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  1. Recent Events and Opinions on Potato Drama

    We are dealing with the situation and would appreciate the time and some space to deal with this situation objectively without pressure to do anything caused by community pressure. Some of these things that are being purposefully forced around the internet are assumptions and rumours. Please allow us the time and space to deal with this appropriately. First off, we do not sanction the use of admin cam during any match without prior approval from the server admin, nor should any admin powers be used before clearing with a server admin, even if the explicitly enabled QA admin access on their servers. We assure the community that we take this stuff very seriously. So seriously that we have revoked all QA's powers across the board, indefinitely, while we resolve this and gather all the facts. We will not be pressured in to making a rash decision based on smear campaigns, whether that is someone that represents OWI or OWI itself that is the target of it. This was no easy decision to make as this choice will definitely have an impact on the quality and timeline for v9, but that is how seriously we take it. We get that the passionate people involved on all sides in this are extremely invested. We get that is the motivation behind the actions. You guys want us to know that you care - We do. You guys want us to take action - we already have taken lots of actions, chief among them the above removal of all QA access. You guys want this resolved sooner rather than later - so do we, we have a game to make. Please be respectful enough to extend us the same courtesy to resolve this without escalating this behind the scenes in attempts to divide and factionalize the communities. That goes for all parties involved. I will now lock this thread, but leave it up to prevent further spam of this "campaign". /OWI
  2. Community Clan Fight Night

    OWI 1 Squad
  3. Hit penalties finally coming in version 9!

    Must admit that this is news to me. If you are going to do a title like that "X confirmed for Y!" please include links. Regardless of what link you may be able to provide, I can tell you that it won't be in A9, though we will have it eventually. I'm going to close this thread as to not get peoples expectations mixed up. Again, things like these are coming, it will be a gradual implementation over several updates, but not for A9.
  4. Acog sight is broken, badly.

    Priority: Medium-High Started work: Early stages Please keep in mind that this won't be an overnight thing where suddenly all problems and bugs are suddenly gone in one sweep. We will for all intents and purposes be starting from scratch when it comes to setting up handling, sights and feel of the weapons. I'm already looking forward the the hundreds of feedback threads upon first release.
  5. Acog sight is broken, badly.

    We aren't touching any scopes, reticles or sights until the new weapon system is in place. There are too many fundamental problems as it is to proceed and to improve things a tiny fraction when it will be replaced and redone completely. tl:dr We know. Patience.
  6. This is like your 17th thread about it at this point?
  7. Community content WIP thread!

    Yep, I'm fine with that too, hopefully those lessons could transfer to other maps. It puzzles me why people think they are supposed to be able to take any arbitrary vehicle absolutely anywhere without difficulty or risk. Video games are teaching people the wrong things I guess.
  8. Community content WIP thread!

    Lol that map will either teach people to stay on the damn roads..... or will induce yet unseen levels of player frustration. Looking great, and love seeing the vibe of your original map transferred to this project
  9. To be or not to be

    Squad is not meant to be a mil sim, I'll show myself out
  10. V8 Rocket Techie Feedback

    A quick tip to help you guys out: 100% elevation achieves about the same range as 50% elevation. What the increased elevation above 50% does is alter the angle of impact, making it rain down on top of the enemies rather than direct fire. Also greatly increases the flight time. So use that knowledge to your advantage if you are doing indirect or direct fire.
  11. V8 Rocket Techie Feedback

    1. Kinda intentional to discourage one manning it. If you are one manning the vehicle it isn't as effective as being two. Teamwork and communication at the core of everything. 2. Meant to be improvised and derpy, won't be overly fancy. The best you can to do is look out the back and keep track of your angle and have squad mates help guide you in. Don't worry, fancier weapon systems will have fancier interfaces and controls. This one won't. Trust me, fine adjustments won't do you much good anyway. This sucker has a 100m deviation at about 5-600m . Area suppression is the name of the game, not precision fire. There will be mortars for hitting specific things. Improvised, derpy, high skill cap is the name of the game for this particular asset. Characteristics vary with each asset. Stand by for more stuff.
  12. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    Listened? I had that thing made back at the same time the first M249 came in, just didn't get around to putting it in game before now 2014
  13. You guys dont play a lot of medic I take it. Having to open the map to figure out where specific people are at would be extremely frustrating and a complete no-go in a stressful situation where specific people are key. Like other medics or SL or LAT.
  14. Your Thoughts on the Free Weekend

    I have a personal request for all of the community groups out there. Please, please don't gang up and steam roll clueless teams with a clan stacked team. Steam roll stomping is fun, sometimes, we get that, but, save that for the weekend after or something. Be mature and think of the future player base, and instead of being a wrecking ball of a squad, spead out and be SLs and medics/Fire team leaders in all of the squads. Assist and show people an example of what it is supposed to be about. Dont hide in a squad full of regulars leaving all of the new people confused and dicking around in leaderless 9 man groups of lone wolves. Thank you very much in advance, and think of the good of the community <3 #Dropyouropticandgrabamedicbagatleast We'll be there right beside you in the trenches, with pockets full of hello kitty band aids for all the hurt ankles and bullet wounds. EDIT: If you arent an SL, have no fear, you got time to pratice. And even if you think you suck, you'll be a hundred times better than some green recruit coming in