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  1. Post Scriptum Keys

    Seems I was not the purchaser of our clan package but it has been sorted now and the email associated has been identified. Thank you.
  2. Post Scriptum Keys

    I appreciate the generosity of receiving a game for free, especially one that I have been following and would have purchased on Steam anyway so I am gratfeul too. But this system of veryfying emails it seems is already hit and miss and causing frustration from potentially legitimate backers. I feel backers could have easiy been rewarded as intended without the system that is implemented here. Squad backers records, transactions and details could have been verified and they could have then been notified with the appropriate amount of keys etc via email or on this forum without the need for us to verify our email adresses from several years ago. Please inform us all of what is being done to fix this and take the care to explain why not all backers details have been included.
  3. Post Scriptum Keys

    Tried several emails including the one linked to the kickstarter clan package I personally purchased. No joy yet.
  4. Post Scriptum Keys

    User not found! Why can't they just make it easy and do it through this forum. You guys can already check and confirm backers without the need for us to use a system that is clearly a little broken. Thanks.
  5. List of active clans and communities

    Name: AusTac - Tactical Gaming Australia Tag: [AusTac] Link: http://www.austac.net Language: English Description: [AusTac] is an Australian Community of Gamers focused on mature and fun gameplay. Members: 25 active We also play and host: ArmA 2, ArmA 3 and Insurgency.