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  1. August 2018 Recap

    Hey! Great work on the T72, this is a great time to put this idea back out there if it's not already in the works: Make sure that spent casing gets flung out the top right ''n proper!
  2. Without a doubt And with the Gorka of course
  3. Honestly I don't know.... I can't play v7 on any decent FPS so I can't really comment :V
  4. Left Click Bug

    Have this issue too and its 100% FPS related. With v7 and AMD I get a solid stunning 14FPS and Semi-auto is simply out of the question. I always have to stick my stuff on Auto and hope for the best
  5. Weapon mechanics

    Unless you're firing a Serbian AK variant (or a few other specialty ones) then the bolt stays closed even with a dry chamber. Arming the Militia faction with Serb NPAPs that lock open would be a neat, all be it unimportant, feature. I hope they add RPGs/LAW models to the back of soldiers so you can identify an AT threat from a distance before they engage you. I know its placeholder, but the LAW firing animation should include the soldier throwing it to the ground.
  6. Aiming Deadzone

    I absolutely love aiming deadzone, hell I'd be all for an Arma style system: It's optional and scale able to the clients wants. What would be beautiful is how RO2 or Insurgency does it. Unless they find a way to make the aiming smoother through some animation magic, it currently feels way too stiff and a bit like a Korean Counter Strike clone tbh, and thats with the sensitivity incredibly low, but that's just my opinion. If it were up to me, there would be a capped aimspeed that was global as to limit people from being able to snap turn (Try doing so IRL with a 8-9lb rifle).
  7. Here's another one of those "things I'd like to see in game thing." However, I did search before hand. I'm sure these are in the works in one way or another but I'd still love to get this out. I did some listening and it sounds like rifles already crack when getting shot at in game, but it needs to be more pronounced IMO. Also, near explosions need to cause ears to ring. I'm amazed that that's not in right now TBH. Looked high and dry on forums for this, and Russian forces/Militia need a belt fed MG instead of / as well as the RPK. I'd love to see either a PKM or PKP in game for these forces, as they are the backbone of many military forces around the world.
  8. A few weeks ago I was thinking "Wow, I would absolutely love a Chechen map in PR" and boom they threw in Grozny, and it's one of my favorite maps in any game ever. If they put Grozny in Squad I'd crap my pants. By far one of the most hectic and fun maps I've ever seen. In case OWI wasn't aware of how perfect this map is, here are some amazing videos.
  9. A friendly reminder to VFX artists when tanks come out.

    Bruno, if you guys include the autoloader shell ejection for tanks I will be the happiest man on the planet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6xXYz1qv40 This mod is seriously one of the only ones that does and it's such a cool little feature. Also, randomized side numbers and markers would be great. Just the little things for down the road. I have no doubt you will make vehicles look amazing!
  10. Post Process Feedback

    I'd love for a setting to scale the amount of blur. I absolutely love it with the scopes but I feel it is too much sometimes when out of optics.
  11. one .50 cal gatlinggun in some maps

    No need, an M2 does just fine at clearing everything in it's crosshair
  12. Hit Damage

    I've killed plenty of people with one chest shot with a 7.62, you probably hit someone in the gut. That being said, there are plenty of times in RO2 when people take 2 rifle caliber rounds to put someone down. I don't know what you're complaining about.
  13. Tank Controls

    Tanks/APCs were by far one of the best experiences in PR. Being in a squad when someone forgot to grab/ran out of ammo with their LAT kit and an APC or tank rolls over the hill next to you is one of the most nerve-racking experiences in the game. No one and I mean no one wants full 32v32 tank battles. Go play some PR and you'll understand exactly what people want from combined arms. It's very balanced when your team works together. Remember: A tank alone with no infantry to support it is a burning pile of steel waiting to happen. Tanks are not OP if you know what you're doing.
  14. A small but gameplay important suggestion that I'd love to see in this game. Move speed / stamina penalties for scaling steep hills. Arma does this well by simply disabling sprint if the terrain is too steep. Maybe a varying move speed with the steepness of the terrain? This would be a very simple feature to code and balance Seeing people get shot at, then sprinting up a near 45 degree sand hill over to safety in 5 seconds is kind of ridiculous. If you've ever tried to run up a decent hill in sand or any terrain with gear, you'd know how big of an issue this is. This would make fighting in valleys something to avoid, as they should be. Maybe the ability to sprint at %75 speed up steep hills with a MAJOR stamina penalty?