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  1. Squad League

    We are not dead! So I have finally arrived in Korea (I'm in the military and had to take some time to spend with my family) and tomorrow I get my pc and internet. Expect a lot more activity in the very near future. This weekend we're likely going to host a little clan bash for fun. After that we're hoping for the launch of v7 to begin hosting proper matches again. As far as tournaments go, likely we need to finish our code of conduct and rules for operating in Squad League. We also need to expand our staff as @rusty simply cannot do it all. All in all we had a much needed break. Lots of lessons learned from the tournament. Hoping to get the community rocking and a rolling here again! If anyone has questions feel free to fire away!
  2. Thanks brother! We certainly hope to keep iterating and deliver a pretty valuable tool to the community. Custom banner? As in for each server they can upload an image with information regarding that community?
  3. Squad League

    We will still host various events and will consider hosting tournaments/league's once more features are available to us both in game and out of it. You are more than welcome to sign up for events we have upcoming (nothing is on the books in the near term however). In regards to the GHOST question. We did not scratch that tournament, so as far as we're concerned they did indeed win. However, per our own forum statement, GHOST will no longer be participating in Squad League and that post is all we're going to say on the matter publicly. There are two sides to every equation and for the long term benefit of our community, the Squad League community, we feel we made right decision. FYI, packing for a move to the other side of the world. So that is my response and will likely not be able to further comment.
  4. Squad League March Madness Championship is Upon Us!

    @Rusty We settled on a time yet? @BLITZA @ProwleR GHOST
  5. Squad League March Madness Championship is Upon Us!

    Hehe, we know where it is. When you finally see it, you can't believe you missed it that many times.
  6. Server Feature Requests

    I'd love to see custom loading screens for servers. Allowing clans to advertise their upcoming events. (whether it be stuff like Squad League, Community Clan Fight Night, Rip vs The World, 303rd's Insurgency Nights, etc)
  7. The hype for the championship is gonna be unreal! Can't believe we're almost through with this bad boy......it's been a great journey and we've learned lots.
  8. Squad League

    Wait until you watch iB vs HSG. Holy hell that was a killer match today. We'll get that up as soon as possible. Def our closest match yet........easily.