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  1. add, would be useful especially for non-regular armies
  2. At the moment we have not realistic maps for this mode. All maps which was done are arcade maps (except Yehorivka). Al basrah the first urban map but gameplay in urban zone looks like in some COD or CS GO. I suggest to devs take a look on Syrian conflict, especially on Euphrate river's zone like Raqqa city or Deir Ez Zor. That would be really interesting for players, also dont listen moralfags, add VBIED.
  3. I did not say a word about bipods, I told recoil is too strong even if you shoots standing
  4. M249's recoil is too strong, feels like you keep in hand flaming potato but not machine-gun. due to recoil machinegunner is the most useless kit in game, even if shoot lying. I dont know why you continue to make strange decisions, may be you have not reference videos or you made it for balance, in both cases it don't makes game better.
  5. The biggest problem of new urban map(al basrah) is crazy gameplay, sometimes I think I play in some Call of Duty. I suggest to increase spawntime in urban zone to Unload gameplay
  6. 1.African Resistance Forces 2.ISIS (or Syrian rebels FSA) 3. Syrian Government Forces(SAA) 4. Iraqi Forces
  7. Things that are widely used in military conflicts, but few people remember about them. In the game they could be introduced as an established statics Especially for Militia. When your squad defending some foxholes, houses, it would be useful use this things
  8. I still wait feedback from Devs, problem still exist and did not solved
  9. When I stand without moving, look in the distance
  10. Devs, why did you bring this thread in suggestions and ignore me ?
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8140aMerGU pls help to fix it It has been began after Alfa 9 release
  12. Arma has really a lot of useful things and I hope Devs will add them to make gameplay more hardcore
  13. How should I add AO,normal, base, metallic,roughness etc in 3ds max's material editor that it will looks like in substance ??? How to us this maps in max ?
  14. indeed, but how..... is that mean in game engine it wll be looks like in Substance Painter anyway?