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  1. I had deleted user settings, and switched off "full loading textures", freezes had stopped, but it is not solution for me, that's what I knew , I want to play with switched on it, I just dont understand why my characteristics not enough Is not enough 4gb VRAM/16gb RAM/i5 3.5GHz ? may be reason is not VRAM ? frequency of freezes usually starts to increase after 30-40 minuts of play, I am thinking it can be associated with increasing of CPU's temperature
  2. I had played with off feature ( full texture loading) and had FPS around 40-55, had shitty blurry textures of weapon, vehicles etc , but then I switched on it, so all textures have become good and FPS Increased to 50-75, but I began to notice freezes when I am turning. It is really strange and annoying, please help me to fix it I have the following characteristics: CPU Intel core i5 4690 3.5 GHz GTX 960 4GB VRAM RAM 16 GB DD3
  3. AKM is my favorite weapon, but also I like to play the role of squadleader make more various Squadleader kit or change ar74 to AKM pls ______________________________________________________________________________ Also please reduce recoil of AKM During the lying, it is really too strongly
  4. Existing bunkers look are too simple, I suggest you look at this refs and make new bunkers,foxholes, guard towers etc. Make it more authentically, by add some garbage : barrels, woodsticks etc
  5. U.S. Army Anti-Tank

    cost of 1 Javelin is around $ 246,000 and it is impossible use on distance less than 100 m, yea Carl G would be better
  6. Killing of wounded

    It seems absurd that in a game aimed at realism there is still no such possibility. This is really very annoying when killing a whole squad, the last enemy kills you, after which they all heal each other. It would be much fairer and more realistic if, having given a couple of shots in the body, the player would be completely dead
  7. Settable Optic

    add, would be useful especially for non-regular armies
  8. null_value

    At the moment we have not realistic maps for this mode. All maps which was done are arcade maps (except Yehorivka). Al basrah the first urban map but gameplay in urban zone looks like in some COD or CS GO. I suggest to devs take a look on Syrian conflict, especially on Euphrate river's zone like Raqqa city or Deir Ez Zor. That would be really interesting for players, also dont listen moralfags, add VBIED.
  9. I did not say a word about bipods, I told recoil is too strong even if you shoots standing
  10. M249's recoil is too strong, feels like you keep in hand flaming potato but not machine-gun. due to recoil machinegunner is the most useless kit in game, even if shoot lying. I dont know why you continue to make strange decisions, may be you have not reference videos or you made it for balance, in both cases it don't makes game better.
  11. The biggest problem of new urban map(al basrah) is crazy gameplay, sometimes I think I play in some Call of Duty. I suggest to increase spawntime in urban zone to Unload gameplay
  12. 1.African Resistance Forces 2.ISIS (or Syrian rebels FSA) 3. Syrian Government Forces(SAA) 4. Iraqi Forces
  13. Settable Optic

    Things that are widely used in military conflicts, but few people remember about them. In the game they could be introduced as an established statics Especially for Militia. When your squad defending some foxholes, houses, it would be useful use this things
  14. The screen shakes all time

    I still wait feedback from Devs, problem still exist and did not solved