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  1. Night Time is dumb

    Everyone already has built in nods, it's located in the settings called gamma.
  2. US soldiers - First look at player models

    I can't really tell from that image alone but that vest is very similar to a standard IOTV gen 3 with the tactical assault panel (the clip on FLC) which I know for a fact they are issuing out. As for the Crye pants, they arn't very standard but I have seen some Airborne units with them before.
  3. US M16/M4 weapons full auto??

    I can only speak for 1st ID but a little over a year ago all our M4's were replaced with M4A1's.
  4. Any 19 Kilos or Deltas about?

    Obligatory 11 series comment!
  5. Assign Squad Leader Option

    I'm sure they've thought about it, or are already planning on implementing it. I have seen that same situation in almost every round.
  6. Quick question about the Clan Patch

    My clan wants to purchase the Clan Pack but we just wanted to know if only the 5 or 10 people that get those keys will receive the clan patch or anyone who joins that clan later on will also receive the clan patch? Thank you.