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  1. September 2016 Monthly Recap

    What about that map with those eastern European apartment blocks, will they still come out with V8? Also feels like V8 isnt going to come out as soon as I'd expect which is this month, so will we have another recap with more features before we get it?
  2. Op First Light map updates (old Forest map)

    operation balalayka
  3. i dont think we'd need any rules or restrictions on this. just a 5-10 second shovel animation and viola, you have an extra 15-25 cm of dirt in a 90-180° arc for protection and weapon resting while prone. defense 101 really. foxholes are another story.
  4. i'm pretty sure their decision to include russia and britain isnt the end of the world for the game, so no they might still get some ideas for future reference.
  5. why not both? why not zoidberg?
  6. i think this could be used as a realistic alternative to the MEC http://www.arabnews.com/featured/news/752281
  7. Website Launch

    better than i expected, tbh
  8. Idea For Medic Class

    yes, that's what what could make the medic role more interesting, not the unnecessarily complex diagnosis and treatment systems.
  9. Menu Theme Scott Tobin

  10. How Many Shots To Kill A Player?

    the main purpose of helmets (since the 19th century) has been protection against shrapnel, bullets were secondary. most modern helmets (of the last decade or two) offer protect against projectiles travelling at ~650m/s, build from kevlar and aramid and other modern bullet-resistant material and have some built-in blunt trauma reduction systems of pads and straps. the 650m/s helmets do offer great protection against small sized shrapnel and decent protection against some common calibers beyond certain ranges, i dont remember any numbers so i suggest you'd research it yourself if you're interested.
  11. maybe "squad" isnt a bad name after all. and i wouldnt really give much thought to the google search ranking now. i'd wait till the game starts showing up in news and reviews.
  12. idk man, what if team A steamrolls team B and builds fobs around team B's main? it could stay like that for a whole day..