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  1. Al-Basrah Rework.

    Is it possible to replace Al Basrah's default buildings by those new Talil's buildings ?? Since they are perfect for urban fights and much better than those that currntly areo n Al-Basrah
  2. Anti-personnel mines

    1. The US and Russia have not signed that convention as well as Insurgents/Militia, so we have only one faction that signed it - Britain. Thus it is not a reason. 2. Friendly Players will kill each other by these mines. - I will now advise a genius idea. Just switch off triggering friendly AP mines for Public servers and switch on for event servers kinda one-life on SquadOps events.
  3. I really like superfobbing in the Squad and those factions are my favorites but the problem is they have not adequate fortifications to build that would help them survive. 1. I mean that everytime i need to place barrels and then sandbags on top doing same operations for each side 3-4 times and still it has a lot of problems such as setting BIPODs and top sandbags become destroyed after one VOG/Granade at the same time BLUFORE factions are able to build sterling bunkers spending much less resources. Insurgent faction that almost has not optic scopes is very vulnerable and they are not even able to build sterling fortifications. There are tons of references whereas real insurgents in Syria build sterling bunkers using just a dust and various trash. Bunkers kinda with 1 m width walls of sandbags and barrels with small 20x30 cm window for machinegunner. How would it be possible to destroy such bunkers ? There is a separate class of weapons called Thermobarric grenade launchers. Russians have RPO-A Shmel, pretty sure Americans have some analogue. 2. There is also problem with RazorWire lines that can be simply be destroyed by ONE hit of knife/bayonet. Thanks for attention.
  4. It seems like the Squad has fundamental issues in the code. All weapons with explosive effect don't work enough effectively.
  5. Mortar Operator Class Suggestion

    Post Scriptum already has it on Werhmaht
  6. Such as RPO-a SHMEL I am sure it would be good addition to the current alternative LAT kit of russian forces. Now it has only one RPG-26 aglen but what if add one more RPO-A Shmel to it ? It is very powerful weapon against infantry and good modern alternative to RPG-7 explosive Oskolok.
  7. Old annoying bugs

    1.When I see how someone is actually shooting from M4 rifle by burst sometimes i don't hear sound of the shooting, the sound and animation work asynchronously. This is especially noticeable near. 2. I also want to notice that when you are trying to shoot by 1 bullet from m2 browning or NSV then other players hear burst or automatic shooting. 3. Rocket car bug has still not been fixed since A11. 4. Static-SPG LOD bug has been returned in A12. 5. Explosive shells of various automatic cannons(btr-82,Warrior, Bradley etc) are still useless. You don't receive any damage even if it hits two meters of you. Same problem with tank explosive shells. It must kill in 10m radius and wound 20m radius but at the moment you stay alive after 5m radius and don't receive any damage after 10m... 6. There is some strange GAMMA at some maps like Kohat and Gorodok. It is especially noticeable when you are placing radio or something else placeable and it is highlighted by different green color.
  8. Thx for the response. I also would like to advise that adding some old ATGM types is a good idea. For example soviet ATGM Konkurs is widely used. And make it costing 1000 constuction points. That would make hunting on tanks really exciting
  9. There are many different techie military vehicles used in modern conflicts. I think that devs shouldn't stop adding new ones and give more variety. That would make the game more interesting. Here my examples of new vehicles are that I believe should be added. 1. Toyota Hilux + mounted M1937 37mm soviet AA cannon. I saw many times this variation used various groups in modern conflicts. As I believe Insurgents must have weapon that can destroy medium armored vehicles such as warrior, MRAP or BTRs. Also it would be good for usage against Helies once it's added. First of all, I hope that you will finally add Hilux since this car that Opfors factions have is too small to mount ZSU, ZPU or M1937. 2. S-57 57mm Soviet cannon mounted by URAL, Daihatsu, Hyundai or any other truck. This shell's caliber could penetrate even Bradley's armour and also would make gameplay more interesting. 3. T-55 Also using the chance I want to mention again that Insurgents need their own tank. I believe that t-55 would be nice decision since this is pretty old tank and is not so modern as t-62. 4. ZPU-4, ZPU-2 These heavy machine guns can be mounted by Hilux as well. It has 14.5 caliber same as BTR-80 cannon. Could be equipped by high explosive shells and would make Opfor factions more chances to fight with Blufor. Thx for attention. Hopefully Squad will become more realistic and similar to modern conflicts.
  10. The next tank added should be T-55

    I doubt that they very happy to do both t55 and t62 for opfors. Since they add only 1 asset per month. Thus, choosing between t55 and t62, definetely it should be t55.
  11. Why have we not had anti-personnel mines in game? it's quite easy to create this asset, but that would change the gameplay for the better. For example, letting for a raider class have 2 such mines, this would not lead to a meat grinder, but would help protect the FOBs. Is there ethical reason as with VBIED trucks or what?
  12. The next tank added should be T-55

    T-55 and T-62 are equally common at Irregular armies but I think T-55 would be better because this more corresponds to the insurgents, since the T62 is a too modern tank even for them.
  13. The next tank added should be T-55

    Ofcourse, he will not have any chance against challenger, as well as BRDM-2 has not against Warrior, but if we want realistic game and variety, Insurgents should have their own tank