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  1. Scopes/Iron Sights Thread

    I think the only time I shoot both eyes open is skeet... and while I hate those little orange tricksters, I'm not about to start shooting every gun I own with both eyes. It would be nice if Squad included that kind of visual effect to shooting.
  2. Capturing incapacitated enemy players for intel.

    Perhaps there could be different levels of intel gathered by performing a task. Once an incapacitated player is stabilized by an enemy medic they're essentially "killed" by being taken out of action. This way the deceased player can return to the action rather than just watching as their body is dragged away. Or make that optional if the player wants to stick around and resist? If the body is checked out by a squad leader in the field, perhaps it can provide the last three grids the captured player occupied. If the body is brought back to an FOB, the last five grids occupied by the player are provided. If the body is brought back to the starting base, even better intel is provided. Exactly what the reward for that task is could be reasonably high. Essentially a call can be made for how much effort is to be put into intelligence gathering (do we have a vehicle we can run this guy back to the FOB with?) or ignoring incapacitated enemy soldiers entirely. edit - I also like the ticket bonus ideas Catindabox suggested.
  3. Septem Pro Vita (SPV)

    I've been with SPV for about a year now and really enjoy every game we've ever touched. We roll very tight in shooters but also have a bunch of members who enjoy flight sims, naval combat games and even the occasional RPG, so there is plenty to do in any down time between game nights.