition

    Yea l, totally agree. Not sure people get how epic a 4K map is, let alone 8k! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. How can i use Squad with Dx9?

    SQUAD is developed using DX11 as a requirement. Many graphic aspects require DX11 to work, for example the number of ground textures and other aspects of materials. You may 'get it to work' or may not, I wouldn't spend the time trying tbh.
  9. Hello everyone, got a few things to say!

    Welcome to SQUAD. Thanks for taking the time to make a post. Hearing positive feedback about our game and community from new players is super encouraging and is pure motivation. This game wouldn't survive without positive and helpful community members and it looks like we just added one more. See ya on the battlefield. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Level Design

    Cheers, glad you notice stuff like this. The placement of those double story building are intentional exactly for the reason you mention. As far as the fences go, in level design, especially multiplayer, you should avoid dead ends as much as possible. Especially dead ends at long halls or streets that force the player to retrace their steps for more than a second or two, they frustrate the player and break the flow of the game. I try to always have holes in fences or at least one entrance and one exit to passable areas. This is a fantastic guide that I always share with people who express interest in level design, so many key concepts here: http://bobbyross.com/blog/2014/6/29/the-visual-guide-for-multiplayer-level-design Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Level Design

    Hey.. "Level Design" proper is really hard to nail down in open world games like SQUAD. A lot of the basic traditional principals apply but being that the levels are so large I've been finding it easier to lay out a macro idea and then fill in areas while keeping design principals in mind. On Gorodok for example, the terrain was made and then the general cap areas were roughed out by Taxi and me. I then went back in and 'designed' some areas like upper and lower Niva, using the cliffs to restrict players and forests for cover so that certian areas had some ebb and flow to them while trying to keep the whole map balanced. It is hard to approach maps in SQUAD from a more traditional 'level design' perspective, which has it's own challenges, but the other side of the coin is that it is much harder to mess up the entire map balance being that the map is so huge and open. In my down time, car rides and showers, I've been thinking through how to push the traditional desig /whitebox method into how I would lay out level for SQUAD. I've got some ideas floating around and may try them out on the next map I create. Gorodok is my first run at a 4k map so I've learned a lot but still want to push myself to tackle level creation for SQUAD in fresh ways. My most recent source of inspiration for pushing design in open world games has been this GDC talk from Campo Santo, the devs of Firewatch. ..oxy..
  12. The Wrench - June Edition

    Some nice stuff here... You guys biting of 8k maps for your first go are quite ambitious..
  13. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    The foliage is using pivot painter and world position offset, no third party tools. Everything is still a work in progress. We've got to find the balance between looks and performance. The first pass was getting it to work for you, the player, this pass was to get it to work for the other players on screen as well as obey prone state. We'll keep working on it.
  14. IronTaxi (Lead mapper) will be doing a live AMA over on Twitch at 12pm EST. Please join us and get some of your questions answered! www.twitch.tv/offworldindustries
  15. SquadLeague is really hitting it out of the park. I'm def. going to be watching this!