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  1. Revisiting Anti-Aliasing

    try using TXAA and sharpen the image with the help of ReShade - that's how I do it. p.s. I use Lumasharpen (strength of the effect is 0.75 while clamp is 0.30)
  2. Distant foliage LOD

    I have AA on. Both temporal and MSAA. which should I disable? But I think its not a "issue" or a bug. Im talking about far distances. like 100 meters and more. Its also noticable when I press shift to stabilise aim(without scope) - there is LOD pop up (mainly trees).
  3. Distant foliage LOD

    All highest settings. gfx card is 980ti. It's especially notticable when using a scope.
  4. Distant foliage LOD

    I know there are options. Im talking about the highest settings
  5. Distant foliage LOD

    Hi there. Love the alpha so far. There are bugs etc. but its expected as the game is still in alpha state. One thing I notice every game - is LOD of distant trees, bushes, rocks and other detail on the ground. While it's completly unnoticable in forest maps, LOD pop up is very noticable in "open" environments. Distant foliage look very ugly and stripped. Rocks and bushes pop up on the ground noticeably. It would be great if you could implement some kind of additional slider to control the distance at which all those thing get more detailed. For example it could be a slider like "100%...200%" of draw distance. So people with capable hardware could crank up the option, BUT it wont be possible to make it less than 100% so some players would take advantage of it to "cheat".
  6. Game Title Opinions And Suggestions

    Hodor problem solved
  7. awesome UI. +1
  8. Game Title Opinions And Suggestions

    "Squad" is the right name IMO. Often(very often) actions of a single squad influence the outcome of a match. Each squad in a team is a living organism - no matter if its actions lead to winning or loosing. One man is not enough (unless it's Chuck Norris), while a whole team is too big for one mission (unless there's a genius-commander with great leadership skills... Chuck Norris I mean) that's why we usually have different squads on different missions. Each squad has it's story during a match. Squad = leadership skill of a SL and his vision of a battlefield + communication and cooperation + willing to take and fulfill orders. Take away 1 component and squad will likely fail which might lead to the whole team failure. So I say a squad is more important than 1 man and more important than whole team in most cases. Squad FTW!!1 p.s. you guys have already made some progress. And so far it's a success. If everything goes how you've planned than it's a bad idea to change the name IMO. Every name has a strength, a message in it Name your son Chuck Norris and then after few months decide to change his name to something else... like Justin Bieber. Whole new destiny...
  9. Destruction

    Hi everybody. So straight to the topic: Does Unreal Engine allow to create destructible environments? If yes, would you guys implement it(do you plan to implement it)? example: shooting with AT weapon at a building which is ocupied by an enemy would cause damage to those inside and also would cause "cosmetic" changes(hole in the wall etc) and new tactical oportunites(new entrance, new window etc)... And congrats on starting this great new project! Will definatly suport it! edit: found a couple of videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGJ91NHY7Nc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIvcTwlosMQ