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  1. Increase penetrative damage for explosive weapons

    All fragmentation shells such as 30mm, SPG, RPG damage too low. Just yesterday, I shoot in a guy with SPG by Fragmentation shell and the shell fell not more than 3 metres from the guy but he was not killed and continued firing in me. Such game defects really kill gameplay
  2. SPG-9 Rotable Tripod

    Such factions as Militia and Insurgents should have their own ATGMs. Such as an old soviet 9K113 Konkurs or even older Malutka. We can see that it is widely using in a modern conflicts. Also, small note: TOW's wire that following a rocket is too thick, it looks like it has a 2cm diameter whilst in real life it is thin, about 0.3cm
  3. A few suggestions

    I want to share with you my thoughts and suggest a several changes: 1. Introduce the HotKey for a knife. Because a selecting and take-off animation take too much time. It would be nice to have some Hotkey for fast taking out of a knife. 2. Reduce a cost of one static SPG shot. Now it is 100 ammunition points. So, 3-4 shots are wasting almost half of all ammunition. Especially for Insurgents that dont have a big supply truck. Reduce a build cost for barrels for Insurgents/Militia. Now it costs 200 points that is too much. When I play as SL it is really hard to find a guy who will just to carry whole round ammunition/build materials that wasting like a water. 3. Add some new fortifications like a bunkers. Those bunkers that we have now dont allow to protect fully players and sometimes dont give a good overview. It would also nice to add an opportunity to dig some holes and trenches, I am not sure that is possible in Unreal Engine 4, if yes, that would change a gameplay really in better side. 4. Add an antipersonnel mine. I suggest do it in two defferent ways. For example to add on some kit such as raider or add opportunity for SLs to plant mine-fields. For example 10x10 quad field with antipersonnel mines. That would really change gameplay in better side, especially during protection of a FOB. 5. Those new armory techi are not popular because their speed has been reduced too much. I dont think that in real life car wastes 30-40% of a starting speed because of several metal sheets. 6. Sound and visual effects from hitting 30mm shells do not work correctly. For example sometimes I can not even understand that 30mm cannon is shooting in you because because you do not hear and do not see it.
  4. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    Germany or France would be better.
  5. ??? if there is anything to say on the merits, then I listen carefully Perhaps that is something you do not understand, since I used Google translator. Once again, the main idea is what I said. At a distance of more than 1000 m, all objects disappear.
  6. With the release of the a11 version, the FPS has indeed grown somewhat. However, at what price? When I played the game on Kohat, we put the fob about 1000-1100 meters from FOB Connelly. What was my surprise when I looked through binoculars on the FOB Connelly I did not see any objects at all. Even Hesco. Only the bare ground and small points of the players. This is absolutely unacceptable. Apparently, the developers have simply deleted all object LODs at a distance of more than 1000 meters. If you think that this is a reasonable price for raising 10-15% of the FPS, then you are very wrong. Also, instead of making new LODs of static objects on the Albasrah map, the developers simply reduced the fog distance. This is one of the most stupid methods of raising FPS, which kills gameplay. I hope that you acknowledge that this is all a mistake. And people who play on computers of the 2010-2012 release and are constantly whining about poor optimization, I want to say shut up, or spend $ 500 more, no one because of you should not suffer.
  7. For example, in game menu, when I see server with current map Narva AAS v2, there is no any information about what are factions on that map. There are factions that I like, some factions I dont like. So why must I connect to server to check which factions at current map ? Is it really so difficult to implement this technically? Just write info about factions in game preview menu in server list. Even in prehistoric BF2 such simple things had been implemented.
  8. That would be great if in future we see ARF (african resistance forces) faction like in Project reality. They could be equiped with FN FALs, AKs, some old variants of M16A2, FAMAS, Browning Hi-Power etc.
  9. Defenses

    "Deployables are useless" That is not truth because better to have some shield than not have. As in real defences dont save against snipers/marksmans. I created a thread may be 1 year ago, where was asking to introduce in gane some static Scopes emplacements. That is really simple to make and add in game and that would help to spectate area and find snipers. And yes, those sandbags can be destroyed by mortar fire, unfortunately this is the truth of life with which you have to put up. But you can use barrels, wooden logs, Hesco etc What about barbwire that is the most usefull thing to slow enemy's advancing, and they would waste granades or time to destroy it. HMGs, especcially, DShkms are really vulnerable. I would advice to devs to refresh defences set for Militia and Insurgent. If you would see at some fortifications in Syraa, Ukraine war, they provide more safe for defenders.
  10. Ranging for rocket techi

    I often use rocket techi, and it is mor useful in some cases than mortars, because it can cover bigger square than mortars when you are shooting all rockets. The only one problem is that is very dificult to aim correctly. If devs add ranging as I wrote above it would be more useful. I would also suggest to decrease time of reloading from repair station.
  11. Ranging for rocket techi

    I am not saying about perfectly accurate angle. I am saying about aproximate ranging. So, slopes here does not matter in any way. I remember when long ago in 2015 I wrote that in the game we need to enter Free Look feature, amazingly, but find those who said that it is not necessary and does not need to resemble on Arma.
  12. I think in real life it is possible to count approximate range. At this moment Rocket car is not so popular, because few people know how to use it. So, I suggest to introduce that opportunity in game. For example 200-500-800-1200 meters.
  13. "Believability" of maps, realism

    I like big maps, such as Kohat, Gorodok, Mestia where you feel big spaces, and heightmaps of these maps are really organic. I dont like Fools Road, since it really bothers to climb steep hills and descend from them. I dont like sumari bala, logar since that maps are too small and vehicles are useless there that is like a scirmish mod in PR. I see two big problems with maps at this moment: 1.The game needs more static objects like buildings etc, to make gameplay more interesting. Some more unique large buildingsin full size like Airport, Airbase, Hospitals etc 2. Also needs more variable plants, bushes etc. Since now PS's vegetation looks more organic than Squad's.
  14. I would change animation of medic's healing animation and 3p animation of bandaging sometimes looks strange, but mostly I like those new animations. Also, I would advice to devs to return an old animation of 1p running with rifle. Cuz now when you run you see full rifle on screen, that old animatiton when you are running and your rifle lowered down was really organic. I would also pay more attention to 1p driving, cuz now when you are driving vehicle, you feel uncomfortable, needs to add some shakeness, more sounds and generally change vehicle's dynemic. What about this thread, I think the length of animations is correct, people who appreciates bunny-jumping, prone-to-shooting, fast animations of reloading, bandaging etc would feel better themselfs in some CS GO, CoD etc
  15. 1.Some servers do not appear in server list. Only after 2-5 times of refreshing they appear in list. 2.Also I did not find opportunity to add the server in Favorites, although that section exists. 3.When I am waiting for connection in a queue, position went to 0/0 and then nothing happens or just message "disconnected from a queue". That is really annoying, since sometimes that requires to wait 15-20 minuts for connection. 4.When I have just refreshed server list and click on some sections such as "game mode", " server name" etc to sort server list in a few seconds server list is mixed again. That is annoying as well. 5. That is impossible to connect to any server first 15-20 seconds after joining in game main menu, always message "disconnected from the queue" appears.