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  1. 1.African Resistance Forces 2.ISIS (or Syrian rebels FSA) 3. Syrian Government Forces(SAA) 4. Iraqi Forces
  2. Things that are widely used in military conflicts, but few people remember about them. In the game they could be introduced as an established statics Especially for Militia. When your squad defending some foxholes, houses, it would be useful use this things
  3. I still wait feedback from Devs, problem still exist and did not solved
  4. When I stand without moving, look in the distance
  5. Devs, why did you bring this thread in suggestions and ignore me ?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8140aMerGU pls help to fix it It has been began after Alfa 9 release
  7. Arma has really a lot of useful things and I hope Devs will add them to make gameplay more hardcore
  8. How should I add AO,normal, base, metallic,roughness etc in 3ds max's material editor that it will looks like in substance ??? How to us this maps in max ?
  9. indeed, but how..... is that mean in game engine it wll be looks like in Substance Painter anyway?
  10. When I try to export my final Base_color texture, it exports not correctly, but in viewport all is ok. I have tried to use any formats(png, targa), but it didn't help. Pls help me to fix it.
  11. Anyway I think barrel of pistol should jump a little higher. For example this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkStTA8sOig&t=144s
  12. 1. I suggest to change reload animation for DSHKm/Browning, cuz we are as if screwed to the ground, make it so that we can see that not only the hands moving, but also the body, the head 2. Recoil from pistol shooting is too inconspicuous, please make it stronger.
  13. Ofcourse not, but may do some of bullets will ignite, 5-10% may be it would be remind like in reality
  14. You need to study this question, all tracers are burning
  15. Would be awesome if after hit of bullets with tracers some materials start to ignit as it happen in real life, this would give more meaning for DSHKm, Browning etc, would be have sence to shoot from big distance in enemy fortifications, civilian cars etc